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Comment 16 Jul 2014

Always an enjoyable read.  Thanks Ramzy.

Comment 04 Mar 2014

Heh.  Yeah, that whole playing outfield thing when you reach your mid-30's sucks.

Comment 04 Mar 2014

Wow.  Wasn't Elliot #2 in HS too?  Popular number.


I wear it in beer league softball in the summer and I must say, do a poor job representing it.

Comment 17 Feb 2014

"Super fans."  Sigh.  Do whatever you want but the constant camera-seeking, attention-whoring wears me out in a hurry.  I was with my wife in Conrad's on a game day a couple years ago and Buck-I-Guy came up to me asking if I wanted my picture taken with him.  Judging by his reaction to my laughing and saying "f#ck no" was not the response he was looking for.  I believe he may have been charging people for pics too.

Comment 07 Feb 2014

I really enjoy the city of Cincinnati and am a Reds and Bengals fan but to hell with inviting the Bearcats to the B1G.  Why keep watering down a product that's already pretty watered down?  If we add again I hope they set their sites higher than that.  Nothing against UC but anyone who's been down there for a game knows their limitations.

Comment 27 Aug 2013

Damn.  Very much appreciated this article Ramzy and appreciate Lynda without ever knowing her.  Well done sir and I'm sure she'd have a big-ass smile on her face reading this.

Comment 21 Aug 2013

Really enjoyable read, Kyle.  Nice work.  They lead a life I couldn't imagine with the constant fan / media attention.  They handle it much better than I would, of this I have no doubts.

Comment 26 Jun 2013

Hell, I'd be happy with Jemarco Jones and one of the JUCO guys and only taking four linemen.  The thought of 5 or 6 in one class does not compute to me.  Tress / Bollman O-line recruiting must have ruined me.  I'm willing to change though.