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Comment 4 hours ago

I agree..this team is at its best when it plays fast...the hurry up and look at the sidelines for 20 seconds is just dumb. Meyer constantly says pace of play needs to be fast yet never follows through...

Urban is an average X and Os guy on offense...he needs a legit O coordinator 

Comment 4 hours ago

-Is Damon Arnette really the best they can do at nickel? That guy is constantly out of position and gets torched at least twice a game

-Erik Smith? Webb cannot matchup with big TEs whatsoever...

-Kicking game was atrocious. From Wilson, to kick off returns, to the punt game and FGs..Cameron Johnston has to speed things up.

-Play calling...just no words for how bad all parts of the offense is

-Better bring in 4 WRS in this class because Clark, Dixon, McCalurin are just not OSU talent. Brown is a decent possession guy. But they still have nobody thst takes the top off the defense...why not give Mack, Victor or Hill an opportunity?

-JT has regressed big time. holds the ball way too unsure and has very little touch on the deep ball. I think Tim Beck has ruined him. 

-Lets give the best playmaker on the team less than 10 touches and only a few carries. Just brillant by Urban and his merry nimwits on offense. 

Comment 5 hours ago

No offense...but OSU flat out wrapped that game up and gave it to an average PSU team. Between inept coaching and absolutley no preparation in the kicking game or on offense..they gave this game away. PSU did nothing to earn it. It is disguisting 

Comment 5 hours ago

I am hoping Pridegon, Myers, Davis all come in and win the jobs. Jones is slow and Prince cannot block me. They are back up calibur. 

Wr are so slow and cannot off get off blocks that the o line and QB have to hold the ball so long...I wonder what Zach Smith gets paid for..

Comment 5 hours ago

I cannot understand this. He totally ignores guys or pays too much attention to them. He cannot figure out how to balance anything in play calling. Samuel got what...2 carries? and one was a 74 yard TD?? WTF?

Where is the jet sweep? Where is the any mid passing game? We have turned into a team that only throws screens and 4 yard passes over the middle. It is one of the worst constructed passing games I have remembered. It is junior high level. 

Comment 5 hours ago

No ways to sugar coat this...this was a bad loss to a bad PSU team. OSU stopped doing much of anything after the safety..Defense stopped attacking, offense...well the offense really hadn't done anything all night. 

Yeah everyone loses...but this was a game OSU gave PSU. It was the second time I have seen Meyer absolutely confused and just struggle (the other vs Sparty). 

Comment 5 hours ago

OSU will struggle next week vs Northwestern. They have a better offense than PSU and will give OSU fits. 

Comment 5 hours ago

They are getting fat on past reputation. The o line is getting destroyed..esp Prince. 

Comment 5 hours ago

1. The offense is pathetic. From the gameplan, to the play calling, to the protection, the Wide Receivers and yes to Barrett. They simply have no rhyme of reason. Barrett has regressed and not being able to throw down field makes them very easy to scheme against. I blame the lack of coaching for this. Beck is trash

WR's are simply average...they look like they have not been coached, they are slow and disappear. Start playing Mack and Victor. Clark, Dixon, McClaurin are all busts...Campbell got figure it out and Brown is simply a possession receiver. They still have not replaced Devin Smith.

2. Ed Warriner and Tim Beck must be replaced as play callers. They have no feel for calling plays and they are MAC level coaches. They either overfeed a player or ignore them all together. 

3. Urban is a great motivator, CEO and recrutier but he is a lackluster offensive mind. He has had great O coordinators in Mullen and Herman, but when he does not have  one of them, he struggles.

4 Michigan is going to throttle OSU. They are going to man up the average WR and send the house vs Barrett. Can't protect and WR are are useless as tits on a boar.

5. Isiah Prince...dear God. If he is not holding, he is getting destroyed in pass protection. Time to let Bowen get a chance.

Comment 14 hours ago

Can't give up 17 points in the 4th quarter with a junior high offense running the game shit over and over

Every part of the offense is trash. Samuel had less than five carries.