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Comment 17 Feb 2015

Probably some law preventing a vagitarian from getting that last meal delivered. Doing so could possibly increase the crime rate.

Comment 15 Feb 2015

I know at least one who wants nothing to do with Lisa Ann's backside.

You want me to do what?
Comment 14 Feb 2015

NBC Nightly News With Brian Williams. That RPG episode slays me.

Comment 13 Feb 2015

I actually climbed trees without a harness or safety net, and jumped on a trampoline without a fence around it. Rode in the back end of my chain-smoking (Camel, non filter) father's station wagon with my siblings, windows rolled up, without a seatbelt. Surely I'm dead now and just don't realize it, and my parents are in prison.  Glad there's 11W here in Heaven! At least I hope this is Heaven... 

Comment 11 Feb 2015

Unless you were not born on the day you were born, this is true.  Michigan Math.

Comment 11 Feb 2015

I like Hooters. Not sure what their food tastes like, but their portions are amazing!

Comment 10 Feb 2015

You'll never regret helping your parents. My children are older than you, so my parents are lacking sand in the old hourglass. I moved in with mine to care for them until their Celestial Discharge as both are very ill and would otherwise be in a nursing home. (Not that they realize they're at home anymore.)  Puts a lot on my wife to maintain our nearby home, but it's a commitment I made, and one I intend to keep. Good on you for helping out your parents, and congratulations young man.