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Comment 30 May 2014

There's still a lot of guys on the team that Tressel recruited. I think Eli Apple was the last.

Comment 19 Feb 2014

It really sucks with what happened with Mitchell. He could have been *The* best that's ever played that position at Ohio State. 

But I bet Curtis Grant finally proves himself next year.



Comment 18 Nov 2013

Wag the dog.

i think ESPN has been saying the Big Ten has been bad and the SEC has been good for so long it has brainwashed an entire generation.

If you keep saying a whole conference is terrible why would a recruit want to play in it?  So the SEC keeps getting the recruits and the B1G keeps missing elite talent. After awhile  it shows on the field, perpetuating the problem.

Comment 26 Oct 2013

They're going to hype up FSU vs Miami like crazy next week. If Miami somehow wins that game I bet they jump Ohio State in the polls. Wouldn't it be hilarious/tragic if The U went undefeated right after their 2 year mess.

Comment 17 Oct 2013

Philly has been in some of the worst non-call penalties I've ever seen. Every year too. Iowa 2010 he almost gets his head ripped off and no flag. Last years Game, a blatant facemask and nothing. There's more but i can't remember which games.

Comment 06 Oct 2013

I'm glad coach Tressel showed more restraint than me on that fake punt.

Comment 30 Sep 2013

Can someone explain why Bryant can't get a medical redshirt this year? Gardner got one last year and played in every game.

Comment 30 Sep 2013

Why can't  Bryant get a medical red shirt this year? Can someone explain? Gardener got a redshirt last year and played in every game.

Comment 01 Sep 2013

Awesome. I'm glad Tressel's least favorite moment is still in the debriefing. I can imagine him sipping coffee and spitting it out when he saw the team line up for 2, then slamming his cup down and saying "Get that guaranteed point!".