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Comment 05 Feb 2016

This team is the worst in TM's tenure at OSU. Wow, I even miss last year's team. This team is erasing all the gains of the past few years and with no really outstanding recruits coming in, it seems mens' bball is headed back to obscurity.  This team continues to make the same mistakes every game and never seems to progress. At this point, it is unlikely they will even make the NIT.  What is even more frustrating is to see Nigel Hayes doing us in again. How long until football season ?

Comment 28 Jan 2016

Awesome !  I wish him all the best !!!!!!!!!

Comment 27 Jan 2016

I can never pull for a player from the "SECession conference" to  excel or succeed at anything. During SB50 I will root for the former Buckeyes to play well but, I hope Scam gets leveled during the game.

Comment 26 Jan 2016

I wish Braxton all the very best as he pursues his NFL ambitions. The offensive coaching staff should be taken to task for being unable to properly utilize him and all of the other highly talented Buckeye players that have declared for the draft. Wow, what a missed opportunity for true Buckeye greatness and dominance !!

Comment 31 Dec 2015

We would be back in the playoff if TH was still here.Can you imagine the numbers that Cardale and JT would have put up this year?

Comment 28 Dec 2015

Why all of the sturm und drang ?  Relax and enjoy the bowl season.  Let's face the reality that under the new system, this is a rather meaningless bowl. It is only for bragging rights.  Presently, it is CFP or bust. The fact that OSU did not even sell its allotment of tickets shows that for many this game is an insipid consolation prize. I have been to all of the major bowls and frankly, there is only one outside of the CFP that is worth the fuss, THE ROSE BOWL. So, regardless of whether Zeke plays or not, it does not change the fact that this season was disappointing. We should be playing Bama, not an also ran ND team. The only shining moment of the season was the thrashing of TTUN. I am already focused on next season, and the BUCKS matchup with Boomer Sooner in Norman.

Comment 12 Dec 2015

I can never make a positive statement about anyone or any football player from Alabama.  McCaffrey was robbed !!! The young man rendered an outstanding performance on the football field this season. It is most unfortunate that the sports press fell victim to the SEC/ESPN propaganda machine.

Comment 07 Dec 2015

I am incensed that Zeke was not among the Heisman finalists. I am also disappointed that Keenan Reynolds of the USNA did not make the cut. Either of those two young men would be excellent Heisman finalists. It seems the media does not respect the athletic accomplishments of polished young men that have a brain. Instead, they promote boys like Henry, who like most SEC players is intellectually challenged. I am pulling for McCaffrey.

Comment 06 Dec 2015

Wanted the Rose Bowl !  Have been to the Fiesta Bowl twice and although OSU won both times(ND and K State), it is a blah experience compared to the Rose Bowl. There is nothing like toney Pasadena and the incomparable beauty of watching a game in the valley of the San Gabriel mountains. What a disappointment  !!!!!!!!! There will be plenty of tickets available for this game.

Comment 06 Dec 2015

No way I can pull for Bama or Clemson over Sparty. I detest all southern teams, especially those two. I will roll with Ohio's own Bob Stoops, and Boomer Sooner.

Comment 30 Nov 2015

I also live in Ga., and I do not even try to make any comparison between the TOSU and UGA. It is a "wanna be school", athletically and academically. UGA is not even regarded as the best university in its own home state. Ga Tech and Emory share that distinction. Students that attend UGA usually cannot be admitted to either Tech or Emory. UGA has had only two Heisman winners and doesn't even have a decent indoor practice facility for its supposedly vaunted football team. The basketball team is horrible and plays in a small, outdated arena. Succinctly, UGA is not an AAU institution and has an endowment that is barely 1/3 of Ohio State's. Lastly, if UGA is so great, why have several of Georgia's most talented athletes come north to play at TOSU?

Comment 24 Nov 2015

Hey, what's up with Joey Galloway ?  Why is he so salty about the Zeke situation? Is he missing Saturdays with Beth Mowins?

Comment 23 Nov 2015

Thank you for your positive posts regarding EZE, SILVER BULLET 10. ZEKE owes no one an apology. Both he and his family have been the best of the best during his three years as a Buckeye. W, L or D this Saturday, he will always be one of my favorite Buckeyes.

Comment 22 Nov 2015

Zeke is not the only player that had a problem with the "game plan" from yesterday's debacle. Darron Lee has strongly defended Zeke in subsequent tweets. Darron's reply to Kirk Barton's criticism of Zeke was, "The truth hurts bruh like this loss". Frankly, I am proud of Zeke for expressing his thoughts. Zeke is an outstanding young man and has been an exemplary representative for both the team and TOSU. He is the #3 rusher in the celebrated history of OSU football. As for some calls to bench him, that would be a highly ineffective move as he could simply state he does not want to risk further injury to his leg, leave the team and prepare for the draft. Given his parents' connection to Mizzou, he could probably train there. Note that 23 CURRENT NFL players have been arrested since the 2015 Super Bowl, and miscreants such as Greg Hardy are still allowed to play in the NFL, I seriously doubt that Zeke's comments will preclude him from having an NFL career. Actually, it would behoove the staff to console Zeke, as this time next year, he could be a very wealthy young man and it would be great to have him follow Mike Conley's example and present the university with a generous token of his "abiding affection" for TOSU.

Comment 12 Nov 2015

What was the purpose of posting that article ? The Mizzou football team has returned to practice and is probably preparing to beat BYU.Why are we not discussing the OSU/Illini game? I do not read 11W to evaluate the merits of various student protests. Since the athletic connection to the Mizzou protests is no longer relevant, LET IT GO, LET IT GO.

Comment 31 Oct 2015

Wow ! I am surprised by both the leniency of Buckeye fans and Coach Myer. I think a minimum two or three game suspension is in order, especially, after UFM's recent comments on leadership and discipline. But the fact that JT is both the fans and media's  "Anointed One" causes everyone to minimize his indiscretion.  As the face of the program and undisputed leader of the team, he should be held to a higher standard. If this situation had happened to Cardale, everyone would be calling for his head. How ironic that after all the vitriol and venom that has been spewed toward 12 Gauge this season, he is once again the one that will be called upon to "save the day."