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  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Troy Smith, Ted Ginn Jr., Chris Gamble, John Simon, James Laurinaitis
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Jared Sullinger, Aaron Craft, Jordan duhhhh
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Comment 17 Sep 2014
Love seeing all the love for the Cambridge/Zanesville area. I'm Zanesville by marriage, Cambridge by birth and the grace of God. Haha. Can't go wrong with Wally's, Kennedy's, Deep Cut, Theo's & The Forum, Adornetto's, and Orr's Drive-In is great for a foot long and a shake. I just ate lunch and I'm already hungry again. One of the perks of my job is I'm in Cambridge daily for lunch through the week and then have evenings and weekends in Zanesville.
Comment 08 Sep 2014
And so forth. I love Meyer and our team, but this is all lipservice until it's fixed on the field on Saturdays. I don't want to keep hearing on Mondays how good we could've, should've, or would've been.
Comment 07 Sep 2014
There must be something in the water here, because ever since last night our posts have been in simpatico. Get out of my mind!
Comment 26 Aug 2014
You sure it's 3pm? http://m.nike.com/us/en_us/launch/c/2014-08/nike-lunar-tr1-week-zero-collection?ref=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.elevenwarriors.com%2Fthe-ohio-state-university%2F2014%2F08%2F38734%2Fphenomenalswag-nike-lunar-tr1-ohio-state-buckeyes On my phone, sorry. This says Launch: Wednesday August 27th 8:00am. Just don't want anyone to miss out on the off chance they go quickly.
Comment 12 Aug 2014
Warsteiner Premium Dunkle is a favorite, from Warstein, Germany. It's a pretty smooth dark lager, has a little bit of a bite to it. 4/5 Raging Bitch - Flying Dog Brewery in Maryland. Belgian style IPA, very crisp taste & great flavor notes. 4/5 All Day IPA - Founder's Brewing Company, Grand Rapids, Michigan. Must be a Michigan thing. This is a very popular beer by most accounts, but not this one. Tasted like straight grass. Les Miles woild love this. 2/5 Summer Ale - Brooklyn Brewery, Brooklyn, New York - Definitely a winner. Very light citrus & hops flavor. Could easily put a sixer away without much effort. 4.5/5 Fat Tire - New Belgium Brewery - Fort Collins, Colorado - Everything you've ever heard is true. 5/5 Summer Shandy - Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company - Wisconsin - Love this beer. Beer + Lemonade = Delicious. Another beer that can be consumed in copious amounts with little effort. 4/5 There's a few to get you started. Also, just about anything from the Buckeye Beer Engine in Lakewood is a safe bet to be awesome.
Comment 22 Jun 2014
"*ichigan men talk a lot of shit from safe places." I think this fits better than the original UGK song. Haha. We'll check back in a few years and ask for an evaluation on your happiness on that long bus ride home.
Comment 17 Jun 2014
Burgr - Gordon Ramsay place in Planet Hollywood, best burger I've had in my life. Was just there a few weeks ago with my wife on our honeymoon, that's the only place we ate at twice. There is an in-n-out by New York New York, but it's a little ways off the strip. Fatburger is close to MGM, it's decent. Twin Peaks, also in Planet Hollywood above Walgreen's, had a pretty good burger and scenery. Haha.
Comment 15 May 2014
To me it's a little telling that Braxton's favorite receiver and his most anticipated are both guys he hasn't thrown to the past two years.
Comment 28 Apr 2014
Had to login to join in on the fun... I mainly shoot a Glock 19 and Beretta 92fs. Made it out to Briar Rabbit 3 times so far this year. Nothing better. I'm getting married at the end of May, so I haven't been able to buy many toys lately, but I'd like to pick up a Remington 1100 classic trap soon.
Comment 20 Dec 2013

Call me crazy, but I expect a little bit of a surprise when things come down to the end. Highly unlikely, I'll admit, but this is a wish list of sorts, and I have a bit of a gut feeling that wouldn't be surprised to see Quin Blanding being a late flip. With that said, if he were to flip, that may open the door for Andrew Brown, since Virgina is basically a dumpster fire. 

So, tell me I'm insane, but I dare you to tell me you wouldn't be ecstatic. At this point I wouldn't be surprised by anything UFM does.

Lattimore, Smith, Thomas, Taylor, Blanding, and Brown. Now back to the sugarplums dancing in my head...

Comment 03 Dec 2013

If Fickell goes then I think Coombs and Withers should be out as well. Vrabel is safe, his unit is the only one that's not suspect. Honestly I'd really like to see Spielman brought in as the linebackers coach, but we need a proven DC, no glorified position coach who will be in over his head. I wouldn't mind Heacock being back, but from what I've heard he's not interested. At this point I feel like almost anything would have to be an improvement because our defense has been a joke for multiple years now, with no real signs of improvement and one common denominator - Fickell.