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Comment 04 Mar 2013

Don't get me wrong, the offensive line play under Bollman was dismal. The play calling was atrocious, and i despised him as well. But when are we just going to leave this guy alone? The real question should be why was he on Tressel's staff in the first place, let a lone for how long he was? If you ask me this reflects poorly on Tressel, does he not know how to evaluate talented coaches? I'm not mad at the guy for continuing to get paid, I'm just mad he was on OSU's payroll in the first place. 

Comment 02 Mar 2013

I'm only concerned because he plays like an asshole when he struggles. By that I mean he just forces more shots instead of looking to get others going. He'll still end up with 20 points, but do so on 7/20 shooting. That being said, he's a great scorer and will have everything figured out come tourney time. Just a slump right now. 

Comment 04 Mar 2012
I agree, that was complete horse shit. I don't know how that happens. I'd love to see what the Big 10's evaluation for the referees is like this year. More than a few times it seemed they wanted to be the deciding factor this year instead of letting things play out on the court.
Comment 04 Feb 2012
Yeah, if you want to be a dick about it. I realize robbed is a verb. And adjective is a descriptive word. Robbed was describing Posey's lost season.
Comment 03 Feb 2012
I don't think "robbed" is the correct adjective to use. I like Posey, but his undoing is his own fault. He chose to get tats and accept extra money from a booster. To say robbed is irresponsible.
Comment 01 Feb 2012
It's remarkable how bad Tressel and Bollman were at evaluating and developing offensive lineman. I'm very excited for the new regime, and look forward to stellar line play on both sides of the ball.