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Comment 18 Oct 2016

What are your (and other 11W staffers) thoughts on advanced CFB stats like S&P+ and F/+? There is some discussion among the commentariat that references these stats, but do you guys every use them in previews/analysis pieces?

Comment 17 Oct 2016

Yeah, Mandel and Feldman really use their time to share war stories about the glory days of print media, as well as interview people from Fox Sports. It's honestly below-average on it's best days.

Comment 14 Oct 2016

I may get DV'd into oblivion for this, but I also listen to MGoBlog's podcast. I actually usually don't watch Michigan (since they play at the same time as OSU a lot), but Brian and Ace always provide a very technical and in-dept look at their past game. Although they are UM fans they are not too homerish with their analysis. They also devote the last 30 min of their show to wrapping up all of the B1G action, which I really appreciate. If you enjoy technical discussion about football you may find it really enjoyable, even if you don't know who most of Michigan's players are (like me).

Comment 14 Oct 2016

Ty and Dan can be pretty goofy, and usually it doesn't bother me too much. But you are right - sometimes it's a bit much. If they are doing a non-CFB podcast (their "life advice" episodes) I usually just skip. Ty also has a tendency to find some small joke related to a team or player and absolutely run it into the ground. I remember last December they were discussing the fact that the Army-Navy game was on the same day as the Heisman Trophy ceremony, and Kennan Reynolds was on the cusp of being invited. But since he had a game that day, he would have had to flown to NYC immediately after the game. The rumor was that he was going to arrive at the ceremony via helicopter; Ty thought that this was the funniest thing every and mentioned it at least 10 times in a 60 min episode.

TL;DR yes it can be a bit overdone as well as some other things, but I would still argue that it's better than just about any other CFB out there.

Comment 14 Oct 2016

I am still at OSU - but not as a grad student. I defended this past August and am adjuncting for at least this semester (and most likely next semester too) while I look for a job. Finishing my dissertation caused me to essentially crawl into a cave for 6 months - hence essentially no comments since the 2015 season from me :)

Comment 14 Oct 2016

SB Nation has 3 good CFB podcasts. The Solid Verbal is probably the definitive national CFB podcast and is really well-done. Podcast Ain't Played Nobody is another good one - it features Bill Connelly (their advanced stats guru) and Stephen Godfrey; it's very smart and informed.

The third is the Shutdown Fullcast with Spencer Hall, Ryan Nanni, and Jason Kirk. They definitely go for more of the humor route, and often the episodes can get off the rails pretty quickly and devolve into very non-CFB topics, but its pretty enjoyable altogether.

The Audible with Bruce Feldman and Stewart Mandel is thoroughly mediocre IMO. Unless you want constant updates on satellite camps and Big 12 expansion it's pretty boring.

Comment 27 Oct 2015


With all due respect to people who compile these stats (like Bill Connelly), and fellow 11wers who put time into forum posts like these, I'm pretty skeptical overall about these advanced stats in CFB. Case in point: if you spent any time on two of the bigger UM and MSU blogs this past week (MGoBlog and The Only Colors, respectively), those 2 fan bases have been using these stats to show how their team was actually better in that game two weekends ago. In other words it seems to me that you can find just about whatever your want with FEI, S&P+, and F/+.

Johnny mentioned in passing in the Dubcast a few weeks ago that he too was skeptical about using advanced stats in CFB because of the relatively small sample size - and honestly that has been one thing that I've thought a bit about too. Johnny - if you see this, would you mind sharing a bit more about your perspective on this?

Also, I guess I don't see the "predictive" value of these stats. Based on what I understand it seems like they provide a decent "snapshot" in time of how a team stacks up. But in terms of predicting games? Not buying it.

Comment 12 Jun 2015

I loathe the term "Buckeye Nation." Absolutely hate it.

I have very little problem with the amount of money in college sports. There is demand for college football so they supply it. My cognitive dissonance comes from the safety concerns, mainly concussion-related. I sometimes feel guilty watching football because of it.

I'm confused by the sentiment that Jim Tressel was losing his edge toward the end of his tenure. In his last two seasons Ohio State went 23-3* and won the Rose and Sugar* Bowls. Urban Meyer's success at Ohio State has diminished that of Tressel's in the eyes of many fans, which is ironic because a large part of Meyer's success has been due to players Jim Tressel recruited.