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Comment 09 Oct 2016

Lamar Jackson has 42% of his TD's against two bad opponents. 

Deshaun Watson has 16% of his TD's against two bad opponents.

Baker Mayfield has 15% against two bad opponents.

DeShone Kizer 35%.

Greg Ward 17%.

My point is, your numbers don't mean much unless you compare them to something. After looking up these QB's, I don't think the 20% is as meaningful as you think it is.

Comment 05 Oct 2016

I am from that area. While I don't know Kaleb, I know many people who do. I have never heard a single negative thing about him as a wrestler, football player, or as a person. He chose the Bucks over UNC and Cornell, so he had a vast amount of opportunities. The Buckeyes got a good one.

Comment 24 Sep 2016

I saw him at a 7on7 this summer. Springfield was beating up on their opponent pretty easily and Taylor was the third QB to play. I had no idea he was really a QB, and was just messing around. After watching him, he was clearly the best QB (with the strongest arm by far) on the field from any team. I am not surprised to see him play QB, especially since everybody knows that the ball is going to Danny Davis.

Comment 04 Sep 2016
This is only for medical redshirts, not developmental redshirts.
Comment 13 Jul 2016
I used to install cat 5 for an internet/phone company. The wiring price came with the installation of the internet. The houses I hated were the ones on slabs. I loved the houses that had basements. Attics and crawlspaces were the best best things to work in. If you have any of those, the installers won't have a problem and really shouldn't be a hassle/cost load for whoever provides your internet.
Comment 07 Jul 2016
Jumar, I believe the rule is that the player BEING signed and traded cannot go to a team that is above the tax apron. Cleveland can sign and trade players, but they cannot trade for a player that is signed and traded. Delly is being signed and traded.
Comment 05 Jul 2016
Wade shot 50%, 50%, 52%, and 54% respectively in his four years with LeBron with his shot attempts decreasing every year. If that is forcing shots, I'll take it on the Cavs. LeBron and Tristan were the only contributors who shot above 46% this year. (I, in no way, think Wade is going to Cleveland)
Comment 05 Jul 2016

I believe the only way they could "ship JR out" would be to renounce his Bird rights. Outside of that, they can only not re-sign him.