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Comment 25 Jan 2015

Tate also continues to get better every game.  He is converting on the block and is a better FT shooter than he was early on.  His energy is contagious and he is justifying Thads decision to put him in the starting lineup

Comment 25 Jan 2015

Good first half.  Great energy defensively.  It's painfully obvious to me that Russell needs to take over the PG position on offense.  Scott just dribbles too much and doesn't seem to have the same continuity with the other players.  Russell not only scores, but he leads the fast break and is great at finding Tate on the block.  When Russell goes out, everyone just stands around . No one wants to take charge

Comment 25 Jan 2015

Shannon Scott needs to start better.  He's the PG, he sets the tone.  Lately he has been having some extremely careless TOs early on and then Thad sits him and Russell takes over.  

Sam Thompson please hit an open 3.  I'm sure we would all be shocked if someone tallied his FG percentage minus dunks.

I like Tate's energy and enthusiasm--should serve as a kick in the ass to Loving who continues to get outmuscled and out hustled all the while showing no enthusiasm or emotion.

Russell continues to get better and better

Lee is also better than he was early; even though he still can't jump

I'd like to see KBD get more minutes as I believe he has the highest ceiling on the team other than Russell

Comment 22 Jan 2015

Fire Dave Dickerson and bring in a legit big man coach.  Trey McDonald has developed zero skills in 4 years, Amir still brings the ball below his waist every play, and Anthony Lee lol( who recruited him?).  There's no development in the center position.  Oden and Sullinger played a combined 3yrs and they were ready made NBA players.  It's time for Thad to put his foot down and not stand for subpar performance/ development from key positions.

Comment 21 Jan 2015

Our defense really improved.  Can you imagine how the 2013 team would've fared with that many TO's.  We couldn't stop anybody, we just scored a lot of points with Hyde and Miller( Hyde was as secure a back with the ball as we've ever had imo).  Coincidentally in the Clemson game it was turnovers that turned the tide( Philly Brown muffed punt) and ultimately stopped a potentially winning drive( Braxton INT after CJ Barnett late pick).

  This team had the defense to make up for miscues that last years did not 

Comment 18 Jan 2015

Great video and +1 for finding the radio calls of all the top plays.  

Comment 17 Jan 2015

Hopefully Giddens, Thompson and Bell can rebound and play defense.  I really like what I see defensively from Giddens in his videos .  We're going to need him.  Say what you will about Thompson and Scott offensively, but they're both all league defenders.  We're going to miss their pressure defensively .  All the more reason why we need the centers to step up next yr.  Also Loving needs to hit the weight room.  Zero rebounds tonight.  He is just doesn't have the lower body strength to compete as a 4 in the B1G.  We get killed on the offensive boards and he is a big reason why

Comment 17 Jan 2015

It's a tournament team, albeit a 10 seed or so.  Thr players just aren't very good.  It's an odd mix of player personalities and skills.  Marc Loving can shoot but can't drive or get his own shot.  Sam Thompson can drive but can't shoot.  Amir Williams has talent but doesn't play hard.  Trey McDonald plays hard but has no talent.  

The star is Russell but he is inconsistent because he trys to do too much because the other players struggle.

Scott is a good supplementary player but he needs playmakers around him because he isn't talented enough to carry a team by himself.  Kam Williams shoots every time he gets he ball, but even he isn't that consistent and doesn't really make an impact.

Ive said it before in other threads:  Thads misses on big men have really stunted the growth of the last 2 teams.  You need bigs who can get easy buckets and rebound.  When our front count is so poor it puts extreme pressure on the backcourt and we just aren't good enough to make up for it.  

OSU gets killed on the boards; every game and it all comes down to effort.  Nobody tries harder than Tate and he is 6"4.  He plays like he is 6"8.  He just tries harder and gets in better position.  No excuse for our 3 big men with 12 yrs experience between them to continually get outplayed by a 6"4 true freshmen.  It goes back to the bigs again.  Poor effort, low BB IQ, and not a lot of skill. Sad

Comment 17 Jan 2015

Thad refused to get out of the zone against Iowa in the conference opener, even though we had superior athletes.  I put the first loss on coaching.  Thad should've made the adjustment at halftime. We were getting killed on the boards

Comment 16 Jan 2015

Sounds like the meeting went well.  All Urbans QBs end up playing and becoming stars anyway, so no reason to think Burrow wouldn't still be happy to come play here.  In Urban I trust