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Comment 05 Oct 2015

Not now....especially after Ross could have hired him last season but steered him to Michigan. I do think if Ross would have fired Philben last offseason, Harbaugh would be in Miami

Comment 05 Oct 2015

It is a combination. I think Jones' lack of climbing up into the pocket hurts the offensive line some. I think they all have things to work on. Jones needs to work on touch. Receivers need to learn his tendencies as a QB as well as not fumble. Play calling seems a bit off at times. 

I will give Jones some leeway because he has only started like 7 games in his career. The NC run spoiled us all. But he is still a work in progress. The penalties and turnovers in the redzone just killed OSU...took 3 or 4 TDs off the board. Had to settle for FGs on two poorly thrown balls. 

Comment 05 Oct 2015

timing between Jones and WRs is not there. 

Comment 05 Oct 2015

He has yelled at Samuel a few times this season including Saturday

Comment 04 Oct 2015

I can poke holes at every team out there. Just LAST week many were pushing Ole Miss...TCU and Baylor play zero defense, OSU struggle on offense. Sparty struggles on defense. LSU has no real QB. Bama lost already. Utah looks solid...but it is Utah. On and on and on. 

OSU is missing Herman and the WR on offense. But this time last year we were all bitching about the offense AND the defense. Defense has been solid. 

Comment 04 Oct 2015

1. Its a marathon...not a sprint. I think a ton of issues with the offense is just sloppy play...penalties, turnovers.

2. I would say Cardale needs to spend more time in film room and in the playbook. Seems he is often at odds with his WRs about routes

3. Figure out how to use all of your weapons. Where was Samuel yesterday? Wilson? Miller? 

4. Need someone other than Thomas at WR. It is time for Clark, Dixon, KJ Hill, Marshall to step up. I am really disappointed that Dixon cannot get on the field. Seems he is going to be an oft injured player that never contributes

Comment 04 Oct 2015
Beck nor warriner are not strong play callers. They do not seem to be on the same page at all. The penalties and turnovers are handcuffing this offense. Jones does struggle with the intermediate reads and he struggles with touch.