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Proud graduate of tOSU in Engineering. MBA from UD. I have lived all over the country and love being back in the mountains.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: I have two:

    1) Being on A Deck, 45 yard line, when Eddie George ran all over Notre Dame and the crowd started chanting "Ed-die, Ed-die, Ed-die!"

    2) Being in the Louisiana Superdome and mockingly chanting "S-E-C, S-E-C, S-EC!" when Ohio State beat Arkansas. It DID happen. I was THERE! You can wipe the record books, but not my memories.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Eddie George. He belongs on Mt. Olympus.
  • NFL TEAM: I'm against paying football players. Just kidding
  • NHL TEAM: Avalanche
  • NBA TEAM: Portland Trailblazers
  • MLB TEAM: Rockies

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Comment 25 Oct 2013

Best back...MoC

But between beanie and hyde?  I'll take ElGuapo by a slim margin.  Beanie kept getting hurt, and was limited often...may not say anything about raw talent, but it influences who I take on my team...

Comment 30 Sep 2013

Pedal to the Metal.

C'mon guys - like your car accelerator being stomped down to the metal floor of the car...

Sorry if I have to go all Aaron Craft on some folks.

Comment 29 Sep 2013

To answer your rhetorical question: NEVER!

so, there's that....

Comment 29 Sep 2013

Yea.  There's that. Dude is a serious weapon at punter. I imagine he talks to Urbz before the punt and just asks him where he wants the ball....

Comment 29 Sep 2013

We could compete with Bama and Oregon. Not saying we would win, but we would not be embarrassed. 

Comment 29 Sep 2013

Not a complete wreck,  but we could use less Roby talk and more Roby action. 

Comment 18 Sep 2013

I don't want to see FCS schools on the schedule in the future, but personally I don't mind attending these games.  When I spend money on airfare, hotel, tickets and other entertainment, I kinda like knowing I'm going to see a beat-down, lots of scoring, and seeing the freshmen get a bunch of reps.

So...see you guys on Saturday...

Comment 16 Sep 2013


"Below are a few notable APR scores for football (keep in mind they are representative of the 2011-12 academic year) You can also search individual programs HERE if you so choose.

Best APR scores (football):
Northwestern: 996
Boise State: 993
Duke: 989
Clemson: 985
Wisconsin: 985
Georgia Tech: 983
Boston College: 982
Missouri: 982
Ohio State: 982
Rice: 979

And here are the average APR scores for the five power conferences (via Brett McMurphy):
Big Ten: 964.9
ACC: 964.5
SEC: 957.1
Pac-12: 952.5
Big 12: 947.1"

Comment 30 Jul 2013

MoC was absolutely the best running back thus far at tOSU.  Watching him run was just amazing, I was at every game that year.  I have no doubt he could have led tOSU to another National Championship and earned himself a Heisman.

Ah, what might have been, but I am blessed to have watched him run that one glorious year.  I'll never regret watching greatness firsthand.

Comment 15 Jun 2013

Damn.  That Sheridan guy is an ultra-hater douche.... Why hate so much on Urbz and Brax? 

Comment 17 May 2013
I do not believe in paying players, they are given enough by the university and they have the option to not play. That is life. However, to expand upon the thought above, I do believe that they should be able to profit from their own personal enterprise. If Braxton can get a job doing a commercial or signing autographs or selling t-shirts, then so be it. That is also life and free Enterprise. Let Braxton sell jerseys with his name on it. The university, Nike and Brax would all get a cut. Free enterprise. These students are signing offer letters, they should not be signing away the lives and likenesses.
Comment 08 May 2013

You would be hard pressed to find a taxpayer or student in the south that does not care about football.  It is part of the culture...there is not much else.

Comment 07 May 2013

You will be sorely missed, Sarah.  You were one on my favorites. Seriously though, are you moving out of your parent's basement now or what?

Comment 26 Feb 2013
Thurminator at the Thurman café in Columbus is the biggest, tastiest burger ever!
Comment 23 Feb 2013

ADV is really just a novelty at this point, still a really good high school player but not a B1G. That said, tOSU needs at least the threat of a 3pt shooter out there.  Same with the center- Amir is lost and we need at least the inside/ outside threat. Erav needs more minutes and they need to go to him every once in a while. Thad seems to do the same thing every year- ride this stars for 40 minutes and they can't win the close ones. The KY loss 2 years ago and the KS loss last year...ugh. 

Thad is a great coach, but I don't think he is a good game time coach. Thad has lost some good assistants, and they are the ones that perhaps helped keep the game mgmt in check. 

Thad is gonna miss out on recruits if he keeps this up...

Comment 24 Jan 2013

You know, I read this article again, and it kinda sounds like a back-handed compliment.  I think Rav's has clearly demonstrated that he is the best at the post tOSU has. I don't buy that Ravel didn't play with energy or didn't practice well.  He's been going against Sully the past two years, a clearly has Sully's respect and the respect of opposing coaches.

I don't think Erav took a trip to the principals office.  I think the guy has been rock solid and plays with a ton of energy (or as much as a dude his size can).  I think Matta is trying to boost Amir's confidence and get more bench burst.  End of Story.

I don't see the move as a demotion at all.  I want Evan in the game in the final minutes while the game is on the line (or even if it is not).  Amir is still behind in some fundamentals...I hope he becomes an all american, but I still think we have a good one in Rav's and we need to use him more, esp. in B1G play.

Comment 22 Jan 2013

I just makes more sense to charge higher ticket prices for student tickets than to add on a fee for all.  If you want to go to the games, you pay the price. 

When it gets to expensive for students, they don't buy.  when they don't buy, alumni, etc. snatch it up at a more expensive price.

It's a squeeze on the students-fans to some extent, but I always managed to come up with the $$ for fball and bball tix...I would even go w/o beer!