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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Being part of the 1996 storming of the field/taking down goalpost @ Indiana when we clinched the Rose Bowl berth.
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Comment 03 Oct 2016

Such a wonderful article indeed AB and if it's ok I would love to add my own personal highlight from this Dispatch feature.

My nephew Alex was the front page photo in the print addition with his proposal to his beautiful girlfriend Raegen.  He told us the whole story yesterday at lunch and it's crazy how the whole thing played out in the lead up to what transpired that was written.

Comment 27 Sep 2016

When I shared the video on FB last night I added the comment "Metallica is Finally Back to being Metallica!!!!"

If they can use songs like this from the new album along with selected classics, this tour should be epic!!!!

Comment 12 Sep 2016

It's too bad that Lloyd Noble Center is a good 10 blocks from Gaylord Stadium because I would set it up as close as possible to a Saturday here...Pull up the team buses to the arena with a full Skull Session going on, have Urban walk the team through and address briefly, then walk to the stadium through the Legion outside and have TBDBITL march across and get ready to enter for pre-game.

Comment 09 Sep 2016

I wish TBDBITL would honor Orlas King properly and play Neutron Dance one last time on the field on the anniversary of his passing and then formally retire it, except maybe for special occaisions.  Nobody cares when they play it 1/2 dozen times during every single game.  

And while I am at it "Hang On Sloopy" is to be played at the end of the 3rd Quarter once only and no need for the moronic stadium announcer to announce it.  He is freaking annoying up there all game.

Stepping off soap box

Comment 18 Aug 2016

Thanks indeed Magee for your great write-up.  It's amazing to see the advancements in coverage now from when I was the Lantern's Women's Volleyball beat writer for the 1995 season.  They are fantastic athletes and fun to watch in-person at St. John!!!!

Comment 04 Aug 2016

Lou Malnati's for pizza!!!!  Closest to Wrigley is corner of Sheffield and Lincoln 3 stops south on the "EL".

Comment 27 Jul 2016

When it was announced Zaltan was going from PSG to ManU I was disappointed but was still excited to see Ronaldo and the others.  Now I am just pissed off and glad that my sister-in-law bought the tickets for me to take my nephew to the game.

Comment 08 Jun 2016

Makes me recall the day at my 1st stationed location, Simmons Airfield (Ft. Bragg), when the CW3, after a few months and seeing my GT scores, pulled me from the warehouse I was working in and moved me up to the computer input area of the facility (partial color-blindness prevented me from the job in the first  

He told me straight-off "If any person calling for me isn't O-4 or up, fuck em' you can handle the call easily"

Comment 02 Jun 2016

I will be doing my annual volunteering on ShotLink tomorrow and Saturday and it's always a blast.  

Most years I have been on 6 fairway but tomorrow I will be on the 7 in the fairway off the tee and Saturday will be on 11 in the layup area short of the green.  Sunday will just be out to watch.

Comment 31 May 2016

Lots of favorites on everybody's lists for sure.  

Adding The Green Berets unless I missed it somewhere already.