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Comment 09 Jul 2015

I would like to point out one very special person on the OSU DISTINGUISHED SCHOLAR-ATHLETES list... Taylor Ford. Being on this list is awesome, excelling in neuroscience makes you super smart but her smartest move was leaving AA for tOSU. Go Bucks!

Comment 03 Jul 2015

Red Right Hand reminds me of Peaky Blinders. Thankful for the wise man's advice on that one - GREAT show!

Comment 23 Aug 2014

Pancakes anyone?!

Comment 19 Aug 2014

Man - I feel awful for Braxton. He laid it all out there in the Orange Bowl & I hope he can get things straight - if not for this year then to pursue his dreams in the NFL!

I have faith in Urban Meyer & Tom Herman to adjust the offense to suit JT's strengths... this could turn out a lot better than many think! Team looked pretty good with Kenny G, right?

One other point - things like this tend to bring a team together & cause everyone else to step their game up! 

No doubt this is a bummer - but they're still kicking off 8/30 and I can't wait to watch the next man up!!!!

Comment 19 Jul 2014

The coach's record against Michigan matters... A LOT!! It's how it is... and I hope how it always is... even if the AA dumpster fire rages for years and years (that we can thank JT for starting).

There are 2 games that stick out to me (and really hurt). First was the 93 game - OSU was 10-0 & lost 28-0. 1995 the icing on his cake - the Biakabutuka game... Eff that game!?!?!?

For Cooper - it wasn't just those turds up north. Lets not forget that it was Sparty that took down the best team Cooper had (and arguably the best OSU team ever) in '98. Cooper's teams were 3-8 in bowl games & even missed bowls in '88 & '99. 

Nice guy - glad he is still involved, but just didn't win the big games... but he did get that sweeeeet Rose Bowl win!!! 

Comment 21 Mar 2014

Also logged in just to Up-Vote this!

Seriously though, he has almost fully extended his left arm - no small accomplishment! Nevermind he is several feet from the opponent shooting uncontested from about 3 feet from the hoop, you just can't question the defensive intensity. Amir - putting the WEAK in weakside defense. Think about it... his left heel is completely off of the floor (not the toe, just the heel). 




Comment 06 Mar 2014

(For example, a 2010 Alabama player would have made $47,330 from live TV alone.)

... that would be a pay-cut. Nick Satan puts players first!