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Comment 09 Dec 2014

How dire is the situation? Here's Darron Lee's mom, Candice:

Sounds like 70% of player families will not make it to game because it's so expensive. #Buckeyes

— candice (@candicenbc4) December 8, 2014

I remember a certain OSU Texas game where an anonymous donor ponied up something like 250,000 to send the band to Austin. 

What say you city fathers?! Send these families to the games and spread a little holiday cheer.

Comment 31 Mar 2012

Very fitting. We had this discussion at work with a lady who lives in Cincinnati and there is no better way of describing the enigma that is Cincinnati.

Comment 31 Mar 2012

I joined just so I could add my comments about EQ. Namely, I lost several years of my life to that game. I don't want those pre-pubescent, fat and awkward years back. I guess hours of EQ on weekends saved me the embarassment of hanging out by myself at middle school dances. I actually joined up in a recent bout of unemployment - lot of fun but not what it was a decade ago.