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Comment 08 Feb 2016

Wasn't his finest hour, but I still think the good outweighs the bad with Cam, and by no small margin. While he's no kid, 26 isn't exactly an age for which most people are known to be particularly sage.

And let us not forget that one of our heroes is known by many as "that coach who punched a kid" in a heated moment. We all know Woody was not defined by one lapse of judgment in an emotional outburst. Seems we should give Cam some benefit of the doubt, especially given the benign nature of his "tantrum."

Comment 05 Feb 2016
You are certainly correct. And I'll add that a vast majority of domestic bars also fuck up the nitro / co2 ratio, the pour, and the temp.
Comment 04 Feb 2016

I appreciate your concern, but I don't concern myself with DV's and I'll never understand why folks get upset about them. There are measures in place to capture the trolls.

My thoughts on all of the goings-on up north: all sizzle and no steak. And we clearly have differing opinions on the definitions of "fun stuff" & "blockbuster."

I'll get worked up about the enemy when I consider them a threat; today is not that day.

Comment 04 Feb 2016
Wait. Are you basing your opinion on hype? Is that your top criteria for an AD? I don't see how you can look at results during his tenure & conclude he's mediocre. Please elaborate; I suspect others may also be interested in how you've formulated your opinion.
Comment 01 Feb 2016

Sometimes "fan" isn't short for "fanatic" after all. One has to be a rather casual fan to not know the D coordinator who helped you win a National Championship.

Comment 28 Jan 2016

I mostly agree with you but I don't think his ceiling is as high as Zeke's. My reason to point that out isn't to knock Weber, but to remind fans how special Zeke is, and to not have unreasonable expectations from the RB position next season. If Weber's putting in the effort, I'm going to cheer for him even if the results don't match his predecessor's.

Comment 28 Jan 2016

I believe Jerry Jones fell in love with Zeke when he torched Oregon in Jerry-World; I made that prediction last year and I'm sticking with it. The Steelers are too deep at WR and conversely thin in the secondary & both lines to go WR in the 2nd round, which is where I think Braxton goes... to Seattle. I'd bet a pretty penny that the Steelers do take at least one Buckeye from among Apple, Bell, Lee, Perry, Powel, and Washington.