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Comment 14 Jul 2015
I just hope everyone stays healthy. It would be awful to see Braxton have another event like last year. I want him 100% healthy for this competition, for his career, and for his future success.
Comment 23 Apr 2015

This is what keeps me thinking he's not going to Alabama. Can you imagine the level of pure suck it would be for a Tide starting quarterback to have a giant Block O tattooed on his shoulder?

Comment 06 Feb 2015

While I agree that this former Wolverine is obviously looking for any reason to hate on Ohio State, the fact is that this kid was basically making the biggest decision of his life up to this point. And from all indications, he was truly torn about what he wanted to do. Coach Meyer and Coach Drayton supposedly worked on him through the night to calm his fears about attending Ohio State. He was concerned that he would lose his "Detroit roots" by spurning UM and coming to OSU. Coach Drayton assured him that he understood the young man and had his back. It's clear that Weber was really looking for any one thing to help him make a decision. Coach Meyer and Coach Drayton knew this... and chose to withhold information from Weber in order to get his name on a LOI. It seems pretty obvious at this point that the young man would NOT have signed with OSU if he had been given all the available information. That's why, to me, this feels like a really shady move.

If the kid had been 100% Buckeye, then no harm/no foul. But that is certainly not the case here.

Comment 17 Jan 2015

This is a great video find. Thank you for posting. Seeing this coach's reaction to Tim Beck's name reduces a lot of concerns that I had about losing Coach Herman vis a vis Texas recruiting.

Comment 02 Jan 2015

I'm sorry, but these are grown men acting like complete dicks on the internet and then saying, "Oh, it was all just in fun." Grow the hell up, Bammers. I wouldn't want any part of their college football culture.


Comment 20 Nov 2014

Every time I see this gif, I can't help but upvote it. I do love it so.

Comment 15 Nov 2014

^ This... all day ^ this.

I just love watching this young team grow and win. When January is over and we're staring at 7 months of no football, I'm gonna remember one hell of a fun season whether we get voted into the top 4 spots or not. JT Barrett is a freshman quarterback having a record breaking year; our offensive line is very young; our offensive skill players are young and exciting; our linebackers are young and fast; and our defensive backfield is young, fast and flying around. I'm loving this season.

#GoBucks #JustWin

Comment 14 Nov 2014

Current score is Athens 26 - Tri-Valley 20. Just starting the 4th quarter.

Comment 11 Nov 2014

It really hurts to see both Baylor and TCU still ahead of us. They won't play each other, again, obviously, so the chances both will lose again are very slim.

SEC Champ - Miss State/Alabama
PAC-12 Champ - Oregon/Arizona State
Big 12 Champ - TCU/Baylor
ACC Champ - Florida State

All of these, if they win out, will finish ahead of us. We gotta keep winning, obviously, but we definitely need some help.

Go Bucks!