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Comment 09 Feb 2014

Not condoning the fan by any means.  Mr. Smart is a kid at the end of the day however from the link above it looks like he is a liar.  You can clearly hear at the 20 second mark that Mr. Orr calls him a "Piece of Crap".  Marcus immediately begins moving towards the fan then the rest can be viewed on ESPN as back away no racial slur was uttered.  There is a multitude of audio equipment below the basket as well as the outcry by fans around Mr. Orr if he uttered a racial slur.  I think its a big deal Marcus uses a lie about a racial slur lie to condone his behavior.  


Comment 04 Jan 2014

Good luck Braxton convincing an NFL GM to draft you.  Lacks durability I believe dating back to H.S. he has yet to stay healthy for the entirety of a season.  Second posseses no touch throws frozen ropes constantly & cannot throw wide receivers open very important attribute in the NFL when the passing lanes and windows are smaller.


Comment 04 Jan 2014


you hit the nail on the head with the defensive stop Clemson was getting ready to quit like they did against FSU & USCe.  We could of hammered their defensive front with Hyde and put this game to rest.  With Brown's fumble which all of us I am sure are not to suprised to see it cost us the game.   

Comment 01 Dec 2013

It was Danny Kanell I saw that as well.  He's probably taking his belongings to his car time now.  

Comment 27 Jun 2013

Figured Minnesota would take DT at 52 with the pre draft workouts etc.  No biggie here's hoping DT at least gets drafted.  

Comment 13 Jun 2013

Props for the Natty Boh Profile Picture.  Boh's and O's bro!!

Comment 10 Jun 2013

Kid looked as if he had talent at Maryland, ACC Freshman of the year.  Guess the ACC is really that weak.  Dude looks like Joe Flacco in pads guess the game doesn't equate though.  

Comment 03 Jun 2013

Oh well I still have faith in JT.  He will have a year to rehab and learn the playbook & besides the kid played in some stiff competition in Texas H.S. football.  Best of luck to Mr. Allen!!

Comment 21 May 2013

GERAFFI you hit the nail on the head UFM has said it himself the thing that sets Bama apart is the depth which is exactly what UFM is building however it is not quite there yet.  I honestly feel yes with Braxton and our Offense 2013 could be the year, I would feel even more certain in 2014 i.e. the depth from the two previous exceptional recruiting classes would be well established and Braxton would be a senior however we lose our entire offensive line minus one starter that is tough for any team.  

Comment 20 May 2013

There is not a player on the Buckeyes I will be pulling for this year more than Curtis Grant Rod is a close second.  That being said Rod I feel has the most potential to be an NFL star.  I really feel and have seen the flashes of brilliance and he is a solid blocker and judging from last year can catch the ball out of the backfield.  If he can hold onto the ball this year which I believe he will watch out.  Tremendous upside at the next level.    

Comment 07 May 2013

Many may not be excited about a Bucks vs. Terps football matchup however we may soon get a quality lacrosse matchup in the near future Maryland being a solid program and the Bucks having a tremendous season!  

Comment 29 Apr 2013

Ravens offered invite as well Daddy wins out though!!!,0,4851691.story

Comment 27 Apr 2013

Say what you will about the Ravens they draft extremely well and gives you insight into just how highly thought of Simon is.  It took Paul Kruger a few years to develop playing under Jarret Johnson and I see the same with Simon developing and playing behind Dummervill Suggs and McPhee.  I firmly believe John Simon will make Buckeye Nation proud and I am real suprised Fragel has yet to be selected.