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Comment 16 Mar 2012

Must play better Saturday! Gonzaga reminds me of a quicker MSU. We, by the way, turned it over nearly 10 times on break opportunities! That is our major weakness-spent the 2nd half of the season playing only halfcourt basketball!


Comment 11 Mar 2012

Michigan State is a better team because they make things happen. Everyone on here harps on shooting; however, they were +14 from turnovers turned into points. Spartans use secondary and fast break points to make the difference in the game.  We are capable of doing that also, but someone in midseason turned this team into a totally half court team. Good teams make things happen!

Comment 04 Mar 2012

Buckeyes will win if they do not fall into the same type of game they started playing in the middle of the season. Early in the season was exemplified with great passing, fast breaks and secondary breaks. Somewhere in the middle of the season they started to walk the ball up the floor and offense stagnated. Defensively with m/m -a team is only as good as the weakest defenders. Purdue opened that can of worms with screens to take advantage of our weakest defenders. Slam dunks ensued. Good teams make things happen. For example, turnovers should result in fast break points often. Huge rebounding advantage should also create fast break or secondary break points. Against Northwestern we had a huge advantage in rebounding, yet often, rebounders rubbed the ball after a rebound. Not good enough! Full court pressing has been token ball denial and quick fall back since our slowest cannot cover. Some zone should be mixed in with man as Indiana chose to do. Freshman will be needed down the road. Zeller and Burke have played well as freshman. Kentucky plays a freshman lineup every year!

Comment 09 Oct 2011

Defensively, need to shore up LB play. With Nebraska running the reverse option both ways, we did not have LB's fast enough and in poor breakdown position. With Illinois, Wisconson and Michigan coming up on schedule this has to be rectified or they will do same to us. Hopefully, coaching staff will give younger and more athletic LB's the chance to correct this. Did see big improvement in offense. Little too conservative in second half with this defense.

Comment 02 Oct 2011

Good teams do the little things to succeed. Coaching staffs do the little things to succeed. What we have seen since the departure of Coach Hazell calling plays is emblematic of all our problems. This staff has to start coaching like they want a job next year! Too many little things have slipped by this staff to warrant success. End of 1st half, instead of calling a TO and throw to field goal range they let time expire. Those 3 points would have put them into overtime. Calling screens and tight end passes might have countered their rush. Getting tackled before QB has chance to hand off is high school. Good coaches do the little things to succeed. We are all waiting for these little things. Otherwise, we will be playing the last game of the season and need a win to go .500.

Comment 25 Sep 2011

LSU has a great defense. Our starting defense has yet to exhibit a Jack Tatum type hit or aggressive, intimidating play. LB's seem content on passive play. With offense going younger, similar actions on defense will add a lot more athleticsm. Special team play from the likes of Ryan Shazier and others  should be considered for defensive starts- then the  defense improves.



Comment 19 Sep 2011

Coach Hazell's name was mentioned as former position coach; however, his play calling and input on offense ever since the USC game at the Shoe is greatly missed. His decisions were excellent and this input with playcalling and who plays is, in my opinion, why we were not competitive this last weekend. Braxton would have played more and we might have scored touchdowns instead of field goals in this game. Obviously, coach Fick has very little input on offense. These decisions of personnel and play calling has to improve.