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Comment 09 Oct 2016

This offense plays best when it plays fast. Lining up without a huddle, standing and watching the sideline, then walking back and forth behind the line till 5 seconds on the play clock is not playing fast. Running the 2 minute drill is playing fast. Not letting the defense rest between plays is playing fast. Indiana's defense was big and slow. This is on the coaches. Unless Indiana was running some exotic defense (if they were, I didn't see it), this team needs to attack relentlessly. Sitting back negates the speed advantage they have on all their opponents. They don't look prepared to attack. Often, they look like they are letting the defense dictate what is being run.

Comment 28 Aug 2016

The stroke he had is definitely effecting his faculties. It's sad to see him struggle and repeat himself. Time to hang it up.

Comment 17 Aug 2016

There is really only one reason necessary to hate Harbaugh. He is a "_ichigan _an". I'd hate _other Theresa if she had gone to _ichigan.