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Comment 09 Nov 2014
I was at the game that Miller led the Bucks to victory in East Lansing.
Comment 23 Oct 2014
Is it possible that the game poster for the PSU game ties into the Black Uni theory floating around? A black uni pic was leaked, we are told that they will not be used this week against PSU, the game poster for the PSU game has a blackblack uni and makes reference to Mich being our real rival. we also have history with alt unis for the Mich game. Something or nothing?
Comment 07 Sep 2014
I could be in the minority but the loss last night felt completely different than the loss to MSU and Clemson. The losses las season felt like outside the online, Miller and Hyde the tallent was lacking. Last night there seemed to be plenty of tallent that was not clicking. I think the team is moving in the right direction just not as fast as most of us expected
Comment 13 Mar 2014
I want to know who cuts Tom's hair. What barber puts his rep on the line by allowing Tom to leave his shop with that cut.
Comment 13 Mar 2014
Not trying to bag on herbie, I like him as an announcer, but am I the only one who gets weirded out with the fact that herbies skin color matches his hair color so closely?
Comment 26 Feb 2014
After the 2013 defensive nightmare I have to admit I was a bit envious of MSU's d with Narduzi until I read an article on 11W that reminded us that only a few years ago MSU's d with Narduzi was a clown show. I am convinced that OSU will return to their silver bullet form in short order. So I am happy coaches are getting paid in East Lansing, I think that it is highly likely that in a season or two Ash will collect his payday.
Comment 17 Jan 2014
One thing that I think would be cool is a stitched buckeye leaf on the jersey for each win the player has been a part of during their tenure. Seniors would have more than freshmen, you get the idea. I think is would be a real honor to players that stay all four years. I could be wrong but I think it would be unique to Ohio State, which in a sense would be a tradition because I think they were the first to have stickers for their helmets right?
Comment 04 Jan 2014
The last two games have shown us that we are still in the process of rebuilding. I am sure this team will continue to improve as issues are addressed. We need to be patient and let one of the most successful coaches of the modern era do what he does best.
Comment 03 Jan 2014
All jokes aside about our DBs footspeed why the eff do we line the DBs up 10 yards off the line of scrimmage? It's not like they are breaking on short passes for big plays
Comment 01 Jan 2014
I could be wrong but I just can't see MSU going toe to toe with the bucks year in and year out. Their facilities are not as good, recruiting is not as good, and for the exception of the d coordinator position coaching staff isn't as good. Every couple of years they will get frisky and challenge for a big ten title. I like Dino as much as the next guy but this is the same team that didn't win a home big ten game last year.
Comment 01 Jan 2014
I totally agree. If we hire a d coordinator in the near future they will be set up for success. The talent is there and more is on the way. I know MSU is in love with their program right now and their coaches are underpaid at the moment but I would get nervous about handing out big pay days after one really good year. Does anybody think MSU can sustain this success consistently over the long haul?
Comment 01 Jan 2014
Rumor has it Narduzzi is going to be making 800 k to coach the d in East Lansing next year. Not sure any school will lure him from Sparty
Comment 24 Dec 2013
Wilson's season ended flat because he was kicked out of "The" game and was probably not utilized as much in the conference championship because he was in the dog house with Hall. I also think that he impacted games more than his stats would indicate because defenses had to key in on him when he was in the game. No other player on the offense could provide the dimension that Wilson did.