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Comment 04 Jul 2015

I used to live in Roswell....and take adventures into the wooded areas

Comment 02 Jul 2015

I feel like I'll be fine with whatever Braxton chooses to do and fine with whoever Urban chooses to start at QB.  We're gonna be so badass at every position and all the QBs have proven themselves bosses already.

 There's just an over exuding confluence of ubiquitous talent all over the field, other teams will be stupefied, terrified, shocked and chagrined at our strength and speed and dominance

Comment 15 May 2015

Same problem for me. I've given up trying because it's a pain in the ass. Apparently those of us with iOS devices have to go to the actual YouTube website instead of the app to get the code. Overall it's annoying and wish it were more user friendly 

Comment 12 May 2015

I'll just add one more comment in my backing of Cam Johnston.  If this question had been asked two years ago, without question and without fail Carlos Hyde and Braxton Miller would have been the two players that everyone would be debating about who is more indispensable.  Absolutely no question about it.

Enter JT Barrett and Ezekiel Elliott in 2014.  Barrett came in and broke all of Miller's single season and B1G records, and The Teflon Wizard trounced Wisconsin, Alabama and Oregon in one of the most prolific feats of rushing in NCAA history.  The point is that Miller and Hyde became afterthoughts just one year after being thought that they were absolutely indispensable.  It's amazing really.  

OSU has recruited great skill position players and we're stacked.  Everywhere.  But you can't replace Cam Johnston and his ability to put the ball inside the 10 with pinpoint accuracy.  Elliott is great, Bosa is great, Lee etc.. 

But Cam is the best I've ever seen at his position and his skill set is truly indispensable 

Comment 12 May 2015

I agree with your point but everyone was saying the same thing about Carlos Hyde two years ago.  Hyde was/is a beast who probably would've won the Heisman if he wasnt suspended.  Everyone was saying that he was a RB that doesn't come along often.  There were multiple 11w polls that had him right up up there with Eddie George as the greatest OSU RB ever.  He would've for sure gone over 2000yds in '13 if not for the suspension.  

Now it's Elliott's turn.  EZE is a beast for sure and may very well win the Heisman this year.  As stated in OP, he may be the MVP but I still feel Johnston is incredibly special and has a rare talent for making the ball die inside the 10.  For that reason he feels like the most indispensable to me

Comment 12 May 2015

I feel like it has to be Cam Johnston.  Look at all the punts he had that backed 'Bama up in the Sugar Bowl.  He single handedly reverses field position on a regular basis with amazing accuracy.  

I feel like Meyer has recruited so well that I would be comfortable with a lot of the backups at the other positions. 

Elliott is a close 2nd but I really like Samuel and think he would also do well behind the Oline

Decker is 3rd because of just how important a good experienced left tackle is

Comment 01 Apr 2015

Braxton is the best runner of the three. It makes sense for him to be the goal line QB especially since his shoulder is a big question mark. Braxton is money inside the 10yd line.  You can literally bank it if he decides to take the shotgun snap and run the ball himself, much like Tebow in 2006. He is phenomenal in goal-to-go situations 

Comment 23 Mar 2015

Funderburkevyobgis is too high profile and s lot to lose.  In fact I hope he would break my jaw because that right there is felonious and he would have a civil case on his hands which he would have to settle out of court cause he prob still has a lot of money

Comment 23 Mar 2015

What's he gonna do? Punch me in the face?

 I had to bunk my entire prison stretch with a 350lb dude who went by "Big Pooh" who was in for felonious assault.  Also haven't been out of the joint long enough to really be scared of anyone yet. 

I would def not give 2 shits about disrespecting Funderburkevyobgis to his face

Comment 23 Mar 2015

I met Funderburke one day because he was shooting around in my high school gym.  Total dick. Told me it was his court and I had to go shoot somewhere else.  Everyone knew who he was and he was playing in The League at the time so I had to fuck off.  Now that I'm older if I ever saw him again I'd call him a prick to his face.  Worst experience with a Buckeye/ex Buckeye athlete I've ever had.

F u Lawrence if you're reading this

Comment 23 Mar 2015

I also would take Matta over Ryan.  

1. Izzo

2. Matta

3. Ryan

4. Beilein

 Pretty significant falloff after those 4 imo with 

 Mccaffery, Crean and Miles bumched together.  Don't know enough about Marylands coach yet but they had a great inaugural season

Comment 23 Mar 2015

Do you seriously believe Thad is a better coach than Pitino?

Comment 23 Mar 2015

Thad is not a top 4 coach in America.  You left out Rick Pitino, John Calipari, Roy Williams, and Bob Huggins all who are better coaches than Thad.  Jim Boeheim not a top 10 coach

Comment 22 Mar 2015

Izzo's players lift weights and are physical.  Think Derrick Nix, Adriene Payne, Draymond Green, Brendan Dawson and a host of others.  They're strong and bullies under the basket.  OSU's bigs are soft by and large.  Sully and Oden were ready made NBA players and didn't require much development.  

Comment 21 Mar 2015

We're going to need someone unexpected to have a big game. Loving, Thompson or KBD has to go off.  DAR will be fine but Tate is really going to be really undersized so someone needs to step up. 

Also Amir needs to play strong and not get into foul problems. He needs to box out and jump aggressively towards the ball and not bring it down

Comment 15 Mar 2015

I pray we we don't end up playing Kentucky. I spend so much time in Cincinnati and listening to their fans is insufferable. As has been alluded to earlier, we have no shot vsvUK.  We have no bigs with any amount of skill or basketball IQ.  Amir is so uncoordinated I wonder if I've ever seen anyone throw him an alley oops dunk in 4 years.  You'd think it has to have happened once but I don't think it has.  

anyways we would be down 20 at half(  like we normally are against good teams) and continue to get crushed the whole game.

Comment 14 Mar 2015

Also Mark Loving's arms are too skinny for all the tats he has on them 

Comment 14 Mar 2015

Agree. Dave Dickerson coaches the bigs and there's been no development. Oden and Sullinger were ready made stars/NBA players. Other than that our bigs have sucked and have no offensive game. Also very poor FT shooters and extremely poor footwork 

Comment 13 Mar 2015

Where's the leadership?

Where's the emotion?

Where is fluidity on offense 

I see sad faces

I see uncoordination at the center positions

I see weak arms and legs that haven't seen a weight room in ages

I see shoulders slumping and heads hanging