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Comment 5 hours ago

As I mentioned above, the jerk factor diminishes as one heads east.

Yeah, a bit of a "moral" dilemma this Saturday: do I cheer for Wiscy because fuck Michigan? Seems like a no brainer... except I don't have my ticket yet for the big night game here in Madison and 2 undefeated teams would be a big kick in the wallet. Hell, I can always sell plasma... bring on the undefeated showdown.

Comment 23 Sep 2016

Was feeling pretty good about the Badgers covering in a close loss until I heard the local sports radio this morning. Already knew their RS Frosh QB was making his first start, but didn't realize the starting LT might not be able to play and the kicker who beat LSU is hurt and not making the trip. And their best RB still isn't looking great with a bum ankle, so they're not sure what they'll get from him if anything. My new thinking is Sparty by about 13 - 17.

Comment 23 Sep 2016

I was able to ascertain surface, was interested in the why. And that's about as straightforward a reason as there is. Thanks.

Comment 21 Sep 2016

Spotted Cow might be the unofficial state beer of Wisconsin, but it is definitely just a basic pounder; easy on the palate with no real flavor. I put it in the same bucket as Fat Tire & Shiner Bock, among others. There's nothing wrong with it, but it's in no way exceptional either. What New Glarus produces that IS exceptional are their Lambics. The "problem" with those for me is that I can really enjoy one, but only one. It's a great dessert style and can be shared with folks who don't normally care for beer. But making a day of it with Lambics seems fraught with peril. Ale Asylum and Karben 4 (as I mentioned below) make some really good stuff that's easy to find, and are definitely work checking out. Lakefront from Milwaukee is also really good for the most part. Mob Craft is conceptually interesting but definitely hit or miss in practicality. And Great Dane makes a lot of styles of beers that are mostly pretty good, but nothing I go out of my way for. So that's my short update on Wisconsin beers found in Madison.

I'd be remiss if I didn't also point out the Three Floyds can be found pretty easily around here, including my favorite APA: Zombie Dust. Toppling Goliath can also be found, though not nearly as readily. But Pseudo Sue is a pretty fantastic IPA to keep an eye out for.

Comment 20 Sep 2016

Local sports radio folks here in Madison have opined that the fella originally named the back-up has more upside but didn't win the job likely because of seniority, or lack thereof. According to coach, both may be used this week. But callers seem to want the change made last game to the RS Frosh to be permanent as he appears to be more naturally gifted and they'll live with the mistakes that come along with gaining experience.

Whoever wins Saturday, I'm rooting to stay undefeated until they get a Buckeyes' administered beat-down because higher stakes are more fun. Selfishly, I'd rather it be Wisconsin to make the game here more epic, though they'll have to navigate a game in khaki-colored arrogant hipster-land the following week to remain unscathed until we blood them.

Comment 20 Sep 2016

I'm a big fan of the original in Greenpoint, wondering if the Columbus version of Paulie Gees is finally bringing top notch pizza to the city? 

Comment 20 Sep 2016

I've lived in Madison for just over a year now and know the town pretty damn well. If you have any specific questions, I'm happy to answer. Here is some starter info folks might be interested in:

I recommend the East side of Madison until you're ready to actually mix it up and dive into the game-day experience as you will not encounter the ire of drunk frat boy here. I wore Buckeyes garb all day last Saturday to a street fair and a few bars / restaurants and didn’t hear a single insult.

Williamson (Willy) St. >> State Street on just about every aspect, exception being it’s further removed from the game-day experience.

Breweries in Madison worth visiting: Karben 4, Ale Asylum, 1 Barrel, Next Door. If you enjoy good mead, check out Bos. And Old Sugar Distillery is pretty great as well.

Best beer bars: Dexter's, The Malt House, Brasserie V

Best cocktail bars: Gib's Place, DLUX

Best dive bars: Mickey’s Tavern, Willy St. Pub & Grill, Crystal Corner Pub

Best bbq: That BBQ Joint

Best pizza: Grampa's

Best burger: Players Sports Bar (cash only)

Again, I'm happy to answer any specific inquiries. Looking forward to having a hopefully large contingent of Buckeyes in town with me when it's time to crush Wiscy.

Comment 16 Sep 2016

Fair enough. I don't think they'd do this if they believed they sucked, but I get the feeling Colorado is feeling better about itself than it has in a long time and would not agree with your take. We'll see soon enough which side is right. I do think Michigan will win, but also think Colorado will keep it interesting for awhile. I'm imagining a final along the lines of 35-24 Michigan, with Colorado getting at least one score from D or special teams.

Comment 16 Sep 2016

You actually believe it was the head coach and coordinators who forsook preparation time in order to construct that amusing retort? That was almost certainly a fun project for some of their media and other staff.