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Comment 17 Mar 2014

Apples and oranges. IU's entitled fan base makes it very easy to enjoy their squirming. Crean is a toad. 

PSU, otoh, doesn't give a damn about bball.

The sting of not making the NCAAs hurts the Hoosiers much, much more. 

Comment 17 Mar 2014

I know Vandy dropping their game with us has been beat to death but the Rittenberg article would indicate that SDSU replaced the Commodores, not FAMU. 

Now, I am getting on in years but I distinctly remember reading "Gene replaced Vandy with FAMU" and dropped the ball in getting a tougher opponent. 

So, am I "mis"remembering?

Comment 06 Mar 2014

Sanders walked on the balls of his feet, never letting his heels touch the ground, whenever I saw him on campus. I tried it one day, criss-crossing the Oval going to classes. My Achilles and calves were in agony for at least a week.

However a part of me will always think if I had stuck with that walking style I could've been in the 1.6%. You know, if I had played football and everything. 

Comment 14 Jan 2014

That's one service, ESPN, that is often thought of as the least credible in recruiting. 
I am not disagreeing that we need to continue to recruit well, but the sky is far from falling. 


Comment 14 Jan 2014

A few years back I recall an official from Syracuse saying that ESPN was providing "guidance" on conference affiliations. It was quickly redacted and but with the amount of alumni at the WWL from 'Cuse I have little doubt it occurred. 

It will be interesting to see which, if any, B1G schools are mentioned. PSU for sure but who else? 

Comment 15 Nov 2013

Easy tiger. Spencer is being made an example of for disrespecting another team. The kids will remember this and think twice before doing it next time. I personally like it.

And Spencer is a confident kid, Meyer knows this, so it is doubtful he takes his own life for this comment. 

Truth hurts. 

Comment 11 Apr 2013

Agree with you on Winfield, dude is a beast.

I believe he is from Cincinnati, though, from a family of 11 (ish).

Go Bucks

Comment 11 Mar 2013

I'd never heard that Sanders smoked.

And I agree with you that it is hard to fathom elite athletes taking a smoke break.

Comment 05 Mar 2013

Good read. Getting the most out of your team, whether it is in sports or business, requires flexibility that Knight never had chose not to possess. It seems like Coach K took the best tenants from BK (discipline, heady play) and applies nuances to each kid. Oversimplification, I know, but BK may have achieved much, much more in his career had he evolved.

Comment 27 Feb 2013

As stated above I think this year is the true litmus test on our OL recruiting.

We already have two commits and I am VERY optimistic we have a huge haul in this area.

Comment 05 Feb 2013

I had forgotten Cleaves was in the SUV that evening. The amount of press that got in '96 would be absolutely dwarfed by today's instant news cycle. It took several years for the whole Ed Martin thing to play out...wonder what the timeline would be today.


Comment 04 Feb 2013

I have heard some ttun fans ridicule Brandon but he seems like a great AD to me. He sees the (much) bigger picture and approaches things pragmatically.

I may be naive in saying this but Gene doesn't hold a candle to this guy.

Comment 30 Jan 2013

Beating Wisco in anything has become very satisfying. Bert/Bo make it easy to dislike them, although I do like JJ's kid.


Comment 23 Jan 2013

I laugh when thinking of how open Teddy was on that play (or in general) against ND.

I also remember quite a bit of smack coming from their fans to the tune of "we were in it until Pittman's run!" and other illogical comments. I was never concerned we would lose even when they cut it to seven points.

The '05 squad was perhaps better than the '06. Man that Texas game still stings.

Comment 17 Jan 2013

You nailed it. News outlets such as ESPN, SI, NBC...they ALL missed the story hoax?

It is an indictment of journalism in this country.

As Ramzy noted on Twitter (paraphrasing): since Tressel lied about petty cash and tatts we've had 1. Miami hookers aborting pregnancies 2. Sandusky 3. Hoax of Te'O.

Crazy times we live in.

And it is great to be a Buckeye. 

Comment 15 Jan 2013

I don't think you can have the three of the four winningest programs (historically speaking) in the same divison. Flip MSU for PSU????