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Been attending Buckeye games since 1954. College football is the greatest game ever invented. The NFL merely capitalized on the fame of the great college players it recruited to Play-for-Pay. Not anti-NFL really, just know that college teams are way more fun to watch and its players, way easier to cheer for.

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Comment 21 Oct 2014

I knew he was truly a great football player when he made that blindingly fast and violent special teams hit last season.  When an offensive star makes a defensive hit like that one, you know he's a baller.  Reminded me of Clarett's post-interception tackle in the 2002 NC game.

Comment 17 Oct 2014

We have the finest college football coach in America, period, end of sentence.  ScUM can dream of the Harbaughs, Les Miles or Jon Gruden -- it doesn't matter who they get.  We have the finest coach in America.

Comment 25 Sep 2014

I recall Keyshawn telling Mike Thomas to suck it up, keep working hard and listening to coaches during his red-shirt year.  He told Mike he'd give anything to have the opportunity tOSU was giving his nephew to play wide receiver in Columbus for Urban Myer.  I did a 180 on Keyshawn immediately after reading that quote.

Comment 30 Aug 2014

The gameday experience today was outstanding.  We won.  We played a very disciplined team made up of future American heros who are cheered for by the smartest, fittest, best-scrubbed college-aged kids you've ever seen.  Watching the midshippersons[?] march across the field to their seats made you wish you weren't hoping they'd lose.  Hearing the Star Spangled Banner sung by the Navy choir in the very city where British bombs were bursting in air back in 1814 set the tone for the rest of the day.  It was spectacular.  Before the opening kick-off, Navy and Buckeye players met at midfield for a handshake.  Then at the half, tOSU did a very cool tribute to Navy, which touched the older Navy grads around us, and topped it off with a Double Script Ohio.  Awesome, as always.  But the truly breathtaking moment that had everyone around me dumbstruck was at the end of the game, all players from both teams met at midfield, walked together toward the Navy middies' end zone and listened respectfully the Navy Choir sing The Navy Hymn.  Then they all walked together to the Buckeye end zone where TBDGITL did the usual Carmen Ohio.  The Navy guy beside me was really moved.  He asked me "Wouldn't it be great if that would spread?"  I thought, yeah that would be good.  Then all schools would do things right, like The Ohio State University already does.

Comment 28 Aug 2014

When JoePa State does their White-Out gimmick, it makes me want to kill somebody and puke on their corpse.  When our Navy does it, I want to stand up and salute.  These uniforms are awesome.  But they ain't Scarlet and Gray.  Go Bucks, God Bless the USA.

Comment 28 Aug 2014

I'm a Columbus kid who's lived in the Baltimore/Washington area for over 30 yearrs.  For those of you attending the Navy game, you'll have a ball.  Baltimore has magnificent seafood, the world's best aquarium and a bar that serves massive platters of bacon to its patrons every hour on the hour.  Free handfuls of crispy bacon that you simply cannot turn down.  Then later this year, come back again for the Maryland Terrapins' cheesy crab-dip pretzel and watch the game in a cozy venue the size of an Ohio high school stadium.  Don't know if adding Maryland will be good for the BiG, but these will be fun games with great eats and pleasing final scores.  Come join us and let Marylanders know what true football fans look like.

Comment 27 Aug 2014

I love Ohio State football because it fills me with hope 9 months of the year and has me walking a tightrope between fear and exhilaration the other 3.  It can make me cry and withdraw from my fellow man.  Yet it is an ironclad guarantee of magnificent Saturdays in the Fall of every year -- every single year, 60 of them for me.  When I die, if I wake up in the 'Shoe with a double script Ohio, I'll know I made it into heaven.  Great article!