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Grew up in a small town, went to OU and now buy coal for a large utility. I used to work at a power plant, now I buy 12 M tons per year for them. I have the largest CO2 footprint of ANYONE on 11W.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: High school football undefeated of course.
  • NFL TEAM: Bengals
  • NHL TEAM: Blue Jackets
  • NBA TEAM: What is this NBA?
  • MLB TEAM: Redlegs
  • SOCCER TEAM: That is not football!

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Comment 7 hours ago

Gonna have to start thinking of what will be on the menu now.  I am thinking of the Jalapeño boats and millionaires bacon.  I'm sure Jason and the gang will weigh in with their requests.  

Comment 29 Jul 2015

Did they buy newer machines recently?  Drifters, vagabonds, ne'er do wells, tramps, or even hobos.  They all remind me of Joe Dirt.

Comment 28 Jul 2015

He is just testing you.  It is part of a psychology experiment to see how long it takes for readers to point out obvious errors.  You have now become part of the machine....

Comment 20 Jul 2015

 We will be sure to you know how the sixers turned out!  Team Abe Froman (yes, bacon was at the course) pulled in 3 of them.

Comment 20 Jul 2015

I had never heard of it before, but yesterday at the outing, I think I experiences the tracer leaving the ground.  We didn't see it, but instead heard a "Tick-tick-tick" sort of sound. The sound was obviously electrical in nature and usually accompanies the connection of a circuit or the pain of a stun gun.  Anyways, this was immediately prior to a lightning strike on hole 15 and well, as DJ noted I also thought that DJ made a poor choice stepping onto the course. The Golf Gods were angry.

Comment 19 Jul 2015

Our team is more of a Dan Fogelberg or LRB on the course.  Might even leave the moonshine at home.

Comment 18 Jul 2015

Thoughts swirled in my mind like bacon dancing lightly in a hot skillet.  The thought of 11W organizing a 'Party' bus or an 11W bus rolling into away games with a bus load of us ........ well, it quickly could steam roll into something worthy of . . . . . . BACON!

Comment 17 Jul 2015

Black shorts with a sixer of Busch hanging from my white belt yelling "Shitter's Full!"

seriously though, I will be enjoying The Little River Band.

Comment 15 Jul 2015

I was considering it and will probably whip up a few pounds of succulent pork that morning.  With at least 9 teams, I won't have enough for everyone but if you can figure out who I am (listen for the music), I will share.

Comment 15 Jul 2015

Somehow, I failed to see this post and of course duplicated it. Maybe it means more when someone else says it too.

Comment 15 Jul 2015

Special place in Hell for that fella stealing gravestone markers of fallen veterans.  If for some reason he would make it to the other place, there will be a few people waiting on him to talk about it.

Sunday is almost here. Yesterday I played Longaberger in between rain showers and damn near broke my right ankle trying to stand on those hills. 

Comment 04 Jul 2015

It's more of a party on Saturdays. People would be fighting to get in. Sunday is a day of rest for me, probably due to nearly destroying myself every Saturday at Ohio U back in the early 1990s.  

Comment 04 Jul 2015

Alrighty, Abe Froman's Links team is in!  With a team average HC of +20, we will only be able to make some noise. But if an Eagle happens, you'll hear about it.  

Comment 03 Jul 2015

I am not from Gallia County, but I believe the pronunciation is Galli-polis. Those from surrounding counties event bastardized it as much as "Galli-opolis" or "Gallia-Police." The only bowling alley or movie theatre in the area..... We all had to go there. 

Also home to the General James M. Gavin Power facility as well as the Kyger Creek Station, both providing a stable energy source at historically low costs.  

Comment 02 Jul 2015

Nearly every night I go to bed hoping, almost praying that some Alabama fans are in the same position like me, but shaking their head violently trying to figure out how a 3rd string QB from Ohio State beat them.  A friend once told me he sleeps like a baby: cries himself to sleep and wets himself every night (worked for Don Blakenship). I hope some 'Bama fans are sleeping in a similar fashion.

Comment 10 Jun 2015

At least I can now use dad-jeaned in regular sentences with confidence.  I had been holding onto my bad of "dad-whatevers" for some dad-burned time now. 

Comment 07 Jun 2015

Actually DJ, the one waking up at night is most likely a woman, however not Phyllis from Mulga.  Prior to the game, I found most male Alabama fans cautious, having watched the Buckeyes win over Wisconsin.  The females on the other hand were quite confident in their team and the fact that Ohio State had no chance. Expecting a total beat down, one fan consistently noted that Nick Saban and the team were going to run all over us and OSU may not even score.  I let her talk, waiting for the last word.  

When it came time to go our own way, I simply looked at her and said, "After the game is over, bask in the reality that your team just got beat by our 3rd string quarterback." I hope she sleeps like a baby: wakes up crying in the night after peeing herself.

Comment 02 Jun 2015

Luckily, all the dragon glass burned up in the fire.  Unfortunately a hot blonde did NOT walk out of it. 

Dodd is all that is wrong with sports. 

Comment 24 May 2015

It is great.  It is one of those places where every sandwich that comes out, you look at and say,"Man, that one looks great.  Maybe I should have gotten that one." Try the Korean War Pig.  Pulled pork covered with Bulgogi and Muenster cheese.

Comment 24 May 2015

 I have little respect for people in management consulting.  They usually tell people the 'best' way to do a particular job, with absolutely no experience doing that job. Often they make decisions like "just get rid of this level of people and you can save this much money." Since their fees are based on their projected savings, it is self-serving.  Imagine someone saying, 'Just lose the guard position. They aren't needed anyways.'