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Comment 19 hours ago

You might expect them to take Jaylen Ramsey, but their analytics will guide them to select Gordon Ramsay who is undoubtedly a better cook and brings a lot of fire to the locker-room...

Comment 22 hours ago

I once had a roommate of Korean origin who had been in the states for 15 or so years, so he understood and spoke English quite well. However, he was occasionally vexed by an English word or phrase. (The following story is pre-internet age):

My favorite instance was when he asked me how to spell colonel. I made it as far as the 1st "L" when he interrupted and restated that he'd asked how to spell "colonel." Obviously, he didn't hear the "R" he was expecting and assumed I had misunderstood him. Once I assured him I knew what he was asking by repeating the word for him, he went on a pretty epic rant along the lines of how he didn't stand a chance to ever speak proper English because the words made no damn sense. His pitch and volume were both elevated to the point that I had the hardest time not laughing my ass off, an internal battle I eventually lost. But yeah, English is often indeed nonsensical.

Comment 23 Apr 2016
Comment 23 Apr 2016
First 2 fights have been worth the coin for ppv. Expecting fireworks here too.
Comment 23 Apr 2016
If Dobbins and Akers committed and Sibley wasn't asked to grey-shirt, do you really think he'd sign with our Buckeyes anyway, or would he find somewhere else to be the top guy as opposed to the #3? In the end, I believe he'd have gone elsewhere, grey-shirt or not. But hey, that's just my opinion man.
Comment 12 Apr 2016
Anna Calvi Kristine Leschper Annie Clark Amanda Palmer Kaki King Shara Worden Soley Natasha Khan LP
Comment 08 Apr 2016

The problem I find with your viewpoint is that you seem only to see the few parts of the Athletic Department which are suboptimal and demand the overseer's job as a consequence, whereas the overall health of the department is indisputably among the very best in the NCAA. I mean, the man just won an award for being the best AD in the land. The feels more personal to me; a vendetta of origins known only to you... 

Comment 06 Apr 2016

Correct on all counts, unfortunately. UFC is starting to slip down the slope that helped ruin boxing by chasing big money fights as opposed to having their champs fight the top contenders as a priority.