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Comment 29 Nov 2016

Aside from accolades and a financial windfall which are deserved, I'd REALLY like for him to be encouraged to share his experiences with fellow officers, especially newbies who haven't been put in this type of situation. I firmly believe that many issues that are attributed to "bad cops" are more likely a result of inadequate training given the responsibility and authority bestowed to them. Of course, there are some who truly do look to abuse their authority, but I think that's the rare exception.

We owe it to our sworn protectors to set them up for success, and I think as a whole we've fallen a bit short. Having success stories such as this studied, lessons learned shared, and training revised accordingly is a great way to help all of our law enforcement personnel.

Comment 29 Nov 2016

And thus the award for "Homer Post of the Day" has already been locked up. You really think with a suspect passing game and a young and sometimes shaky O line that three's a possibility of blowing out Bama? I understand you said "A" game, but other than Samuel & the run game I general, that ceiling isn't super high like years past. I do agree our  will keep us in it, but think Bama would / should be favored and I'd be ecstatic to pull out a W no matter the score.

Comment 26 Nov 2016
Can't run because we can't throw, which has been the case pretty much all year save for a couple aberrations.
Comment 23 Nov 2016
Wow.  I never realized how many uptight jerks we have around here!

 Congrats on avoiding live game threads....

Comment 22 Nov 2016
He was a dick for sure, but you reciprocated and were also a dick. I mean, it's a game. Granted, it's the most important athletic event for me every damn year. But still, it's a game. This doesn't make you the worst person in the world or anywhere near it, but you could've handled it better.
Comment 22 Nov 2016

On 2 occasions, I played the waiting game with Stubhub and it turned out brilliantly. For Ohio St vs Bama, I didn't buy until a few hrs before kickoff. Prices had dropped dramatically by then. For what I paid for 50 yard line, 12 rows back would have only got me in the end zone the day before. Had a similar type experience for NCAA Men's Final, just had a much lower limit on $ since I had no real rooting interest. But again, had ok seats buying a few hours before tip-off for a price that may have scored nose-bleeds a day earlier.