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Comment 24 May 2015

Define "we'll do just fine".

Put 5 Aaron Crafts on the floor consistently and watch Matta be out of a job shortly thereafter.  You can't win in a big-time conference or on the national level with a bunch of "skill-limited over achievers".  There is a reason why college coaches go after the talent... the best teams have talented players. 

Saw a comment this morning attributed to Mickey Marotti that I liked.  I can't remember it exactly but it went something like "champions have blue chip talent and blue collar work ethic"  

Comment 24 May 2015

subjective question: There are 17 players listed that went to OSU.  If we say that it's too early to pass comment on A.J. Harris and Tate, then how many of the other 15 have met your expectations at OSU given their relatively high ranking coming out of HS?

Comment 23 May 2015

and yet somehow the punt is the most important play in the game and the offense's primary job is to not put the defense in a bad position.

Give me a team that wants to take it to the other team instead of playing not to lose.  Minnesota should play not to lose, but not Ohio State.

Comment 22 Mar 2015

What does 20+ wins mean when you play the OOC schedule we do?  11 of our wins came against OOC schools that were a combined 90-105 OOC.  The two big boys we played OOC both beat us.  Why don't we step up and schedule Cincy, Xavier, and Dayton some?  We all know why.

Comment 15 Mar 2015

1.  Matta trots out the same starting five.

2.  Amir has the ball stripped by VCU guards twice in the span of first 3 minutes.  Out goes Amir.

3.  Trey comes in for Amir and is immediately called for moving screen.  Out goes Trey.

4. Scott, Russell, Tate and Thompson do well in the up-tempo game.  OSU wins.

5.  Matta wonders why he never went up-tempo.

Comment 17 Feb 2015

The FT shooting % in the table generally reflects the scoring ability of the individuals.  Those that can score... Russell, Loving, Kam, and Diop, are shooting FT's O.K.  The bottom feeders on that table are the offensively challenged players that have been getting more time because they are generally better on defense or rebounding, or bring a higher energy level.

As to the % over the first half of the season compared to conference games, Amir's playing time has migrated to Lee (53%), and Loving's time has migrated to Tate (54%).

Matta's offensively challenged senior class is not among the top 4 shooters.  This is a team of one-dimensional players.  Those that can score aren't especially good on defense, and vice-versa.