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Comment 17 Aug 2016

There is really only one reason necessary to hate Harbaugh. He is a "_ichigan _an". I'd hate _other Theresa if she had gone to _ichigan.

Comment 22 Jul 2016

I think I prefer the "good old days" before instantly being able to argue about stuff we know little or nothing about. Time has a miraculous way of sorting out the BS from the buckwheat. 450+ comments with absolutely zero facts is a waste of time. Guess I'll go over to Fox News to see what's new. Oh crap, more bad news........... Time for bed.

Comment 13 Jul 2016

Can I play this on my flip phone?

Comment 08 Jun 2016

Well, this certainly isn't the first time I've been out of step with what has been considered today as progress.  That's why my tv has a channel changer and off button. I do wish someone would figure out a way to work that thing with out getting out of my chair and walking across the room. One of the few advantages of getting old is having seen lot of things and being able to decide for myself what I think is progress and what isn't. 

Comment 08 Jun 2016

I agree with Evan. I think the three point shot has ruined basketball. Defense and rebounding and offensive team play has taken back seat to a bunch  of guys that can chuck it from the cheap seats. Why should a lucky heave from 30 feet be worth more than a lay up that's the result of a well executed team play? 

Comment 05 Jun 2016

Yea, but I always feel like Captain Kirk when I whip it out. And the looks I get are priceless.

Comment 03 Jun 2016

Hey, what's wrong with flip phones? Mine works just fine. Not everyone needs more computing power in their pocket than the astronauts took to the moon. And get off my lawn whippersnapper.