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Comment 19 Apr 2017

If you like steak, Manny's is recommended.

If you like beer, Surly is recommended.

Minny is a pretty fun town for a long weekend. There are plenty of friendly bars, breweries, and eateries.

Comment 19 Apr 2017

I may have previously underrated your ability & willingness to stir the pot. I mean, before I always thought your shenanigans were mostly benign; this is going to lead directly to madness. But hey, I guess it is the off-season...

Comment 18 Apr 2017

Rogue One is the only movie in the franchise to date that was written for people who wear big boy pants. All of the others had a target audience of 10 yr old boys, which I appreciated as I fit the demographic when the original three were made. But looking back as an adult, aside from nostalgia, they weren't that great of movies, special effects aside.

Rogue One has by far the best cast and dialogue that isn't cringe-worthy. The droid is the funniest character ever introduced into the Star Wars universe. And it had Donny Yen, an actual grade A action star who I only regret didn't end up with a light-saber in his hands at some point. 

Comment 14 Apr 2017

1. Rogue One

2. Empire Strikes Back

3. A New Hope

4. The Force Awakens

5. Revenge of the Sith

6. Return of the Jedi

7. Attack of the Clones

8. Phantom Menace

Comment 27 Mar 2017
Messages only stay in my inbox until I've responded fully, and then they're deleted or archived. The oldest may persist a month or so, usually have around 10 from the last couple of weeks.
Comment 20 Mar 2017
The thought experiment I had that bothers me: how many B1G programs would right now trade their head coach for Thad? Is it 4... max? And if Indiana brings in Alford? Hoping I'm wrong, but don't see this ending well.
Comment 20 Mar 2017
Think he'll immediately be a special teams standout and find his permanent position before next spring. And I'm thinking he'll end up on D.
Comment 19 Mar 2017
At this point, "on life support" is a fairly optimistic viewpoint. Seems to me the hoops program has entered "reanimating a corpse" territory.