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I am from Ohio. Life long Buckeyes fan. Have lived in Alabama for the last 20 years. Enjoy the Eleven Warriors site so I decided to join.


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Comment 29 Oct 2014
It's a total sec fest. I guarentee there will be 2 sec teams in the final 4... that's a given. Alabama is overrated so Ole Miss win looks better than it should. I've watched almost as much Bama football as I have Buckeyes and this Bama team will probably lose a couple of more games. They aren't as good as they've been in recent years
Comment 18 Sep 2014
I agree. Jimbo has a bunch of thugs on that team. No way he does the right thing and suspend him for the game ( they might be behind at halftime ) Winston is a disgrace to the trophy he won last year.
Comment 07 Sep 2014
It's just our defense.... it sucks. All 3 areas of our game were poor last night. I still think we will win alot of games this season only because the conference is very weak. Wholesale changes are in order for this coaching staff..
Comment 07 Sep 2014
Did anyone notice that VT scored more on us tonight then they scored on William & Mary last week? VT is a very average offensive team our D line is very good but that is where it ends. The rest of the defense is still below average. Teams like Florifa State and Oklahoma wod drop 60 points on right now...
Comment 07 Sep 2014
On paper we have better players than about 98 % of the other teams in the country. We then have we lost to every.ranked team and decent team we have played? Havent beaten a ranked team in going on 4 seasons now.Anyone else getting tired of. this?
Comment 20 Aug 2014
If JT stinks up the joint Jones will see action in the season opener against Navy. For all we know Jones is gonna be the hero this year. Anyone remember the 2002 season? Who felt confident with Krenzel leading the team? I watched Krenzel fill in for Bellisari in 2001 and he was horrible. Just goes to show that anything can happen. I am very confident that one of these young quarterbacks will step up and lead us to the playoffs!
Comment 06 Jan 2014
Finally, someone who makes some sense! It seems like half the posts on here are written by teenagers having no comprehension that bad mouthing your teammates on twitter is never acceptable and shows a total lack of maturity.
Comment 06 Jan 2014
What Thomas said was spot on but to tweet it all night makes him look like a total butthole. I sure wouldn't want him as a teammate. Does he think he's being a team first kinda guy by dogging his teammates on Twitter? Maybe that type of selfish "me first" attitude is encouraged where comes from but it has no place at THE Ohio State University.
Comment 04 Jan 2014
I agree, UFM has not had a signature win or even a good win yet. I am think those wins will come but right about now I am missing Tresselball. Correct me if I'm wrong guys but I don't ever remember our defense looking so poor in a very long time and certainly not when Treadle was here. I know he isn't coming back but maybe a shake up with the assistant coaches might help...
Comment 14 Dec 2013
I think Roby lost draft stock because he didn't play well at times. In particular I point to the Wisconsin game where got scorched all night. I don't blame him for going early to the NFL but if he and Shazier come back next season it would be a tremendous boost for our defense!