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Comment 10 Jan 2011

It might be more appropriate to say that Tressel is stocking the cupboard for his replacement.  I would be surprised if Tressel is coaching long enough to see the 2012 class (which should be awesome) graduate.

Comment 17 Dec 2010

I can't recall for sure, but didn't Dantonio/MSU vote against changing the tie breaker to the BCS standings (likely b/c he could foresee getting screwed since MSU will rarely start the season in the top ten of the polls).  If so, I wouldn't call the process "long-agreed-upon-and-adhered-to".

Comment 31 Aug 2010

Agreed, neither generation of these uniforms looks that bad standing alone, but it's stupid that they wear them against Michigan.  I realize that Michigan is an Adidas school, but I can't see how that makes much difference.