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Comment 30 Sep 2015

"Yeah, the administration gave these out as a token of appreciation to all of the coaches who don't behave like a horse's rear end, and I thought I'd show mine off. You might not want to bring this up during the Big 10 media day for men's basketball. Just sayin..."

Comment 29 Sep 2015
I'm either wearing Buckeye gear (but not talking smack) or not CFB related clothes. You might have heard Florida isn't keen on our head coach... So fuck them & cheer for Ole Miss.
Comment 29 Sep 2015
Out of sight out of mind thing happened there, thanks for sorting out the Noah's for me.
Comment 29 Sep 2015
If we go through with this plan it BETTER work. Because, you know, we can never go back...
Comment 28 Sep 2015

We don't know what we have in Weber. What I do know is that the dropoff from the Teflon Wizard to either Ball or Dunn is precipitous. So I agree that Samuel is the best option that we are aware of right now to sub for Zeke. But I want to see Weber as soon as he's ready. If for some reason, and I hate to consider it, Zeke is out for a period of time, I'd rather know what we have in Weber instead of forcing him into the fire out of necessity. I don't think Samuel can handle 20 carries a game at TB and I don't want to riding into the playoffs with Dunn & Ball as our only depth in that scenario. Not to mention, as a poster mentioned above, Weber isn't bloody likely to stick around 4 years, let alone 5.

Comment 26 Sep 2015
12 Guage was good save for under throwing deep balls, which is a head scratching issue. He had some tough runs & took better care of the ball than last week. Still very much a work in progress. Wish he'd toss it to the TE more on check downs. Let's not talk any more about this being the greatest Buckeye defense ever please...
Comment 23 Sep 2015
Who cares what we think, I hope the team is on board with this decision. There is a reason JT was voted a captain & I worry some guys aren't going to fully support Cardale. Neither QB had distinguished himself so far from what I've seen, and I hope the fans aren't on Cardale's case if he doesn't start fast. I thought JT would be the starter, but my guy is whoever is taking the snap.
Comment 23 Sep 2015
Rex is guilty of having a lot of bravado, regardless of how good of a team he has. He seems to feel that by talking big, his confidence will rub off on his players and that it puts the focus of the media on him, thereby shielding his players from tough questions. He'll acknowledge his opponent and accept blame following a loss, again in an effort to shield his players. Bert however likes to let the world know how unfair it is being in his conference; simultaneously using that as an excuse for why his team is under performing and not giving credit to others. It seems Rex's peers respect him whereas Bert's are calling him out. So I'll take pompous ra-ra Rex over whiney blowhard Bert given those two as my only options.
Comment 22 Sep 2015

The lack of depth at RB is disturbing. No one besides Zeke gets meaningful snaps. Hoping a healthy Webber is at least part of the solution.

And I wish Mr Campbell would settle down a bit. He seems to be making errors based on trying to do too much from my observation. I love his effort, but it's at the expense of costly miscues. I have no doubt he'll eventually figure things out, just hoping it's sooner than later.

Comment 20 Sep 2015
I'd like for Herbie make a strong statement. I mean, that can't possibly be the company line, right?
Comment 19 Sep 2015
In the game thread, I said play calling was out of sync. So I'm agreeing with you. There seems to be no big scheme, just trying shit on a whim.