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Fickel aka Rob Riggle (Step Brothers, Hangover, etc)


As Randy [in Step Brothers]:

"I don't know what it is about your face, [holds up fist to Hoke] but I just wanna deliver one of these right in your suck hole.

"And you... You mess with my 'nuts, Delaney, Fickel here is gonna eat your dick.
Like Kobayashi!!! Gnyum num num num! [eating noise] "

As Officer Franklin [in Hangover]:

"Finish him! [the girl shoots the stun gun]
Yeah!! Right in the nuts, that was beautiful!"

"I love this - the focus, the intensity, eye of the tiger.
You're going with 50,000 volts big man, don't be afraid to ride the lightning.
[the kid tasers Alan].  In the face! In the face!!!!"

"[to Hoke] "Not you fat Jesus, slide it on back."