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Comment 18 May 2016

I believe that you meant nothing political. But if you're so inclined, a simple google search of the two words you used "over incarceration" will shed some light as to how this might have been perceived as political commentary. So my point was that both posts should have been sanitized so there would be no chance for this to go off the rails. Regardless, all has remained cordial, so kudos to all.  

Comment 18 May 2016

Weighing in to state I think a similar Mod Edit to the post before this one would only be fair. Didn't see what got axed here, which is fine. But how does one allow the first post to appear as-is and then redact the inevitable follow-up?

Comment 15 May 2016
You all seem to have missed the news that Stipe Miocic just brought the UFC heavyweight title back to Cleveland. I'm disappointed there isn't more buzz about this here. Dude is a volunteer firefighter too, hard not to like him. He gave Cleveland a shout after he won, in his interview in the cage.