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Comment 18 May 2016

I hope the Warriors get swept so they go back to having 50 fans. 

I haven't seen a bigger bandwagon fanbase in history. 

Comment 22 Apr 2016

I find Seattle and GSW fans to be pretty intolerable. 

Comment 18 Apr 2016

He could be just insanely humble. 

There was a video circulating a while back of an NFL player making a huge sack, getting up, and running back to the bench and sitting down. 

No celebration, no taunting, just made the play and went back to the bench...forgot who it was, will try to find it. 

edit : here we go 

Comment 14 Apr 2016

Curry wouldn't be shit in the 90s. 

He HATES when defenses play physical against him, which is why Delly did so well guarding him last year in the finals until the last game...Delly was in his face playing very physical defense, and Curry doesn't like that at all. The moment someone would throw Curry to the floor he'd probably start pouting and retire. 

Comment 12 Apr 2016

They say weed doesn't kill brain cells, but I find it hard to believe that Josh was born this god damned stupid. 

Comment 03 Apr 2016

Forever love Whitner for being a Buckeye, but jesus fucking christ this guy cannot tackle worth a god damned damn. 

He'd be alright if he'd quit hunting heads and going for big hits and actually *gasp* wrap up and use his arms. 

Comment 11 Mar 2016

Already got the ulcers and liver damage, might as well let the team finish the job. 

Is it too early to create an obituary for Josh McCown? Because that poor guy is gonna get far worse than Tim Couch. 

Comment 11 Mar 2016

Too bad he didn't rape multiple women in a bathroom, he'd still be the starting QB.

I don't blame the kid though, I'd be a raging alcoholic with a drug habit if I was drafted by Cleveland too...and this is coming from a fucking Browns fan. 

Comment 09 Mar 2016

Gordon can NOT be trusted. 

Not only has he failed multiple drug tests, but he's come back from suspensions out of shape, lazy, and slow. 

He's also been hinting at the desire to leave Cleveland on Twitter, put up with this guys fuck ups for years only for him to want a way out at the first chance lol 

Comment 09 Mar 2016

No no no, we're obviously drafting Gunner Kiel. 

The man LOOKS like Cleveland. 

Comment 09 Mar 2016

You say don't sweat about Benjamin because of the lack of past success, yet we signed Barnidge to a healthy contract for a 31 tight end who's done nothing in his career outside of one season...Barnidge isn't even that great of a blocker. 

Comment 09 Mar 2016

Mack took a 500k paycut to play for the Falcons. 

Travis is the only reliable receiver on a team full of nobodies and dwarfs.