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Comment 13 hours ago

Thanks, I thought I was going to be the lone voice in poo-pooing Gas Lamp. It's still esthetically nice, but it is a tourist trap and loaded with bros. I also, much prefer North Park. Big fan of the Mike Hess Brewery, but it's only one of many really great spots.

As for a recommended touristy outing, I took a spin on the Stars and Stripes on a Sunday afternoon this spring and had a really good time.

Comment 27 Jun 2016
I'm a regular visitor to Iceland and my friends there are losing their minds. This win would be like the Cavs winning game 7 at Golden State, but only with LeBron not even playing. This is nuts, wish I was in Reykjavik right now. Bring on France!
Comment 27 Jun 2016

Music festival in Denton, TX this year called 35 Denton, one of the headliners had me scratching my head as I didn't know the name at all, which was Eliot Sumner. So I read the blurb in the festival guide and it turns out she's Sting's daughter, and I rolled my eyes upon learning this. But I stuck around and caught her performance and I actually enjoyed it. It wasn't mind-blowing, but the musicianship was solid. Not to mention, she sounds almost exactly like Sting; her voice, not so much the song composition.

Comment 27 Jun 2016
Before Tate joined the good guys, there were a handful of folks of the opinion that taking another QB in 2017 was a bad idea due to already having Clark and scholarships being limited. I'd be curious if they still hold to that opinion or if they may have come around. Who knows who'll make the bigger impact on the field, but it certainly seems Tate is having the bigger impact in helping bring more talent to Columbus.
Comment 23 Jun 2016
But do you do well with that strategy? I won't touch a QB in Rd 1 and I've been in the $ in my league nearly every year (exception being before I imposed that rule for myself and grabbed Deflater 1st in the season he played less than a half of a game). It's true, a QB will often score the most points, but the drop-off from first to tenth or even 12th isn't typically as drastic as it is for RBs or WRs.
Comment 20 Jun 2016

Born & raised in Marietta, OH. Took a long ride on a nuclear sub after HS. I've lived all over the east, glad to finally be back in the Midwest in Madison.

Still visit Marietta a few times a year; parents are there. But I could never go back; too rural for my tastes. I love Madison, no plans to leave anytime soon, but I could live happily in Columbus.

Not a huge NBA guy, but have pulled for the Cavs and am happy to see they pulled it off. Congrats to the die-hards. I like to hit Cleveland once or twice a year. Haven't been yet in 2016, but that will change for UFC 203 as I'll be cheering on the local Heavyweight Champion.

Comment 16 Jun 2016

I'm a Madison resident (as of Labor Day last year) and will be ready, willing, and able to dispense knowledge regarding the local environment for those who care to venture here. Last fall I sported my Buckeyes gear out and about and never heard anything more than a little good natured ribbing. That being said, I suspect an actual game environment in the opposing team colors may be met with a bit more hostility. Regardless, I'll dish on eats & drinks as the time approaches. I'm all for a big pre-game bash for intrepid fellow Buckeyes; I'll certainly be there.

As DJ mentioned, Madison is a great town. I'm also endorsing this as a preferred road trip. And that has nothing at all to do with wanting to surround myself with more Buckeyes to feel more secure on game day; nothing at all...

Comment 13 Jun 2016

It never fails that whenever I'm in Portland, OR for a college football Saturday, the Buckeyes' kickoff is noon EST, which means I'm at the bar to watch the game ~8:30am local. It's certainly a fun way to start the day, but it sure makes it difficult to last long into the night with even a modicum of coherence. Kudos to Portland for having the best game-day experience I've enjoyed outside of attending the actual game. New Orleans would be a close second.

Comment 13 Jun 2016

Yeah, it's a damn shame that the crowd is rarely boisterous anymore. Maybe we can start buying the blue-hairs beers at the games to get them rowdier? Or at least they may pass out drunk and thereby they won't be telling us to sit down...

Comment 11 Jun 2016
The obviously stupid decision to trade an elite talent for Kevin Love is why the Cavs will lose the series, not the refs.
Comment 08 Jun 2016
I'll speak for myself only here: In the case of the DUI, my argument was that guilt is associated with an arbitrarily contrived number. So while the law was broken, was he truly impared to the degree of being a danger equal to our greater than a distracted or tired driver? If the limit enforced by the law was science based, then I'd agree wholeheartedly. WRT the issue of trafficking, I believe that condition is a result of the fact that a law exists in the first place, as opposed to a necessary byproduct of a consenting adult wanting to exchange money for services. If that activity was legal, it could be regulated which would go a long way to eliminate deplorable trafficking.
Comment 08 Jun 2016
You apparently have WAY more faith than I do that a guilty verdict is always deserved. I think justice is served more often than not. But how'd you like to be the guy who had his junk cut off and then has his conviction overturned 20 years later in light of new evidence?