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  • SPORTS MOMENT: The 2002 National Championship Ceremony In Ohio Stadium in the middle of January. Hearing Cie Grant Sing Carmen Ohio. The one time as a sports fan i cried tears of joy.
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Comment 29 Nov 2013



I will be watching this the rest of the day in 5 minute intervals.

Comment 18 Sep 2013

Truthfully, he fell on a sword that was aimed at the heart of the University's Athletic department.

Smith knew all about it. If you have a bucknuts subscription, go read todays boarding house.


He also ignored it, because he knew the NCAA rule is bull shit.

Comment 15 Sep 2013

I pretty much let every beat writer, Ohio newspaper and Reddit know of this article. As an tOSU graduate, this angers me for a couple of reasons:


1. You gave away tickets to this game (I know I hear on the radio that you did) and yet, we still had to sell out your stadium for this game. You are welcome.


2. I was sitting in Section N. (Part of the Giant mass of Scarlet and Gray in the South End zone) We were OVERLY polite to Cal fans for being such gracious hosts. This was a game that was priced JUST right for any bay area Buckeye fans to come watch our beloved football team. Any other time we are playing in a bowl game and the tickets are far too expensive to bring the rugrats along to watch.


In conclusion, we love our beloved buckeyes and school. There is no reason to get nasty and try and smear us for this. Get off that dusty throne you are sitting on and put a better product on the field. That way, you don't have to resort to this tactic whenever a powerful football team comes in and owns your stadium.

Comment 26 Aug 2013

You magnificent bastard, i'm tearing up at work. You tug at the heart strings, Nasrallah.

Thank you for sharing.

Comment 20 Jun 2013

Hope to see lots of fellow buckeyes there this year. Went to a bar in Bererkley for the game last year. We out numbered the Bears fans. IT was shocking to them to see how many there were of us.


Also, welcome to the Bay Area, where the points dont matter and you can pretty much substitute whatever reality you want for the current one.

Comment 12 Sep 2012

I'm sad that i know that song by Ini Kamoze was made for a movie entitled "Pret a Porter"....Good stuff as always Ramzy.