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Comment 31 May 2015
No way, not even the same. I think he'll play another position because I've a realistic take on his injuries. He could surprise me, and I'd happily be wrong. But that is not at all the same as not believing he's all Buckeye.
Comment 28 May 2015

BRGR in Vegas - went because I was in a hurry & was skeptical because of the celeb connection. But damn, it was fantastic.

Comment 22 May 2015
Yeah, mostly argumentative and pompous though.
Comment 22 May 2015

9 Route was well spoken & respectful? I clearly missed those posts...

Comment 20 May 2015
JB Sugarts was an advocate for running plays at a faster tempo. A man ahead of his time... and his center.
Comment 17 May 2015
In case you think you'll need to post one of those "why am I in jail threads?" this comment is likely the culprit. I'm not saying you should be thrown in jail, but you are damn sure pressing your luck.
Comment 15 May 2015

I travel a lot, so it varies accordingly. Made it to 3 live games, 2 in C-bus (Eleven Warriors party!) plus the Sugar Bowl. Watched a few with buddies at friend's house with best TV. Watched one with SF Buckeyes & another with Portland Buckeyes. Watched 2 more from Iceland, one streaming on my laptop at some unholy hour somewhere in the south part of the island and the other in Reykjavik with Thor & Odin which Thor streamed on his TV (side note, Odin was only interested in the beer / food, but Thor now cheers for the Buckeyes). The lamest setting was a Buffalo Wild Wings in Easton for the National Championship but I was hyped enough that the disinterest from the locals did not deter my enthusiasm.

Comment 12 May 2015

Went skydiving 3 times, white water rafting (class 5), shark cage off Farallon Islands (but no encounters damnit), glacier hike in Iceland, dog sledding (also Iceland), and first ever BASE jump was this past Saturday off Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls, ID. Regrettable, a guy died Thursday (day I arrived in Boise) making that jump. BASE is intense as there is zero room for error.

I intend to try the shark thing again in some manner since the first go was a let-down.

Comment 10 May 2015
I've mentioned it before; one Tom Herman at the helm would be REALLY interesting. They are definitely trying to catch up with facilities and I think soon they could be an attractive destination to an up and coming coach.
Comment 06 May 2015
I appreciate your zeal, and you are correct with respect to football both historically and today. But don't underestimate the potential of Rutgers. NJ alone has enough talent to support a top 15 team every year IF that talent stayed in state (which has always been the challenge). But with major athletics investment on the horizon from the extra B1G kitty, they could eventually attract the right coach to makes them a force. Imagine the damage that could be wrought with one Tom Herman at the helm (shudders) for example. In short, I'd be willing to bet that in less than a decade Rutgers will be superior to WVU in football add they are today in academics (by a lot).
Comment 06 May 2015
If you think WVU is comparable in academics to Rutgers, I'd like to know by what metric. WVU would be a terrible addition to the B1G; they don't expand the footprint, they have minimal cache, & who wants to go to Morgantown as a road game destination? Ah, the aroma of burning couches...
Comment 05 May 2015

If you believe rock is dead, then you're just not aware. Mainstream radio is worse than ever, but you (and they) can't stop the rock.

Comment 05 May 2015
I guess I can't wrap my mind around why one would intentionally do something detrimental to the defining characteristic of the style. There is a reason Stone launched the "Enjoy By" series. So I'm curious why this is appealing if you can articulate it for me?