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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Being part of the 1996 storming of the field/taking down goalpost @ Indiana when we clinched the Rose Bowl berth.
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Comment 02 Feb 2016

Exactly what I was wondering Cecsix.  

When my father's job got moved from Dayton to New Hampshire back in the late 90's, part of the re-location deal that the company offered was that if they agreed to sell their home for the median price of 3 independent appraisals, they would pay them 10% of that selling price as a bonus.

Comment 02 Feb 2016

Nice work around Top 5 with 3 movies in one listing...:-)

Comment 22 Jan 2016

Where did you find the Angels Envy Cask Strength RK??  I was at a few liquor stores in the area getting Christmas stock and nobody had it.

Comment 07 Jan 2016

So happy to see Dave Revsine mention it right after talking about Kam and Shon Morris nailed it in response during the post-game on Micky with his comments about Micky's BB IQ.

When Austin (who?) left the program I was a bit down but once the dumbass NCAA finally got Micky eligible my excitement trumped that bigtime because of what he could potentially bring to the 4 whereas we had plenty of 2-3's for the perimeter.

Gotta keep out of early foul trouble going forward (KBD last night and JLyle the game before) so that we can get some early flow going.

Comment 18 Dec 2015

Oden was in all the time and was straight to the DVD section of electronics everytime he was in.  Amazing how he could see all the way over the top of our

I would Zeke is the one that I see the most in Target now and he is super-cool for the position that he holds.

Comment 18 Dec 2015

I could write chapters here like CDub but will keep my post short.  

When I was a student I worked at the Hyatt Regency Columbus Front Desk and back then the Touchdown Club awards were held there so everyone got a room.  I worked with a lot of girls there at the desk and it was freakin hilarious how clueless they all were of who they were checking in/helping/chatting with sometimes.  After he went to the Vikings, for a couple of years Robert Smith would fly-in every week during the season and stay with us for a couple of nights and since it was always late-night around 10:30ish when he would get in from the airport.  Figured his GF was still back here and would visit.  One of my other unique famous encounters, got to escort Stevie Nicks privately up to her floor after performing at the State Fair.  The hilarious part of that was watching her tour bus driver try to pull all the way up to the door of the hotel (if you are familiar with the HRC you know a simple limo has a hardtime getting

And for the last 12.5 years I have worked part-time a couple evenings a week at the campus Target on Olentangy.  You pretty much name the name and I have either seen/helped/chatted with them and it amazes me how easily anyone famous can shop there and folks are oblivious as to who they are. 

Comment 18 Dec 2015

Alex Leifson - Rush for rock group

Instrumentalists off the top of my head:  Satch, Vai, McAlpine (prayers for a get well soon)

Comment 09 Dec 2015

You beat me to it because I was going to comment precisely on the same play.  I will add to your last sentence that Lyle caused the layup to be missed with great hustle and Loving arrived in time to watch AF get the offensive rebound and then retrieve the ball from the net.

IMO Thad should have called a timeout right then (even though up a lot) and pulled Loving for a couple of minutes to send a message.

Comment 07 Dec 2015

Yes it absolutely is awesome with the NCAA title in 2011, runner-up finish in 2000 and many final-4 appearances and last year finishing ranked 5th the RPI.  However Men's Volleyball overall isn't near at the traditional conference level (there are no traditional conferences anywhere and OSU's men's league is the MVIA with teams like Loyola-Chicago, Lewis, IPFW, Quincy and others) nationally as the women are.  I often wonder if that's due to Title IX.

Comment 07 Dec 2015

AZNChip - There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that the Big Ten is THE conference for women's volleyball.  Among the top-teams in the nation it's always the Big-10 and PAC-12 teams that will populate the majority top-10 but the overall depth of the Big-10 is unmatched anywhere and it dates back to when I covered the team.

It's just a real shame that OSU doesn't get the same home-court advantage that the other Big-10 teams enjoy.

Comment 05 Nov 2015

Partagas #10 and Ashton Churchill are a couple of my favorites.

As far as pairing I think bourbon or scotch are best.  Over the 4th of July at my friends house I had an H. Upmann Vintage Camaroon 8-5-8 with a 45-year-old Jim Beam and it was fabulous.

Comment 21 Oct 2015

I had really hoped to make it to this game and throw in a Broadway show or two for my family too, a-la mini-vacation, but just didn't work out.  

I do see this, along with MD, being the alternating (even years MD, odd years NJ) eastern flanks of the BuckeyeNation annual road-trip infestations of the Big10.

Comment 02 Oct 2015

That was a fun game to attend indeed!!!  One of the hilarious aspects was after we tore down the South post they half-heartedly tried to defend the North post and I remember vividly telling Hoosier fans on the field to just send OSU the bill for new posts because we would gladly pay

Comment 15 Sep 2014

You know it.  Just made some chicken on the grill with some Brush Fire sauce...Yummmmmm!!!!!!

Comment 14 Aug 2014

Welcome Tim!!!  Looking forward to all of your reporting!!!  Calculating backwards I think you still fall under having my Uncle for gym at Canfield MS.

Which beat did you have when you wrote for the Lantern???  1995 Women's Volleyball here!!!

Comment 11 Aug 2014

Welcome aboard Mike and thanks for the excellent story!!!  The myth about kids not wanting to come play up north because of the weather is going to be permanently dismantled by Urban and OSU soon if it isn't already!!!