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Comment 22 Jul 2016
"Not saying we should be bashing him quite yet, but quit defending someone that you really have no reason to defend..." Why not both? Did I do that right? I'm not sure I did that right...
Comment 14 Jul 2016

You know this is him too, right? That's at least 3 active now.

Comment 14 Jul 2016

Columbus to Houston to... Waco? Not happening.

Comment 13 Jul 2016
Best artists with releases in 2016: Hollow Wood Mothers Jherek Bischoff Radiohead Bat for Lashes Roselit Bone
Comment 11 Jul 2016

I believe in some cases, not sure if it applies here, that a recruit wants to delay the repercussions of announcing for someone other than the local team. In other words, why put up with months of being called a traitor when you can delay it until nearly the last minute?

Comment 11 Jul 2016

That's pretty much the distinction; drunken college students especially, plus other lushes in Madison on game day are exactly as you described. I avoided wearing my Buckeyes gear on the west (campus) side Saturdays last season and had zero issues on the east side. I believe the insane alcohol consumption plays a role in the behavioral difference. Other places may have their fair share of drinkers, but no where in the US threatens to top Wisconsin. Madison has ~ 250k people, and is generally one of the friendliest places I've been, certainly in the US.

Comment 09 Jul 2016
If someone starts an open thread tonight, I'll remember at some point to chime in.
Comment 08 Jul 2016
You see it's funny because he's a Michigan fan saying to tweet top recruits because of how it turned out with Clark.
Comment 08 Jul 2016
My ranking would have Boston at #1 by a long shot. I've found most New Yorker folk to be approachable, but I also am not one to hit the touristy areas. And I've found Vegas to be a friendly place too.
Comment 07 Jul 2016
What an a-hole J Jones has turned out to be. One thing after the other. I'm sure DC will let him off easy...
Comment 06 Jul 2016

Clearly my mad skills have elevated Madison to unprecedented heights.

Boston and Mass-holes in general are well deserving of their ranking. Heading to the LA area today, another glorious place to be on the road... 

Comment 05 Jul 2016
Your best bet is a young, undefeated team being over confident. Even still, I'd like my Bucks in a close win. If we're appropriately angry, we'll pound you into the turf mercilessly. I'm presuming a healthy JT. While I believe in the skill of our backup options, that is one position that would be a significant drop off should the starter go down.
Comment 05 Jul 2016
9 Route is back in the house.
Comment 05 Jul 2016
Perhaps, but the competition would be fierce.