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Been attending Buckeye games since 1954. College football is the greatest game ever invented. The NFL merely capitalized on the fame of the great college players it recruited to Play-for-Pay. Not anti-NFL really, just know that college teams are way more fun to watch and its players, way easier to cheer for.

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Comment 27 Jul 2014

Think this young man is tough?  He stared down cancer at the age of eight!  I will always be a Josh Moore fan, regardless of how his future unfolds on the field.  Welcome to your new home, Mr. Moore.

Comment 10 Jun 2014

You're in your late teens or early 20s, you're in phenomenal shape, you play games outdoors all afternoon with your closest friends, then you have all the meat you can eat cooked for you on a barbecue grill.  What's not to like?  Old men like me can only dream and remember.

Comment 21 May 2014

I remember when Woody was fired, Lou said he didn’t want to be the OSU coach who followed Woody Hayes.  He wanted to be the OSU coach who followed the coach who followed Woody Hayes.  It was a great, insightful line that, sadly, never came true for him.  I sorta wish it had.

Comment 13 May 2014

Even if they were both equal in recruiting and coaching-up defensive linemen, I'd give the nod to Johnson.  Because it's highly unlikely he's going to disrupt the chemistry of the coaching staff the way Vrabel did.  Loved Vrabel as a player and am proud he was a loyal Buckeye.  But you can't tear into your peers, or your head coach, roid-rage style, and hang onto your job for long.  Being 'disruptive' is a great thing for a defensive lineman, but it's problematic for a coach.  He'll likely mellow with age -- most of us do -- but for the time being, I'm happier with Johnson teaching the student athletes.

Comment 10 May 2014

Thanks, but no thanks.  The whole point of tradition is that it's one of the few things in life that doesn't change.  That's its beauty.  That's why we hold tradition dear.  The night sky is foreboding black, our little boats are tossed and turned on rough seas, but tradition is our lighthouse.  It let's us know we belong here and everything is going to be okay.  Put your earbuds in and listen to whatever you'd like during Ohio State football games.  But please don't move my lighthouse.

Comment 07 May 2014

Had my tonsils yanked when I was in college back in 1970.  The surgery led to an infection which kept me hospitalized, and in agony, for a week longer than expected.   Then, the day I finally got home to recuperate fully, the U.S. conducted its first ever draft lottery on live national TV. [Viet Nam was winding down, but the draft was still in effect].  Ping pong balls numbered 1-366 were pulled out of a drum and matched with birthdates -- low numbered birthdate, you're likely headed to southeast Asia.  Suffering excruciating pain in bed, just as Ramzy described, I tuned in.  My birthday came up in the 330s and, though the razor blades in the back of my throat were still there, I was instantly one giddy, unlikely-to-be-drafted college kid.  Never had oxycontin, but missing out on war in the rice paddies sure made me feel better. 

Comment 21 Feb 2014

Great piece of writing DJ.  The 'structural integrity' of a crack house was an especially apt description of the NCAA.  The vomit-caked urinal could have waited 'til after my morning coffee, but on the whole, really nice work. 

Comment 20 Feb 2014

This alone should silence the Craft-haters, but of course it won't.  They want a 30-point per game guy.  Whether he can read and write would be immaterial to them.  And, for some reason, those rosy cheeks just drive them berserk.  Might be a complexion issue.

Comment 09 Feb 2014

Great job, young man.  Thoughtful and well written.  The Ohio State University is a place where you can accomplish more than you ever expected -- get a great education, make new friends [and maybe a wife] from among thousands of bright motivated OSU students, play big boy football and set up a life for yourself after football that will benefit you and your family for the rest of your lives.  These are the rewards that only a great university like tOSU can offer ...for your dedication, your hard work and, yes, for your preparation.  Welcome to your new home!

Comment 03 Feb 2014

Parents didn't just say they wanted him not to go the MSU.  They want him out of the whole state of Michigan.  [Don't give a damn for it, I guess]

Ann Arbor is close enough to the bad influences near home that I doubt very much the family will 'compromise' on scUM.  Either Malik wins and picks Sparty and the criminal culture near home, or the parents win, he leaves the state and Mom and Dad have a short drive to his games in Columbus and the B1G.  Florida State makes no real sense because it shuts out Mom and Dad., who obviously want to stay in Malik's life these next few years.

Comment 24 Jan 2014

Reminds me of Mo Clarett's tackle after the Miami interception in the NC game.  An elite running back making an elite defensive play when necessary.  Kid is a football player first, an elite athlete playing running back second.  He'll give us all lots of smiles these next few years.

Comment 04 Jan 2014

How you can be in favor of giving the defense over to Fickell 100% is beyond me.   I think you and I must have been watching different teams these last 3 games.  You're willing to blame the safeties coach, who's leaving, rather than the guy who's turned the Silver Bullets into mush over the last three seasons.  And the players he supposedly teaches, as their position coach, have been an enormous disappointment post-Tressel as well.  

To me the question isn't should Luke be the sole DC, it's should he be retained as the LB coach.  At any rate, I doubt very much that you'll get your wish for a 100% Fickell-led defense.  The new guy Urban brings in will likely run the show.  And that's a good thing.

Comment 20 Dec 2013

When you outscore opponents as massively as tOSU did early in games this year, you'd better be ready to play some pass defense, because you've essentially forced them into it.  Not the only reason for the poor pass defense numbers, but it's a big part of it.