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Comment 25 Jun 2016

Send michigan to the MAC and keep the rivalry game.  They pretty much play a MAC schedule and then they really could be the best in the conference academically.  Fits in well geographically.  Plus, I would love to see their privileged, arrogant alumni base go bat crazy with the butt hurt.  Relegated to the MAC for sucking.

Comment 22 Jun 2016

Thanks so much for all the time you put into your answer.  That was a great read.  I appreciate the info on the army staffing and the way that transitioned into a nationalistic appeal.  I'm getting ready to read "The White War" and your answer gives me some good background info going into that.  Thanks again.  I really do appreciate your thoughtful response.

Comment 19 Jun 2016

I'm an old guy.  Here's what happens.  Cavs up by 2 with 20 seconds left.  LeBron loses the handle with 15 left and turns over.  Thompson picks it up and takes two dribbles.  He passes left to Curry with 12 seconds.  Curry crosses the time line drives towards the three point line moves right, pulls back, shoots gliding left from 32 feet and drains it.  Saw this story before.  But maybe just maybe this is the year....but probably not.

Comment 10 Jun 2016

Yeah...Drinking can be dangerous and binge drinking is even worse...but the profits...the profits.

Comment 08 Jun 2016

Yep, and when the player is down the opposing team will sometimes kick the ball out of bounds to stop play for the injured player.

Comment 06 Jun 2016

Yes, he is the O coordinator.  I don't think it's his ego.  LeBron runs the offense from a read react ISO scheme.  So he examines the D and runs the offense from that.  He's been quoted as saying that- I think as recently as April/May in the Plain Dealer.  That's not how you're going to defeat a team like GSW. Think how easy it is for GSW to disguise what they're doing.  Listen-the Cavs are running a jr high offense against the best team in the world, and it shows.  I commented earlier that the reason they fired Blatt is because the team refused to learn and operate his offense.  They wanted to do LeBron's read and react.  That's what you're getting now.  It's not going to get any better until they play offense like big boys.

Comment 06 Jun 2016

This is not a roster problem or a defense problem.  The Cavs are playing fine defense, and they have a good roster.  The problem is that they- LeBron- insist on running a read and react offense based off LeBron's ISO.  Same reason they fired Blatt- the players refused to run his offense which had been pretty successful, but required a lot more effort to perfect.  So, they fired Blatt and now they are full read and react.  LeBron will not come down with a plan to score.  He lets the other team dictate what they do.  This is fine for the regular season, but against the Warriors in the finals it's not going to work, because they can disguise their defense and they're pretty good at maintaining coverage after screens- they're not lazy.  Unless the Cavs decide to actually run an offense, then they will continue to get curb stomped into oblivion.  I don't think they can get back in it.  Maybe they'll come home and light it up from the three-point line like they did against Toronto, but that's unlikely.  It's driving me crazy, because they have so much talent along with the opportunity, but they just can't put it together schematically.  After last year's finals I thought for sure we would get our championship in Cleveland, but the coaching change magnified the offensive weaknesses that of last year.

Comment 04 Jun 2016

My guess...Because Austin is awesome and it's in Texas which is well, pretty awesome.  Super culture there.  Many people find leaving Texas difficult.  But Atlanta has a lot going for it.  You'll enjoy it for sure.  Hope you find a place quickly and love the new position.  

Comment 30 May 2016

Ummm.  Negligence would be on the part of the zoo for opening an exhibit that allows small children access to 400 pound wild animals.  I guarantee you this family is getting a million calls from lawyers who know this is an easy case to win a settlement against a zoo with great insurance.  And by the way the zoo isn't going to need to recoup costs for the animal.  The animal is insured.  The situation is completely sucky for both parties, but it's the zoo that has responsibility to protect the paying customer from the exhibits.

Comment 21 May 2016

I think Toronto wins this one, but it's the only one of the series they win.  They're sick of hearing ESPN say this series was over before it started.  And they're tired of hearing the crap how the Cavs won ten in a row.  They'll win one at home, but that's it.  Cleveland has upped their game big time.  I'm one of those guys that has been saying Cleveland was playing at a level below the teams in the West, but they really picked it up in the play offs and they're playing much better on offense.  I think they play better D than the teams in the west, and so I think they have a great shot at winning this year.  This is the best I've ever seen them play.  

Comment 18 May 2016

I do realize that, thank you.  But no one knows why he didn't file charges, especially now that we know there was plenty of evidence. So, he could have been coerced into not filing.  Or he could have realized the broadening scope of what he was into and decided to wait.  The last I heard the feds are investigating many more people connected to psu.

Comment 18 May 2016

I have been on this for years.  I believe this issue goes very deep into the community.  I believe it has tentacles reaching so deep into the PSU board of directors/regents that it might reach all the way to the state level.  Probably need to follow the money somewhere.  Someone stood to lose a lot of money at some point because of that abuse and took care of Gricar before his actions opened up the can of worms.

Comment 14 May 2016

So glad you started this!  Getting ready to watch with my kids!

Comment 10 May 2016

Good call on assuming you're a Cavs fan.  My mistake and sorry it got under your skin.  That wasn't my intention at all.  I didn't down vote you, but you sure took up it a few notches with the name calling and religious stuff.  Sheesh.

Comment 10 May 2016

It's getting crazy.  The Warriors are playing great basketball.  Curry is playing beautifully in many aspects of the game, but the homers refuse to acknowledge it.  The kid is playing amazing basketball.  It's amazing to watch him.  He's an artist and the team is so much more fun to watch than the Cavs.  I would love to see the Cavs win it all.  Cleveland deserves a championship, but I mean come on let's appreciate what's happening in the game of professional basketball.

Comment 10 May 2016

Did you watch the game or the highlights above?  He's absolutely killer at driving into the paint.  His shooting is the best, but his passing and penetration are amazing as well.  You Cavs fans are insufferable and certainly are all more knowledgeable than the voters who UNANIMOUSLY- for crying out loud- voted him mvp.  Wake me up when the Cavs start playing big boy basketball and maybe they'll have a chance in the finals.

Comment 29 Apr 2016

I agree they have improved somewhat.  I think Kyrie has really helped them along.  But they still hold the ball too long and just don't seem to have an offensive plan other than get the ball to LBJ.  And that works most of the time, especially in regular season.  But it's pretty common to see them pass the ball around the perimeter for 15 seconds and then dump off to Lebron.  That's not going to work in the finals. Don't get me wrong.  I like the Cavs and I would love for them to win, but what their doing offensively just isn't very good.  If they can get better movement with Irving and Love off the ball and run some more high screens to help with that, then they would be really really hard to stop.  They have a new coach so maybe that will help them make their run.

Re GSW, I'm not sure they get past the Spurs even with Curry.  I think the West is a little more open the East.  Should be fun play off season from here on out, and I haven't said that for a while.