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Comment 14 hours ago

The 2016 draft is going to be hurting big time for QBs, 

You have Cook, Hackenberg, Jones, and Goff...after that it falls off DRASTICALLY with Gunner fucking Kiel being projected to go in the 3rd round range, Kevin Hogan 4th, Travis Wilson/Everett Golson 5th.

The only thing that will stop Cardale Jones from going ahead of Kevin Hogan or Gunner Kiel would be if he murdered 3 orphans and burned a box full of puppies...and even then I'm sure the Steelers or Ravens would draft him. 

Comment 06 Oct 2015

You're not wrong. 

Jones is making NFL throws in college, a good portion of his incompletions are pulled down at the next level just because the WRs in the NFL are generally bigger and able to stretch their bodies more...he's putting the ball where the defenders can't make a play on it, but sadly that also means the receiver has to give 110% to catch it. 

If I'm correct, our tallest active receiver is Thomas at 6'3, no surprise he's the one contributing the most...the rest of the guys are pure speed guys who aren't able to play the physical game as well. If Torrance Gibson is coming along as well as said, expect him to start putting up big time numbers over the next few weeks...Jeff Greene is also one to watch

Comment 05 Oct 2015

At the end of the day, you're playing into exactly what these trolls want you to do. 

You're getting upset, emotional, and wasting your time addressing them and giving them attention when you could be doing more important stuff like watching cat videos or watching Kate Upton jiggle. 

Comment 04 Oct 2015

Because Cardale is blocking, calling plays, committing penalties, playing defense, and dropping balls that hit receivers in BOTH hands. 

Could some throws be better? Of course...but you put any top 25 receiver in this offense and you get a lot more receptions...all of our receivers are small bodied speed guys, that's why losing Noah Brown hurts...and that's why Michael Thomas shines in this offense...he's got the long arms/body that is perfect for the throws that Cardale makes. 


Comment 04 Oct 2015

Beat them into submission...I could of done with a few more hits on that smug ass backup, but the sight of him running around like a chicken with his head cut off when their center fucked up the snap makes me feel slightly better.