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Comment 07 Sep 2014

Don't forget the easy TD drop in the end zone, speaking of leaving points on the field. 

Comment 01 Sep 2014

So was VT coasting into next week, or are Bill and that Mary chick the Bonnie and Clyde of the gridiron?  

Comment 26 Aug 2014

I am nearing my 18th shoulder-related surgery. First 17 in the bag.  I can attest that the size of the ass that is sucked when the nerve block wears off can only be estimated.  Since my third and final total shoulder joint replacement, I can however throw a ball with both accuracy and velocity surpassed only by a third grade girl with a slow eye.  So at least there's that.  Godspeed, Braxton.

Comment 25 Aug 2014

As the spawn of depression era parents who both left school to help support their families, I was weaned on a bastardized dialect I refer to as Appalachian Jive.  I remember vividly the moment in about third grade when I realized that nearly every word I had ever heard at home was wrong.  I have a collection of notes I have saved over the years from my dear mother.  One of my favorites is her note to my father telling him what time to be at the church to "git tha far stinkers fixd."  He of course knew without question it was time to service the fire extinguishers.  The words go so much deeper than et, het, and retched, as the past tense of eat, heat, and reach.  God love 'em. Sadly, given their age and health, someday very soon I'm going to miss this.

Comment 22 Aug 2014

Having had my labrum sheared off, I feel his pain. The right doctor would have changed everything. The wrong doctors resulted in over a dozen surgeries, blood clots from damaged vessels clamped during repeated surgeries, and ultimately 3 total shoulder joint replacements because the first 2 were positioned incorrectly.  Braxton will be in my thoughts as I know first hand how the wrong doctor, or the right one at the wrong time, can lead to life altering consequences.  Here's hoping for all the surgical success that eluded me to be added to every ounce of skill Dr. Andrews possesses.

Comment 12 Aug 2014

Suspended for violating team standards? Are you kidding me? The grown and sexy thing to do is remove his punk ass from the team, school, and society. Period. If the facts play out differently, (like an alien look alike doppelgänger committed thie act on video) then give the accused a way back to the team and his scholarship.  I'm going to just go ahead now and bet against the alien doppelgänger defense working against that video evidence, though. That is absolute savage madness.

Comment 02 Feb 2014

Get "Photon" Browser from the app store.  i use it on my ipad and whenever this problem arises, you just hit a lightning bolt symbol on the top right to start a flash session.  Works like a champ! Only browser i use on ipad.  Hope that helps.

Comment 19 Aug 2013

Don't beat yourself up too badly, PJTOBIN. I swear I remember the Buckeyes beating Arkansas but have been told by many that that never happened either.  

Comment 17 Aug 2013

So sad to hear about Griffin and Wood.  If a shoulder injury is serious, the best surgeon and the best possible outcome, sucks.  17 shoulder surgeries ranging from a few arthroscopic repairs to my same shoulder joint being totally replaced 3 times has taught me that.  What I feel worst about for them is that with age, it continually worsens.  What a huge price for these two young men to pay for a game they love.  I pray their outcomes are great and their futures free of the painful, never-ending ordeal that some shoulder injuries can create.  

Comment 11 Aug 2013

I for one, and speaking only for myself, would much prefer reading reports that are confirmed as true, or identified clearly as rumor, gossip, hearsay, innuendo, or possibly total bs.  I recall witnessing a recent crucifixion of reporting on another site that was caused by the report being premature, though accurate.  If this story turns out to be a suspension rather than a dismissal, and I was the writer, I would seriously need to evaluate my sources before posting the next article on an individual's offense or punishment.  When posting involves the reputation or status of another individual, being accurate trumps being first, as it should in all reporting.  Chest thumping and back patting on one's valiant restraint on the Jalyn Holmes reporting will ring especially hollow if this article proves to be premature and inaccurate.  

Comment 01 Aug 2013

I like the tradition that this builds along with a valuable life lesson about these young men looking beyond themselves to bigger group purpose. I wish there was a way to expand this program to other elements of society, yet preserve the special place it holds for the players at tOSU.  Can you imagine seeing black stripes across the foreheads of every middle or high school student, new hire at work, or newly elected official?  

Comment 31 Jul 2013

O'Banish Ye, NCAA! O'Banish Ye like a Merchant of Pants that are Golden by the Shores of Skin-dried Ink.  Fear not, Young Ballers, for the morrow will soon rise where casting one's gaze upon a Lake of Mirror shall impart no such Evil lurking past your visage, and no longer shall you feel its foul and heated breath upon your neck! Thee Mighty Benjamins shall arise and conquer this Oppressor, where Reason has failed to tread. O to thee H, Young Ballers and Fanatics! Long live tOSU.

Comment 27 Jul 2013

I am coming to Columbus to see Jamey Johnson this Sunday. I think it's at Scioto Downs.  A good friend of mine is his steel player, and I have seen that show so many times I know it by heart.  Too bad I'm not a fan of most of his music.  Lol It's always good to see an old friend, though!  

Comment 26 Jul 2013

Speed kills the competition, but thrills the good guys! With this depth of speed coming to the skill positions, we are going to see the term "fresh legs" bump to a whole new level.

Comment 25 Jul 2013

It may have been linked by someone else, but I refuse to help generate page views to a Fox Sports jackwagon who couched his comments as Urban's B1G Media Day presser compared to Harrison Ford in The Fugitive at the point where Tommy Lee Jones catches up to him in the culvert.  He was trapped and forced to confront questions on his "mess" of disciplinary past, including Hernandez.  What he totally missed in the article was the the impact that Hernandez's high school coach, elementary school phys. ed. teacher, and the role of the doctor that delivered him at birth played in his transgressions.  Clearly they all play equally significant roles in Hernandez allegedly murdering someone.  I mean, come on! The Great and Powerful Urb, creator of immense media and Florida Butthurt, played his role but we have to agree that to give him all the glory is too much.  Many years ago when I was a child we had things called free will and personal responsibility. We did not have the luxury of people like UFM to absorb blame.  We had to stand on our own and man up to our own transgressions.  Thank goodness there are now "writers" that spin individual shortcomings into a fault of an unrelated individual, even if that individual played no part in the err.  Society and the media in general has surely evolved from those prior, antiquated ideals, and we should all be thankful.

Comment 22 Jul 2013

Wife is complaining she forgot to get her mascara at Kroger. I'm offering to make a run to the grocery for her purely to save her the hassle, of course.  If the magazine happens to fall into my cart, it's just fate that I happened to see it while doing her a favor. Win, win!  Framing the trip as solely for her scores more points, and keeps her happy with her "thoughtful" husband.   Thanks, 11W, for the opportunity to work some easy bonus points before the TV football season starts.  She hates football on TV all weekend but she's the best wife I've ever had, and I'd rather not "go for three." 

Comment 15 Jul 2013

Love the character and spirit of young Mr. Collier! I am seeing a trend of high character recruits.  That will pay enormous dividends off the field, in the locker room, and in the newspapers!  "They win."  They certainly will with fine recruits like Collier.

Comment 14 Jul 2013

The fans that hate on Herbie remind me of parents determined that think their child is perfect and can do no wrong.  I find them obnoxious as hell, and a disservice to their child and society.  Just because Herbie does not always praise his alma mater does not mean he does not absolutely love and care about it.  He actually loves it enough to care about things he sees that need correction or improvement.

The next time fans gets upset that Herbie is not a homer, they need to spend time around the parent at a youth sporting event that is convinced his child is the second coming of Walter Payton or Kareem Abdul Jabar, when the unfortunate child is only there because of his father's personal inability to meet the age / weight requirements of the program. Undue praise is not flattering, and caring to hold a team or individual accountable for improving areas within their ability to improve is a sign of love.