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Comment 18 hours ago

No....Maybe that too...But this is a very good and important topic...A BIG problem that recurs 

Comment 18 hours ago

it's ridiculous .  Maybe against a returner like devin hester, but against Indiana? Minnesota?

Every single game this turns momentum around. We took the lead in VA Tech game in the 4th, then kicked it out of bounds.

Comment 20 hours ago

right on...LB's not in position and middle of the field wide open a lot. Hope they can fix this : )

Comment 20 hours ago

And a 55 yd run by their 3rd string QB on 3rd and 11 that led to the momentum shift. And a 35 yd slant across the middle of the field setting up the second score. AND a 55 yd run at the end of the game. And...

Championship teams don't give up stuff like that to a one dimensional lowly IU team...Just because some of us see glaring probs with the D doesn't mean we are trolls my friend..Stop with the arrogant "Its my view and i'm right and you all are trolls" stuff. Thanks

Go Bucks!!! 

Comment 20 hours ago

Don't think so. No teams are calling him...He is a loyal Buckeye, but the above is right. If he was not a Buckeye, he would've been gone already.

Comment 20 hours ago

I believe it is still on Fickel. C'mon - he is the linebackers coach as well as DC and the linebackers are always out of position. No teaching going on. 4 straight top ten recruiting classes and this is the product? Making numerous 3rd string QB's look like Tom Brady.

This week Meyer said Hubbard was virtually unstoppable at linebacker but they don't want to burn his redshirt. Unstoppable? It only took them 10 games to find this out? Sounds a lot like , "Who knew he was this good" about Bell after last years bowl game.

I Love Luke as a player and Buckeye, but, as a D coord, i believe he is very questionable. He has always shown an inability to evaluate talent. An example was playing Bouserman over Brax, keeping Hyde on the bench all year, Vonn bell not playing until the bowl game, and now Hubbard.

I know this point of view is questionable, but i really think there are a lot of people who agree.

Comment 16 Nov 2014

Love Jalin Marshall and I'm sure he will mature and clean up the mistakes BUT Urban says he is the only legitimate punt returner. Here are my thoughts:

1. In the past when we struggled on offense, we needed the big play out of the kickoff and punt returners. Now, this offense can score just as easily from its own 15 as it can from the 50. Nobody can stop the bucks but the Bucks, so why take the chance on a turnover to get 10 or 15 more yards? Does this offense need a punt return for a TD at the expense of a game changing fumble? This is especially true last week v MSU - Wilson fumbles the kickoff and gives MSU great field position. Now, with touchbacks coming out to the 25, that is great field position for this explosive offense. I would trade no kickoff returns for a TD over a costly momentum changing turnover any day.

There was only 1 thing that could make yesterdays game close in the 4th QTR with a 31-14 lead...A costly turnover leading to an easy Minn score.

2. See above- but factor in the 15 degrees and snow conditions. Should the coaches have  told Marshall steer clear?  Such a risky thing to ask a punt returner in those conditions. Especially when we are moving the ball at will on offense. 

Comment 16 Nov 2014

Hill, Munger, and Schutt... Maybe Holmes as well. These guys would be starting for other BIG teams. Wonder what the holdup is with these guys.

Comment 11 Nov 2014

why am i so worried about Minny? I can't get past the penn State debacle. 

Comment 09 Nov 2014

Still haven't seen a well called defense yet this year.  In the 4th qtr, MsU had 2 TD's , each one in under 2 minutes. No clock used up at all.

Yes it was a great game and we are proud of our Bucks, and yes the D had some good stops...BUT.. when is it ok for our silver bullets to give up 530  yds and 35 pts??? Don't we strive for the best at OSU?

I hate the "Fire Fickel" sarcasm...Were in the world do you see results that indicate he is a top coordinator?  The whole "Hey, we are winning right" sounds the same as his press conference last year. 

This is a forum discussion...Everybody is entitled to their opinion and no one person's post is "Right"...No matter how great they think they are : )

Comment 26 Oct 2014

What the hell "Adjustments" were made by the staff that you are talking about?? The same 2 plays over and over in the second half - Then in OT...THE SAME 2 PLAYS!!! 

Where were the jet sweeps to get the speedsters in space? Anything but adjustments were made.

1. Handoff to Eze up the middle

2. QB "Read" keeper with JT up the middle

Comment 29 Sep 2014

Please...Shouldn't denigrate the coaches?  No safety in center field with 30 seconds to go before half and my grandma screaming watch out for the bomb?  How many times did we rush 3 or 4 and watch Gunner hit the quick out for the first down? I do think the corners have improved but its not their "Scheme". They don't call blitzes.

(Oh and don't talk to me about how blitzes don't work, yada yada yada...Listen to Spiels on 97.1  as well as many others..It all starts up front with getting to the QB. If your 4 can't , then you blitz. Remember the VA Tech game where the QB throws an 18 yd out for a first down...Out of his own end zone!! No pressure, no creative blitzing schemes...

We need an NFL coordinator...

Comment 18 Sep 2014

Krenzel TD pass to Jenkins on 4th down against Purdue to keep the run to NCG alive

Comment 15 Sep 2014

I think we need to wait and see what happens with both QB's. However, I love Brax but I believe JT may be a better passer at this point. You need to look at the MSU game when Miller made his first or second start to compare Brax to JT. Brax really struggled in that game the same as JT struggled against VT.

When Brax is in, he seems to wait a second too late and the route is over, so he scrambles and usually gets good yards. Also, Herman/Meyer seem to run about 3 plays over and over with Brax.

The best QB's distribute the ball and hit the timing routes ON TIME.  A perfect example of an athlete playing QB and a true QB seems to be in Washington where the Skins are a better team with Cousins over RG3.

Comment 28 Apr 2014

"I've gotnew toys to play with". Good thing it wasn't a different PSU coach saying that.. Jeez

Comment 21 Apr 2014

My question is, why a couple years ago,  did we get away from the OSU defense with it's silver bullets to implement this confusing defense in the first place? Who made that call?

I keep hearing this statement about buying in to 4-6 seconds of effort every year as if the previous year maybe they didn't. But the previous year they said the same thing. Each year since Meyer arrived, they bought into that.

I am as excited as any to see the improvement this year. Let's hope it solves this problem so we can win the BIG and maybe more : )