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Comment 19 hours ago

"...images like that make this place unwelcoming to female fans of the Buckeyes, of which you guys know there are many."

You may be guilty of the above sin (as outlined by Jason). It's not up to me to decide, but you should keep the thought in mind. I know I wouldn't be pleased (though not offended) to see a gif of Brad Pitt spinning in a banana hammock, so the reverse is probably true for at least some of our female users.

Comment 28 Jan 2015

Joss might be the perfect choice. I'd also really be interested in Del Toro taking it in a darker direction. Spike Jonze would be mind-blowing...

Comment 28 Jan 2015
And once he finds it, he'll get it autographed. They follow his every move, then call him a whore, then claim not to care. Yeah, makes perfect sense.
Comment 28 Jan 2015
Agreed. Seems to me this is exactly the type of thing one would tweet. It's hilarious how so many dissect his every word & then label him an "attention whore."
Comment 05 Jan 2015
I'm flying from EWR to IA and driving up from their. Flight was less than half the price of a Dallas destination. I'm staying in Arlington in a Marriott I reserved weeks ago. Don't know that area, so input from locals is appreciated. I do know Denton quite well & will likely hit up that town one night. It has a great music scene and a small but cool downtown with good places to eat and drink.
Comment 05 Jan 2015
I probably will be. Definitely going, not sure if a buddy is meeting me. Probably unlikely. But as has been said, it's my experience that you will easily find folks to hang out with. See you there.
Comment 04 Jan 2015
You are correct. He was moving gingerly on the sideline. That was a really gutsy performance for him to stay on the field.
Comment 29 Dec 2014
I'll be there, arriving Wednesday along with a buddy who I turned into a Buckeye. I'd be happy to throw back some beers with fellow 11W'ers. MCYC on game day seems like the place to be until it's time to trek to the stadium... As well as the victory party afterwards.
Comment 28 Dec 2014
Yeah, because the decision will be made by a RB... More importantly, fuck all of this next year nonsense. I'll concern myself with starting QB & Michigan coach after this fascinating / thrilling season is behind us. The only reason I bother to comment is that I would hope my team is similarly disinterested in this tripe while there is still a job to do. Eyes on the prize!
Comment 28 Dec 2014
No offense, but there's no way New Orleans has the most diverse food in the US; that is crazy-talk. NYC & Chicago have world renowned eateries and Portland is also amazing and more accessible with respect to cost. That's not to say one cannot find anything good to eat in NOLA, but the hype exceeds the reality. And I thought I made it clear that I pretty much avoid the touristy areas (true wherever I visit). My recommendation was basically to avoid Bourbon and try Warehouse District. Garden District is a good call too, I just prefer Warehouse. I also appreciate that NOLA is a 24 hour type town, just a notch below NYC & Vegas in that respect.
Comment 28 Dec 2014
Been to NOLA several times, including 3 Sugar Bowl games. Here are a few observations based on my experiences: Food - plenty tasty but lacking in variety compared to other major cities. I think the recipe for boiling water calls for a stick of butter and good luck finding a vegetable. Bourbon St. - Worth a stroll to observe the debauchery, but I don't care to linger. And definitely wear old shoes because horses and frat boys consider the street to be a toilet. Do go to Frenchmen St. if you're looking for live music and a festive atmosphere away from puking tourists. Likewise, the Warehouse District has a lot of great places to eat and places for real drinks (as opposed to slushies infused with cheap booze). And on NYE, you'll actually be able to access a bathroom whereas that can be quite problematic most places in the French Quarter. Hope to see many of you there. I'm confident that there will be more folks adorned in scarlet than crimson. Go Bucks!
Comment 27 Dec 2014
Residence Inn, NOLA Warehouse District. I reserved early because why not? Now I just need one of those pesky game tickets...