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Comment 17 Sep 2012
I think the best Meyer-led Florida team, for comparison's sake is probably 2007. A burgeoning Heisman candidate under center, and a raw, young, but talented defense all-around. That team won and lost some ugly games, but set the stage for the 2008 title run. They finished 9-4, I think. Which, although not ideal, I'll take over last year... as long as this season doesn't end the way theirs did. ( an L to TSUN)
Comment 01 Oct 2011

Not to make excuses for Pryor, but Troy Smith clocked some kid from St. Johns at a basketball tourney in HS, too...  

Comment 23 Jul 2011

Agreed 100%.   Anybody catch the part, heavily redacted, but it seems to imply that Pryor was telling Tressel he was going on a recruiting visit to a school because they had promised his friend, "a high school 2nd teamer", would get a scholly, as well?  Tress says something to the effect of "that doesn't seem right to me", Pryor says something dismissive and hangs up the phone.  Sarniak then talks Pryor down and he calls back to apologize. 

A) I'm kind of interested what school that was.  B) Another example of Tressel classiness vis a vis recruiting. C) I think it sums up, pretty well, the relationship between the three

Comment 23 Jul 2011

At one point in the interview, i think, after Tressel is discussing what he would do in hindsight, someone in the room makes some sort of comment/insinuation that he wasn't supposed to recieve advice or councel prior to the interview..  at least that's how i interpreted it.  Plus, isn't that part of what Ga. Tech got hit so hard for?  Paul Johnson allegedly giving his players a heads-up that the were going to be interviewed?  Seems like the NCAA doesn't like 'em prepped.

Comment 23 Jul 2011

100% agreed.   Reading between the lines, I though he was actually very funny.  Like post-Rose Bowl funny.  Especially since he didn't seem to think this interview would ever see the light of day.

Comment 11 Jun 2011

So, a scandal, or... being East Carolina... gets you bumped down to the deep discount bin these days, eh?

Comment 07 Jun 2011