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Comment 10 Oct 2014

Watt was definitely under the radar. He was a 2 star out of Pewaukee highschool in Wisconsin and rated the 7th ranked player in the state of Wisconsin as a senior. He started out at Central Michigan as tight end and transferred to Wisconsin after his freshman year. Watt started to be really noticed as a junior. He has a little brother too that is playing for Wisky now. I think he's a fullback. 

I think Bosa has a bit of a head start. And he has brother that's better than Watt's too. 

Comment 09 Oct 2014

I really enjoyed reading the SB article on the game from the Cincinnati perspective. It gives you a clear view of how someone else sees the Buckeyes and how to attack their weaknesses, as they see them. I watch tons of football and love the game but never had the chance to play the game. This kind of inside perspective with a lot of first person accounts gives me a view that I've never had before. I wish I could read something like this after each game. It may not be as much fun after a loss, but it'd still be interesting. Thanks for the link 11W!

Comment 09 Oct 2014

It seeks to me that the play calling gets a bit more conservative inside the red zone. I agree that Hyde and the offensive line from last year made that work well, but this team needs to keep it opened up, at least till the line reaches their potential and EzE puts on 10 or 15 lbs more muscle. 

Comment 05 Oct 2014

Up vote to you sir.  I was just about to write the same thing. Anyone that watches any significant football on Sundays can see that Braxton does not have the skills to be a great passer in that league. However, he is such a special talent, he could be nearly unstoppable in the slot position running and catching the ball. His durability is the only issue I see with him being successful at that position. It'd be quite a sight to see  a 6'2" 220# with his skill as a runner line up in the Percy position next year. Let the SEC sycophants crow about the Buckeyes "lack of speed" with that lineup. JT passing and Braxton catching and running after the catch. Gives me the chills just thinking about it. 

Comment 01 Oct 2014

JT will still have 3 years of eligibility left after this year. He is a smart guy and I'm sure he'd put another year of watching and learning from a potential Heisman winner (and National Champion?) to very good use. Also, we all know how difficult it's been for Braxton to get through a complete season without missing some time, given the beating he takes running the ball. It's a stretch to think Barrett wouldn't get some playing time behind Braxton. I can't think of a better position to be in than having Miller start and a "starter" backing him up. What a wonderful problem to have. Kinda like Guiton all over again, only better!!

Comment 11 Sep 2014

It's interesting to read all this stuff about where the team is or isn't going this year. The vast majority of the conversation is based, however on feelings and opinions and hopes. Speculating is fun, but at the end of the day, not much of it is worth a crap. Facts are what matter. The facts are clear. The offensive line is completely new, The best running back, the best linebacker, the best cornerback, the leading receiver, and the offensive player of the year in the BIG are gone. A freshman is manning the most important position on the team. The defense last year was statistically one of the worst in D1 football. When in the history of football has a team saddled with this list of facts been competing for a national championship? The closest I can think of was the Buckeyes in 68 with a bunch of sophomores (Kern, Stillwagon, Otis, Tatum, etc) leading the way .

The Bucks have talent, but it's young, inexperienced. We need to back away from the ledge and give these guys a chance to develop and the coaches to coach. 10 or 11 victories and competing for a championship in the watered down BIG should be seen as a most successful season. If 2015 and 2016 seasons don't produce the national championship caliber team what we all expect, it'll be time to panic. 

Comment 10 Sep 2014

I remember lots of stories about how Woody recruited. Some of his most successful recruiting came when he didn't talk to parents or recruits about football at all. Woody talked about his views on life and the importance of getting a good education and how much he loved Ohio State.  Maybe Urban has taken a page from his book.

Comment 09 Sep 2014

I think the coaching staff needs to get together, grab a few six packs, and have a marathon football watching session next Sunday. In one Sunday, you can see just about every defensive concept, and what works and doesn't work offensively against them. The Buckeye coaching staff appears to believe their scheme and the Buckeye's talent is so superior to the opponent that they can continue to run their "base" offense and be successful. That works against most of the teams on the schedule, but fails miserably when they face one with nearly equal talent and "something Urban's never seen in my years of coaching". Professional teams talent levels are all comparable. The differences between them are the coaching and strategy. The successful ones adapt and make changes to schemes when necessary. Till this staff figures this out, the Bucks will keep appearing to be outcoached in the close games.

Comment 09 Sep 2014

Geez, maybe global warming will level the recruiting field.

Comment 04 Sep 2014

I don't know when I've enjoyed reading a troll more than "Ben". He clearly thinks VT has better talent than the Bucks and are going to win. He's clearly delusional, but his enthusiasm is commendable. Everyone needs fans like that. Reminds me of some of our friends from up north. VT has a chance, and may win, but it will be because something weird happens, (penalties, turnovers, asteroid impact, or something even more unlikely.) It won't be because VT has better talent. 

Comment 02 Sep 2014

A really good major league pitcher needs more than one pitch to be successful.  He can have a great fastball, but needs to have a change up or curve slider to get big league hitters out consistently.  Elliott, Samuel, Wilson, and Marshall are all the same kind of runners, i.e. great "fastballs". Smith, Dunn, and Ball would be akin to a change of pace, something that shows the defense a different look. I think the Bucks will be better in the long run if they don't rely exclusively on one type of runner. Carlos Hyde showed there still is a critical need for a bruiser, a guy that can reliably get 2 or 3 yards. As an aside, I refuse to believe Rod Smith can't be taught to block. 

Comment 25 Aug 2014

Cut blocking is blocking a lineman below the knees. It's legal in college if it's within 5 yards of the line of scrimmage and inside the tackle box. It's usually a technique uses by smaller, quicker teams like Navy to negate the oppositions size advantage. It's illegal in the NFL if the person being blocked is engaged with another blocker. Knee injuries are a real concern with this type of block. 

Comment 23 Aug 2014

It's pretty common to hear experts talk about the speed of the game, and how it ratchets up from high school to college and again to the pros. Then it's also not uncommon to hear really good, physically gifted players say that one day, things just start to click, and the game slows down. Maybe that time is here for Curtis Grant. If he plays to his potential and leads this defense to great things this year, all will be forgiven. One championship will make these past three years of disappointment melt away.