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Comment 26 Jul 2015

sadly, this reminds me of reading the menopausal gossip at mgoblog on urban-- both sides equally clueless about the men, with judgment clouded irreparably by the opaque triviality of logos on visor caps.

how i long for yesterday, when football was played by men, coached by men, and most of all, discussed by men. coincidentally, that was a time when "commitments" were made of sterner stuff.

now, pardon my tangential musings, but it's amazing how we once asked a nation of 18 year olds to win a pair of world wars for us.

and they delivered.

while today, we're thrilled if they do so much as abstain from punching their grandmothers in the head. 

so yeah, you grab the wood and i'll bring the kerosene; let's burn dino at the stake for having the heretical gall to expect a little more. folks, he's practically a goddamn sociopath.

p.s. let's crowdfund a couple grand for this cupp kid. youth counseling is expensive, and my heart breaks for the sort of sadistic misery that the world has dumped upon him. sometimes you've just gotta ask yourself, where is god's plan in all of this carnage?

Comment 26 Jul 2015

i've been lurking for months, but finally logged back in just to post here in this thread.

dantonio is a zanesville boy, and a damn fine one at that. integrity-wise, he's as good as it gets.

so, to ye in your ivory towers, we know that you know everything about how terrible of a man he is.

and we know that you have spent your entire life in athletics, yourself, what with having been recruited to play major college football AND having been on the other side as a major college football recruiter.

but, please pretend like you don't. 

and, please pretend like you haven't.

now, thanks so much.

Comment 24 Mar 2014

1, I find this to be silly. why are you *grading* the players? the season is over. we're all disappointed. what is to be gained by trashing 20 year olds? the site has taken on a simon cowell persona which I find difficult to tolerate, much less enjoy.

secondly, why are *you* grading the players? we watched the games. we know basketball.

feel like this was an enormous waste of time on your part. it's as if you said, "well hell, I need to write at least *something* today."


do what 11W does best: research. I don't care about your opinions. bring me some real journalism. recruiting investigations, player interviews, program rumors. overall, anything other than your opinions, please.

Comment 20 Mar 2014

I don't much like Ross calling out the talent level on the team. even if you feel that way, some things stay in house.


secondly, this incoming recruiting class looks to be the best we've had since Dillinger/Thomas/craft

Comment 20 Mar 2014

had meetings all day. didn't even get a chance to watch.


that said: show some class. Lenzelle had a good career. to criticize him is ridiculous.


and, I don't care how bad Amir may have been. HIS team lost. He let HIS teammates down.


before we go verbally rampaging the character of a 21 year old kid for having a bad basketball game, maybe we should step back from the keyboard, have a little perspective and realize it's probably a lot more difficult to play d1 athletics than anybody on this message board imagines.

and to sell out craft for choking at the end of big games after all he's done for the university both academically and athletically is absurd beyond words. kid has more athleticism in his pinky, more integrity in his thumb, and more tenacity in his index finger than most of you have in your entire bodies.


it's fairly pathetic for middle-aged men to blame all their sorrows on innocent kids, especially when the most athletic thing they do themselves consists of high-fiving the toaster oven after an above-average pop-tart  browning.

Comment 28 Jan 2014

tress fell on the sword for this golden domer piece of detritus. also, gene's salary is 3 times as much as governors Strickland and kasich were compensated. think about that.


Archie griffin was born to be osu a.d. gene smith was born for slimy back office politics. 

Comment 25 Jan 2014

this just means they'll have one less recruit they need to cut come September.

Comment 09 May 2013

I'm not even sure Virginia tech is still a relevant program. while fsu and clemson appear to be on the upswing, the rest of the acc has been in a steady downward spiral.

Comment 09 May 2013

cooper was arguably the best recruiter we ever had. just not great with the x's and o's. bruce was before my time, but how the hell could he have followed woody? no matter what he did, he was going to be short-lived.

Comment 30 Apr 2013

i actually clicked on this post last night, and it was so meh that i didn't even remember it. so, i clicked again this morning. same meh, different day.

Comment 20 Apr 2013

i was at american university in dc for awhile. until you live la, nyc, or dc traffic, it's impossible to comprehend how awful drivers can be.


also, for ultimate awful driving experience, i recommend mexico city or bogota. 10 million people, (20 in mc) no traffic laws, and infrastructure built for a city of a tenth of that size. a friend of mine went through med school in mc (wasn't his first choice haha). he said when there's a wreck, you just f@#$ing abandon your car and run because the police are so nuts. he went through 6 junkers in 4 years.