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Comment 26 Jun 2016

I think more players will be turning pro after the season than are initially projected.  OSU is going to be really good this year. Our strength and conditioning are a level above other programs and it shows. Teams are raving about all the skill and athleticism of the players who came out last year. 

Comment 17 Mar 2016

We need to start winning again.  We never win anymore

 we don't win in recruiting

we don't in the NCAA

we don't win at the foul line 

we don't win at the three point line

we don't win in the weight room

We have to start winning again

We have to start making Ohio State basketball great again and we're gonna do it

Comment 17 Mar 2016

Disagree.  Loving does not have all the skills to be special.  He can shoot and he is creative on the block and can get to the foul line.

Loving is slow footed and does not dribble particularly well on the perimeter.  Couple that with a lacks of development in the weight room the last couple years and you have someone who turns the ball over way too much because he can't beat his mean off the dribble and isn't strong enough to get past him often enough.

Comment 15 Feb 2016

A high profile early season win in Norman will propel JT to an early season Heisman favorite.  Late season road wins in Madison and College Station will cemete it.  

Torrence Gibson will score 10TDs

Gareon Conley will be a surprise 3rd team All American 

Sam Hubbard will be defensive MVP, All American 2nd team and 1st round pick 

Coaches will once again struggle to use Dontre Wilson and Curtis Samuel affectively in various positions.  Meyer will continue to say " We need to find a way to get them the ball more" in reference to Wilson and Samuel

Comment 02 Feb 2016

As my SN suggests I play all the Omaha variants.  PLO high is really popular in casinos right now.  A really fun game we play is also called Big O. It's 5 card, pot limit hi lo.  It can be played with a max of 8 players.  A lot of gambly, recreational players love it but be prepared for huge swings

Comment 15 Jan 2016

It's fine to be critical. Nothing wrong at all about that.  Someone who gets paid as much as the coaches do should produce results. I saw one poster above call Beck "worthless" and others who just use derogatory terms describing him. 

Criticism is fine, unjust think some posters go overboard with all of it

Comment 10 Jan 2016

There's just been a lack of general player development. Let's see if it changes with the 2015 class.  

There was little to no development from the Amir Williamams, Trey McDonald, Sam Thompson and Shannon Scott class.  They never got better and never developed consistent shooting.  Loving has improved some, but he still lacks any kind of strength(does he even lift?)

Regrettably I haven't seen any improvement from last seasons biggest surprise JaSean Tate. He is the same player except his offense is worse and his shooting is atrocious. B1G defenses are adjusting to how he plays.  KBD is still wildly inconsistent.  A non factor in B1G play so far.  Kam Williams has definitely shown the most growth from the class

Comment 30 Dec 2015

Always beware of a guy who stands next to you in the urinal and says " hey, nice watch"

Comment 06 Dec 2015

I agree with RU.... There is a big difference between the Herman situation and Ash.  OSU was in the midst of a national title chase and playoff run.  We needed Herman because we had so much still to play for and gameplan for.  If it was the other way around I'd want the new coach there ASAP especially for recruiting purposes

Comment 28 Nov 2015

Ohio State needs 3 teams ahead of them to lose.  With Baylors loss consider OSU as #7 heading into the day.   Don't think the committee is putting any 2 loss teams ahead of OSU after the way we played on the road in a rivalry game against a top 10 team. 

ND lose to Stanford-- both teams would have 2 losses and aren't jumping OSU

Assuming MSU beats PSU. The loser of the B1G championship falls below OSU

Then either ALA needs to lose or OU

 best chance is OK St beating OU at home tonight

Comment 19 Nov 2015

Yea sometimes there's an information overload. There's already the spread, the conference records, injuries and hype and now ESPN adds in advanced metrics and FPI( which few people probably understand or care about) and it just becomes annoying and too much. It's scrolling across the bottom of the tickers and it just becomes too much. 

Thats just my opinion. I'd be fine with just the matchup with the spread in parenthesis

Comment 19 Nov 2015

Well the WSOP odds are based on actual mathematical odds based on the unseen/seen cards.

i personally can't stand ESPN and all their advanced and complicated metrics. Everyone knows who the favorites are, but it just becomes too much with all the 538 stuff. 

ESPN thinks too highly of themselves by thinking everyone cares about their complicated FPI and percentages

Comment 18 Nov 2015

I'm going to temper my expectations on Kam until the regular season starts. He had some impressive games against weak non conference opponents last year too. Once B1G play started, he tailed off dramatically.

i have really high hopes for KBD though. He started off slow and got better and more confident as the season progressed. He's a tough matchup as he's got an inside /outside game and a 7"2 wingspan.  

I thought he deferred to the seniors too much last year when we really needed another scorer.  I look for him to take his game to the next level this year