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Been attending Buckeye games since 1954. College football is the greatest game ever invented. The NFL merely capitalized on the fame of the great college players it recruited to Play-for-Pay. Not anti-NFL really, just know that college teams are way more fun to watch and its players, way easier to cheer for.

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Comment 03 Aug 2016

Woody Hayes lifetime stat:  10 ties

Urban Meyer lifetime stat:  0 ties

Says a lot for those of us who suffered through Woody's ties.  Urban plays an attacking style, with a little gambling.  Woody played to avoid disastrous plays, to rarely if ever make mistakes.  I loved Woody, but I prefer UFM.

Comment 30 Mar 2016

One of the best things about his recent concerts is the team of back-up musicians he uses on stage.  As you'd expect, anyone Eric picks to play at one of his concerts is a virtuoso in their own right.  So your evening is spent hearing a band of rock Yo-yo Mas strutting their stuff behind Slowhand.  It's always a jaw-dropping experience.

Comment 15 Oct 2015

Doing a lame Oregon impersonation by wearing different uniforms for a semi-big game is beneath tOSU.  Buckeyes don't need gimmicks to win Saturday night B1G games in the 'Shoe.  Of all the great Buckeye games I watched our guys win since 1955, I don't remember any made memorable by the uniforms.  [I'm aware I'm an old fart who's out of touch with 140-character football 'thinking']   And if, God forbid, we lose Saturday night, those uniforms will become memorable for all the wrong reasons.

Friday Night Lights -- wonderful addition to the traditions.  Saturday Night Darks -- sounds like a laundromat promo.  Alas.  Go Bucks!

Comment 13 Oct 2015

"LeBron James totally would've went to Ohio State if he were forced into college."

If he had GONE to Ohio State he would have taken an English class and learned that "went" never goes with "have".  It's "would have gone" to Ohio State.  This is perhaps the most common Ohio malapropism and I'm on a crusade to eradicate it.

I love you DJ, but buy an elements of style guide.