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Comment 04 Aug 2016

Weber 1000 yards... no, for lack of carries.

Booker 2nd leading, not even close.  Look for a safety.

Hubbard 10 sacks... yes.

Bosa most impactful freshman... no.  Jordan starts at guard and is solid.

OSU in, too many holes to fill with young guys.

Comment 29 May 2016

Civil War Facts: List of Civil War generals and officers (11) in the first floor parlor of Wilmer McLean farmhouse in Appomattox Court House Village, Virginia, for the 90-minute surrender meeting on 9 April 1865, from left to right:

1) General Robert E. Lee, 57 (seated Confederate officer);
2) Military Secretary Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Marshall standing next to Lee;
3) Major General Philip H. Sheridan (1st Union officer on left);
4) Lieutenant Colonel Orville Babcock;
5) Lieutenant Colonel Horace Porter (3rd Union officer from left, standing immediately next to seated Gen. Grant);
6) Major General Edward Otho Cresap Ord (next to room's corner) West Point graduate born 18 October 1818, descendant of King George IV of England, twice wounded in action, “suppressed” Florida Seminole Indians & during Civil War served in the western frontier, Louisiana, Shenandoah Valley, Virginia.
7) Lieutenant General Ulysses S. Grant, 42 (seated Union officer);
8) Brigadier General Seth Williams
9) Lieutenant Colonel Theodore S. Bowers
10) Brigadier General Ely Samuel Parker, adjutant of Grant, partially blocking Custer's view (dark Seneca Indian on Grant's left who physically wrote surrender terms)
11) Major General George Armstrong Custer (NOT truly present at surrender meeting, blonde Union officer standing on far right)

Witnesses of surrender NOT in painting:

12) Brigadier General John Rawlins;
13) Brigadier General Rufus Ingalls;
14) Brigadier General Michael Morgan;
15) Brigadier General George H. Sharpe;
16) Liutenant Colonel Adam Badeau;
17) Captain Robert T. Lincoln

Comment 13 Mar 2016

I think Matta is a good coach, not great, with a questionable staff.

When he has a stud, we do well.  When he doesn't then we become the Amir/Scott/Thompson kind of good.

When the next Jared Sullinger walks in through the doors of the Schott, we can contemplate B10 championships.

Honestly, this thing is going to take care of itself.  Matta has too much equity with OSU to be on the hot seat right now.  If the next two years don't produce a sweet 16 type team, then attendance will probably be down, and Smith's hand will be forced.  That's assuming Matta's back holds out that long.  We just need to let the next two years play out.

Comment 28 Feb 2016

In the B10 conference OSU currently ranks:

10th in FG%

11th in 3 pt FG%

13th in FT%

11th in assists per game

12th in assist to turnover ratio

Matta either needs to coach up the offense, find an a capable assistant or get another lottery pick.

Comment 27 Feb 2016

Talk about the elephant in the room.  It seems to me some people just can't/don't want to see the truth.  Our offense blows without a guy who can score on his own.  Look at the rebounding vs wins correlation.  If we out-rebound the other team we generally win.  If we don't out-rebound then we lose.  Why?  Because we need to offset our crappy offense with a differential in possessions.

This team will be good defensively...Matta teams usually are.  Thompson and Giddens will give us a defensive presence in the middle,  It will take time.  Diop is already a good defender.  Until we get a player who score on his own, we are going nowhere.  I'm talking about the Turner, Sullinger, Thomas, Russell type of player.  Our offensive scheme stinks and people still want to talk about tenacity, selfishness, and team defense.

Comment 14 Feb 2016

let the shots fly?

come on.  he can't shoot.  another one-trick pony on the team.  if he had Loving's stroke then yeah we would have a future starter, but he doesn't.  If Loving had Mitchell's energy level then you would have another quality starter, but he doesn't.  This team is littered with one-dimensional players.... Mitchell, Loving, Harris, Giddens, Bell.  Similar to last year.

Comment 07 Feb 2016

team runs best with Harris at PG.  Gives the team some quickness at guard. 

Need a center, so Thompson or Giddens is on the court.  Bell only plays as the foul situation dictates.

Need Tate's energy.  Mitchell can pass and rebound a bit, but that about it (like Tate not a shooting threat),so he should get a some of Tate's minutes.

Kam seems to be O.K. with coming off the bench and can provide instant offense sometimes.

So to me the question becomes: "which of the following three should get more minutes, Diop, Lyle, or Loving?"  Who can play defense.  Who can score?  Who complements the rest of the team make-up?  Who brings some energy (or conversely doesn't pout)?  Pretty frickin obvious to me.

Comment 07 Feb 2016

Matta is partially responsible for how they play.  He recruited them, he coaches them.

Why is it that Matta gets a pass for bringing in a slew of lazy players (Amir, Thompson, Scott, Loving) over the course of four years?

Foul shooting:  Why did OSU finish 225th out of 345 Div I schools in free throw percentage last year with essentially a whole different squad?

Craft was never good offensively:  Doesn't that mean he had a good opportunity to improve?

Indeed, UC was a national contender under Huggins.  However did you see what Mick Cronin was left to work with when he first became head coach? Nothing, nada, zilch.  Conner Barwin, a walk-on from the football team, was their starting center at 6'-5".  Cronin has built that team up from nothing.  Xavier has got to their highest ranking without Matta.  This has happened in the last couple years.

Honestly your post smacks of "can't we just leave Matta alone",  I like the guy too.  He is personable, honest, and represents the university well.  Unfortunately that not all he needs to be.