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Comment 14 hours ago
Which to me is funny because most tun fans are becoming more confident/arrogant just because they have Harbaugh now. SPOILER ALERT- Harbaugh still hasn't won anything to be cocky about!
Comment 28 Feb 2015
I think all us 11ws knew he'd be a coach someday. He was a smart individual and it showed on the field. I thought you could see he was a coach's son the moment he donned the scarlet and gray.
Comment 27 Feb 2015
It's probably the most effort he's ever put into a game, I for one was pleased the way Amir played.
Comment 24 Feb 2015
Sorry i couldnt respond in a timely manner but I personally think that Meyer sees something special in weber which is all I care about considering his track record. To me though Weber looks to be a SKRONG hard willed kid that will be even stronger once Mickey gets his hands on him. You ask me my take I think it will be both Walker and Weber splitting time as a lightning/thunder mold.
Comment 19 Feb 2015
Thanks yall. Been wondering this for a while now.
Comment 05 Feb 2015
Im sure if Meyer was pushing kids out because of oversigning (which he's not) he wouldnt be pushing out one of our best dbs (Reeves) where we're thin at, and/or Tanner which is a key player on special teams. The guys schools push out due to oversigning is the ones that DON'T play or contribute on the field.
Comment 21 Jan 2015
Lol. I always add crushed peanuts to my pb if i dont have crunchy. (Always have creamy for my kids)
Comment 19 Jan 2015
Yeah we've pretty much heard it all by now. Especially here in SEC territory.