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  • SPORTS MOMENT: When I threw a frisbee which hit an ugly squirrel back in '89.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Teddy Ginn. Joey Galloway. Steve Lattimer (also my lifting partner/bruh).
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Shannon Scott. Aaron Craft.
  • NFL TEAM: LA Raiders, LA Rams, St. Louis Cardinals, Houston
  • NHL TEAM: Minnesota North Stars, Quebec Nordiques, Hartford
  • NBA TEAM: Washington Bullets, Seattle Supersonics, Vancouver
  • MLB TEAM: Montreal Expos, Florida Marlins
  • SOCCER TEAM: whichever Pele is playing for

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Comment 04 Jul 2014

Oh yeahhh?! Well, back in the early Autumn of '35, I telegrammed Tippy Dye, warning him against transferring to B1G bottom-feeder University of Chicago. Months later I received the reassuring response I'd been waiting for, while listening to Tippy & OSU ouster M*ch*g*n, yet again, via my one tube regenerative radio.

Cheery ho, fellas!


Mr. Two-upper

Comment 26 Jun 2014


Great query, Gumtape...she's a 1st round cutie in my book, for sure.

And, she's legal. Bonus!!!

Back in high school, some of the boys & I from the football team, we'd get together and do a Top 50 Hottest Girls list. It wasn't quite like the prom drafts you hear about nowadays, but still a grand ole time. It's a good practice to help develop self-confidence for the young ladies out there. I highly recommend passing on this tradition to future generations.

Comment 11 Jun 2014


hi guys, like stated before -- I like brunettes a lot. But, my real 'type' of girl (first & foremost) is: the hot type.

As for these two dollies, I'm going with the blondie on the right.

Cheers !

Comment 31 May 2014

I don't want to give too much away right now, but can say with confidence that 99% of the members of this great site will be happy with 1 of the finalists in the Top 3.

Comment 31 May 2014

*** update ***

Announcement still on!
But moved to 1:00 tomorrow!

Sorry for any inconvenience, just need to verify with one of the sources tonight, will know for sure tomorrow.

Hang tight! Thank you

Comment 28 May 2014

yeah, that's what I was wondering --- if Earle & OSU deferred for some reason. I think it may have been a windy forecast in the Cotton Bowl that day. Maybe a good Jeopardy answer some day. Pat O'Morrow was just a freshman I think, and he was wearing #34, but he later in his career he would switch to #6.

Side note: I actually met Texas A&M kicker Scott Slater in the Hamptons up in NY back in the Summer of 2003 and asked him about this. He was working for Morgan Stanley at the time. But, not to my surprise, he did not remember the fact that he kicked off in each half.

Thanks Johnny.

Comment 28 May 2014

you got it, OSU07ASU10!

Uncle 9er dropping some weird randomness here & there

Comment 28 May 2014

ahhh yes, the 1987 Cotton Bowl between OSU & TAMU.

I remember watching that game as a young boy and for some reason, which I will never forget, Ohio State kicked the ball off at the beginning of the 1st half & at the beginning of the 2nd half!

I thought each team, by rule, had to kick off at the beginning of the game and the 2nd half, and vice versa for the other team. Whichever team wins the coin toss elects to receive the kick in either half, not both.

So Ohio State kicker Pat O'Morrow kicked off at the beginning of the 1st half & 2nd half, while Texas A&M kicker Scott Slater did not kick off at the beginning of either half. I've never seen that before.


Comment 26 Mar 2014
love the Jack Tatum jersey, reminds me of this gem I have on my mantle. A game-worn jersey by Jack from the '68 season...


Comment 26 Mar 2014

added this somewhere else already, but I should put it here, too.

Jack Tatum jersey from the '68 season:


Comment 25 Mar 2014


@ Georgia (at night, between The Hedges)

@ LSU (at night, Death Valley)

vs. Texas (need to make amends for that '05 game we should have never lost)

vs. Notre Dame ("There will be beetjuice on the field...and it won't be mine." - Urban to Brian Kelly)



@ Kentucky (annoying SEC school that needs brought down to Earth; ton of talent on the floor = fun to watch)

@ Louisville (intense defense & coaching matchup)

vs. Wichita State (payback/Bruce Pearl disciples)

vs. Cincinnati (they just talk to too much for having accomplished so little, little bros)

@ Duke (want another shot at them, and the venue is loco)


I think scheduling tougher nonconference games is a great idea. I know the B1G is tough, but look at MSU's non-conf. schedule every year...it's brutal. That probably correlates to their success in the Tournament.