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Comment 09 Jan 2014

I remember someone mentioning a few years back that LeBeau runs crazy blitzes and what not and that it might be difficult to teach college kids in the little time theyre here and especially at his age. If you look at the Steelers defense, theyre all veterans and have been together for awhile and understand the scheme. I don't know if I could trust our players to pick up the scheme and run it to perfection or if we would just see a bunch of guys out of place sort of like this year

Comment 09 Jan 2014

Didn't Stanfords dline coach just leave to go to Boise and Thomas said it doesn't really play a factor? Why would it be different with OSU. I mean we still got Urban f*cking Meyer in charge

Comment 04 Jan 2014

Twenty-six players selected in the NFL Draft, including a nation’s best nine in 2007 and 2009. Seven Gators have been first-round draft picks under Meyer and UF has had at least one first-round pick in each of the last four years. Overall, 50 Gators have signed NFL contracts under Meyer.


Straight from his bio as Florida coach. So there ya go 50 players signed NFL contracts under Urban Meyer so youre right he cant put players into the league

Comment 10 Dec 2013

I think class size should be factored in to the rankings. I mean the more guys you have the more likely it is for one of those guys to be a diamond in the rough and on the flip side the less guys you have then the riskier it is if he's a bust

Comment 22 Aug 2013

Is Thad only recruiting lefties? Tate, Russell, Harris and Mitchell are all lefties if im not mistaken. That will be interesting to see on the court