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Comment 13 Jan 2017

This times a million.  Sounded like he had an axe to grind but was all "I'm saving that for later so I don't ruin my chances with someone else."

Comment 10 Jan 2017

I'm still not buying Clemson.  Bama nearly beat them with a new o coordinator and a freshman qb.  They're good, sure.  But I don't think they're dynastic.  They lose their qb and we'll see how their new all world qb is next year.  I liken them to FL.  They're enjoying a quick flash, but will return to mediocrity quickly.

Comment 31 Dec 2016

I think there's something to what you're saying...relying on the "stars" too much.  But I don't see much development in the receivers or the qb position these last two years either, so I guess who knows.

Comment 20 Dec 2016

That was pretty good.  Much better than anything I've seen espn in the last decade.  Only thing I didn't like was the laugh track, but whatever.  I enjoyed it.  Thanks for posting.  

Comment 19 Dec 2016

Disagree.  I think that if his coach is okay with it, then it's probably a good thing for the team, especially kids playing behind him.  If I were the coach I would love to be able to get the next man up some game experience.  Seems to me like everyone involved wins in this situation.

Comment 17 Dec 2016

I don't care how drunk or not drunk she was or how willing or not she was; what they did was terrible.  I work with people who are scarred and who are hurt and who are vulnerable and who don't give two craps about their life and would allow that to happen to themselves.  It's still wrong to do them like those players did.  I have seen this behavior from both sides, man.  There are people who don't resist for one or another reason, but that never justifies abusing them.  

Also, while it may not be your opinion it was certainly hers...her opinion.  Classic behavior of someone who's really mixed up and confused.

Comment 17 Dec 2016

When it's a choice between give some head or get your teeth kicked in, well that's not much of a choice is it.  She behaved exactly someone who was scared shitless and did what she needed to do in order to survive.  And I'm pretty sure that being "taken advantage" of sexually by a bunch of giant animals is generally referred to as something like assault.  

Edited to not sound as much like an antagonist...

Comment 17 Dec 2016

Warning...rant about to ensue.  Minnesota football needs to be gone for the entire next season.  If not, then media should completely boycott coverage.  No TV coverage, no bowl game.  This is absolute crap.  If the team wants to support that garbage, then there shouldn't be a team.  The school should stand up and protect the student body from the predators...and that is clearly predator behavior.

Comment 15 Dec 2016

True story.  I really miss Common Man and Torg.

Comment 11 Dec 2016

He's failed in two attempts to live up to his messiahship.  That's the sort of thing that gets at someone with thin skin.  Plus, while we love college football, let's not kid ourselves; coaching in the pros is a better option.  Coaching the pros in CA is way better than coaching in AA.  Think about being a millionaire in CA.  It has to be about the best thing in the world.  He left the good life to come back to MI.  I guarantee you he remembers the good life, and I guarantee you he remembers it because his wife and kids keep reminding him about it.  He's going back, and I wouldn't be surprised at all if it was the Rams.  And I can't say I blame him.  Sometimes we paint picture in our heads about what it would be like to go back to a place that was once important to us and make it better.  And then when we get there we realize the picture was different than we imagined.

Comment 07 Dec 2016

Man if we lose Schiano, then I'm concerned.  I don't think we can lose all that brain trust without unpleasant consequences.  That's a lot of historical, cultural, and recruiting knowledge gone.  That will not have a positive affect at all.  If he stays, then we lose some recruits, but hopefully that's it.  I know lots of us have mixed feelings about Fick, but losing him is a big loss in many ways.