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Comment 26 Aug 2016

No - prob not a bar because the league doesn't have a substance abuse policy for that like it does for weed. Let's not confuse dave and busters with a weed shop shall we. Give me a break "TMZ my moral compass" . My moral compass comes from 50 years on this planet and good upbringing.  

Comment 26 Aug 2016

I'm no prude but this is not ok in my book. There are kids who look up to Zeke as a role model and he is a representative for OSU, The Cowboys and an NFL already plagued with questionable people.  Not the message to send. Alchohol is legal and I would feel the same way about that. Kids see and absorb everything. 

Comment 31 Jan 2016

this is a terrible thread and should never be on here. Asshat-ish...These are kids who chose to come and play for OSU..regardless

Comment 08 Jan 2016

What a Buckeye...What he hopefully knows and understands about last years championship run is that HE was responsible, in a lot of ways, for those guys success on the field. The team learned how to win and have success from Braxton's 12-0 run in 2012. He set the tone and the confidence this team needed to believe in themselves and know they can win at the highest level. The following year, in 2013,  he set the tone for the hunger they had in 2014 by playing through injury in a gut filled performance against MSU in the BIG title game and the Bowl game against Clemson. Playing through that arm injury was Ironman- like ... Every Buckeye is grateful for that.

The NFL will find a place for him and he will succeed at the next level. Go Brax and go Bucks...IO

Comment 12 Dec 2015

My Prob with it is in light of the recent slew of arrests/suspensions with Buckeye players. High caliber guys are getting in trouble. Now we have a coach who had half his team expelled for crimes,and not just misdemeanors either. Hmmm

As a die hard Buckeye I welcome him and I'll give him the benefit of the doubt...(as if my opinion matters)

beat ND

Comment 06 Dec 2015

am i missing something or is there one frosh name left out of the DL speculation?? I think his brother plays here...

Comment 24 Nov 2015

I don't buy this no receivers thing. I've seen Brax and Samuel get separation a lot this season. We have the #1 receiver in the NFL draft and he gets targeted less that 5 times a game. 

Watch Cinci, Temple, Western Michigan etc air it out to receivers never even recruited by big time programs. We can't do that with Terry McLaurin? Paris Campbell? Curtis Samuel? Hell, McLaurin and Campbell would start for those teams just mentioned and be big contributors.

Comment 24 Nov 2015

and WHY THE HELL, in week 10 or 11 is our line strugglig to pass protect? Who's fault is that? maybe cause the plays are vanilla and predictable?  no QB development due to no pass plays?  no receiver development due to no pass plays? No line development due to no need to protect?  all 4 and 5 star talent to boot.

Comment 23 Nov 2015

im so tired of hearing the no deep threat bullsh$t. There are Mac teams heaving it long every game with success, sometimes against us this year, with receivers that would never crack the depth chart at OSU. 

Samuel and Miller were open deep almost every time. The throws either weren't strong enough or were never called by the QB guru and offensive genius Tim Beck.

Comment 22 Nov 2015

coaching the ball, use time..either get the first down or kick with no time left. Marvin will never take this team near a superbowl

Comment 14 Nov 2015

Why not let Cardale throw the ball up 28-3 with 4 min to go? This OC has already greatly diminished CJ's ability to go to the NFL. When you see JT struggle like today you realize the staff may be weak. Play calling today was high school at best.

Love my Bucks but it's time to face reality about this staff. This is essentially the same team as last year and they can't figure out how to use all these athletes.

Comment 08 Nov 2015

Easy there TP...If you think the play calling is fine, then that is embarrassing for you... Up 21 - 0 in the fourth quarter with the best running back in the country in a game where you need the clock to keep running, you throw the ball?  With Cardale Jones?

We are up 21-0 so CJ can't win us the game with his arm, but he could lose it with a costly interception. Plus the clock stops. Junior high coaching calls in the 4th qtr last night.

Comment 19 Oct 2015

How can you tell? We haven't thrown one bomb in 5 games. Meanwhile, every other team from bowling Green to Baylor to TCU to toledo are slinging the bomb. In college it works 1/3 of the time. See what happened against the Bucks Sat nite. Does this mean all these other teams including MAC teams have better recievers than us? NO WAY.Throw the DAMN ball.