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Comment 24 Dec 2016

in some respects yes, in others I would say not so much.

- integrity and compliance are thankfully non-issues with Matta

- he knows the state of Ohio

- recruiting a'int what it used to be

- attendance is down.

- don't know if Matta's health issues allow him to coach another 10 years.

- style of play is probably low on most peoples list, but personally I don't like it.  Hardly a descriminator though.  Winning is winning.  We lose games we have no business losing.

Comment 18 Dec 2016

He has done it before and might be able to do it again.

I still think the year he had Dials and co. was his best year of coaching, but that was a long time ago and haven't seen much of it since.

Comment 18 Dec 2016

I don't think competing with the blue bloods is the issue.  We need to be in the top 4 in the B10 every year and make progress in the NCAA's.  Don't lose to FAU, LTech, UTA, etc.  Few people are thinking we need to be UNC.

Matta was able to do that when he had 1st round NBA draft picks.  He isn't getting that talent, and the true colors are coming out.

Spare me about Wesson and Beverly... that's more a testament of what talent we can get now.... an overweight OSU legacy and a not-so-athletic guard with offers from MAC schools.

Comment 18 Dec 2016

for discussion purposes, what would the requirements be for OSU's next bb coach?  Some ideas:

- puts winning teams on the floor

- demonstrated ability to recruit at a high level

- no compliance/ethics issues

- would likely stay at OSU for ~8-10 years (i.e. can't be 65 years old)

- connections in Ohio?

- would come to OSU? (Bill Self ain't showing up)

- style of play? (I'm thinking attendance)

some of these things are probably higher priority than others.  Other ideas?  I imagine Gene Smith has a short list something like this, at least in the back of his mind.

Comment 18 Dec 2016

IMO the Turner and Lyle moves were the right thing to do: since you don't have a good offense, get the ball in the hands of the guy that can make his own offense.

Comment 17 Dec 2016

What makes you think Jent will be able to recruit well?  He has no track record of doing so.  I get the "he'll have our guys hustle" aspect, but MAC level talent hustle guys won't cut it.

I'm amazed how our fans perceive our basketball program as the underdog... "we can't compete at that level cuz we're a football school".

We are the largest school in a very good basketball conference, in a populous state, with a friggin new arena.

Make it happen.

Comment 09 Dec 2016

Recruiting isn't the problem and it is the problem.

If you look at this teams roster, based on recruiting services (it's own discussion, but lets continue) I don't see lack of talent as the issue. The roster has a good portion of 4 and 5 star recruits.  They are not freshmen either, so don't dole out the "but they are young" crap either.

The problem is that Matta's teams need NBA type of talent to get to where we used to be... Oden, Conley, Turner, Sullinger, etc.   Matta isn't getting those guys nearly as much anymore.

So unless he turns around the recruiting (CJ Jackson, Andre Wesson, Braxton Beverly...spare me) we are going to be 6-8th in the BIG10 from here on out.

Comment 05 Nov 2016

BB recruting class rankings per 247 Sports:

2016 41st

2015 5th

2014 6th

2013 36th

2012 106th

2011 6th

Hardly consistent top 5 classes, and the 2015 class was a train wreck.  With Matta you get whatever the talent gets you.

I don't want to be Iowa either; we are one of the largest universities in the world in a populous state with several large metropolitan areas playing in a brand new huge arena in arguably one of the best 3 conferences in the country.

Comment 01 Nov 2016

if we need to dominate all faucets, we should have recruited a bunch of plumbers.

p.s.: Lyle jumpers are from here forward referred to as "Drainos".