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Comment 01 Apr 2017

Matta team with an NBA first round pick = good.

Matta team without an NBA first round pick = not so much.

Exception I can think of is the Dial/Foster/Sullinger team.

Comment 19 Mar 2017

Matta will start Potter at the 5 spot next year.  Write it down.  Cripes he started Potter ahead of Thompson this year... and Thompson may have been the most improved guy on the team.

Comment 14 Mar 2017

I expect that OSU competes at a level that results in finishes in the top half of the B10 every year, with an NCAA invite almost every year.

Every coach at OSU since Taylor left has had a brief level of success... Miller, Williams, Ayers, O'Brien, and Matta.  Eldon had some unbelievable talent (mostly in-state), but he didn't maximize it.  Nevertheless we were in the top half of the league until the year he was fired.  If Gary Williams had stayed we would have been a perennial sweet 16 team.  Ayers success was the result of Williams laying the foundation (led by in-state stud Jimmy Jackson).  O'Brien got us to the Final Four, and after he finished in the lower half of the B10 in back-to-back seasons, he was fired.

Matta is more the rule than the exception.  Back to back lower half of B10 finishes, and he's gonzo, like the rest were.

Comment 11 Mar 2017

part of me wants us to accept an NIT invite and then get thrashed by some no-name team.  Perhaps that would accelerate the inevitable.

This feels like the Earle Bruce years... after 1981 you could tell that we weren't going to be a NC contender with Earle.  Finally the Iowa TE trucked Sean Bell and ended it all.

Comment 26 Feb 2017

I think this "Potter is  stretch 4" is a bunch of bullcrap.  Matta has very, very rarely played two bigs at the same time.

Next years opening game Potter will trot out there at center, while K Wesson is worked into the  game later.  Potter has some potential, but I think he will continue to be a liability at center.

Most assuredly Matta will play KBD and Tate at F. with A Wesson and Funderburk (sp?) rotating in.

Potter is a player without a home in Matta's scheme.

Comment 26 Feb 2017

sorry BB27, I was replying to the thread in general, not you specifically. 

Comment 25 Feb 2017

...and nine wins by 6 points or less.  it cuts both ways.

a healthy KBD would have helped, no doubt in my mind.

why is it when we gag away wins it's attributed to "no killer instinct"  and not "coaching"?

this has been going on for several years now, it's not an aberration.

Comment 19 Feb 2017

Honestly I think a good deal of the differing opinions on here is not so much an endorsement, or lack thereof, of Matta but some people's inate fear of change.  "The status quo is always better."

Comment 12 Feb 2017

yeah, he's tall, and he hustles.  he's also weak and a liability on offense.  the staff sees Bell in every practice and they still go with the Potter train wreck come game time.

we need to get away from this thought process that says if you hustle that's good enough.  we need talent, coaching, and hustle, and currently we have a little of each, but not enough.

Comment 30 Jan 2017

We talk as if hustle alone will make us successful, or that talent alone will make us successful.  IMO, both are non-negotiable at OSU. Every team, at all levels, should play hard.  At OSU, we should also be more talented than half of the B10.  Put together the two and you have what OSU should be, year in and year out. We have neither now.