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Comment 20 Jun 2016
No offense, but being here only a year and a half, you probably haven't had the privilege of seeing this site expand, all while losing incredible writers/insiders. I was bummed to see Birm leave, mainly because if I only had enough time to read only one sticky a day, it would be the hurry up. This site has moved on (and thrived) from losing insiders before, and I have no doubt that they will again. Just like our beloved Buckeyes, you hate to see players and/or coaches leave, but there always seems to be somebody waiting in the wings.
Comment 15 Jun 2016
How am I boosting Martell? By saying it is possible for his height to not hold him back? If that is what you mean, then yeah...i am boosting Martell. Question for you... is your beef more with Martell the person, Martell the football player, or shorter people? I've noticed a lot lately where you have tried to counteract any positive comments towards Martell.
Comment 15 Jun 2016
You are the only person talking about a rule. In fact, by helping me point out that there are exceptions, you are helping my point. All I said (in a much more explained way) was that those 4 guys prove that it is much more than just size. Again, I don't think you are realizing what I am responding to. I am responding to the quote of you can't teach size.
Comment 15 Jun 2016
Who says that a 5* qb that has all the tools except height cannot be an exception too? Besides, I think you missed my point on the previous post. If you can teach everything but height, then players such as Russell and Pryor (who had amazing qb size plus some extra tools) should be doing great. Wilson and Brees prove that if you are shorter but have everything else, especially the right mentality, then it is very possible. I am not saying that Martell will break NFL records or win a super bowl as a starter. HOWEVER, I also will not say that he won't or can't just because of his height.
Comment 14 Jun 2016
While I like Clark, I don't agree with this statement. If size was that important, then jamarcus Russell and Terrelle Pryor would still be in the NFL putting up Russell Wilson and drew brees like numbers.
Comment 19 May 2016

Didn't the Cavs technically sign and trade LeBron? Yeah, sounds like Gilbert would have good ground to stand on in that lawsuit.

Comment 10 Apr 2016

Where is my thinking going wrong here? I am under the impression that a certain number of early enrollees (6 I believe?) can be back counted towards the previous years numbers. However, the school does not need to back count any of the early enrollees. They can still count these towards the current class and are not counted on the roster until the following football year. I was thinking that theoretically the entire class could enroll early if possible, and that there is no set number of early enrollee spots. Where is my thinking wrong here?

TTUN used this as an excuse last year for one of their many decommits, and I was under the impression it was just that... an excuse.

Comment 06 Apr 2016
I used the search bar and searched "black stripe" and got a bunch of old articles. I just scanned through and found the most recent one from last year, and those articles have a list of freshman losing their black stripe and the date it happened. Hopefully, this helps.
Comment 28 Feb 2016
I still have the original droid turbo as well and it still looks, acts, and feels brand new. I have no intentions of getting a new phone anytime soon.
Comment 26 Feb 2016
I got two amazing years of my life working in the Tetons. I definitely recommend taking a float trip down the snake river out of Jackson Lake Lodge! ;)
Comment 19 Dec 2015
While I don't disagree with the sentiment of your post, wasn't it three years ago that ole Miss signed the #1 player in the nation (DE), the #1 OL in the nation and the #1 wr in the nation?
Comment 10 Dec 2015

Did he get blocked by the rim on that play?