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Comment 16 Jul 2015

Thanks for the article! Looks like Cowherd bailed and ESPN did their typical power play of "parted ways" like it was a mutual decision. I think Cowherd is making a bold but intelligent move.

Comment 16 Jul 2015

Yeah, all this preseason and season long "who's gonna make it in?" commentary is boring and lame. It will almost always be the highest ranked team from each major conference. Then you'll have the whiner from the one conference that got snubbed. The only way you get two teams from one conference is if you have two major conf champs that have multiple losses.

Comment 26 Jun 2015

Thank God this is not the Ping Pong or Synchronized Diving World Cup.

The announcers make too big of a deal of these suspensions. Rapinoe will be the one that matters. Holiday? Who cares? Depth is a strength of the USWNT, so if they lose it is just because of lack of skill and they don't deserve to move on. If they win, I think it will be awesome for Rapinoe to be fresh for the semi's.

Comment 13 Jun 2015

I second the Rivertown suggestion. If you go there, try the Roebling.  I prefer Rhinegeist to MadTree, but both are solid.

Don't know anything about Indy, but if you are ever in Bloomington, IN there is a sweet company called Flat 12 that makes some solid stuff!

Also they do a brew bus tour if that's something your into. Cincy Brew Bus or something like that. You even get a t shirt and a glass for the ride!

Comment 10 Jun 2015

Live outside of Cincinnati. Rooting for Cavs b/c they're the underdogs. Love Cbus. Cleveland is fine. The only negative experience I had in Cleveland was walking into a Browns/Redskins game. The crowd is kinda rough. But honestly, the crowd walking into a Bengals/Ravens game in Cincy was just as scary. Lesson learned is don't take your kids to an NFL game.

The regionalism exhibited by this forum/thread is hilarious. There's probably 5% of citizens of each city that hate the others, but they're all talking together on this site! Haha.

Comment 07 Jun 2015

Gotcha. "Hot chicken takeover". Learn the chants. Should I bring any flares to set off? No goal celebrations like everyone dumps their beers on their heads or anything?

Comment 24 Mar 2015

The argument is that dual threat guys can't do well in the NFL, so Cardale can't prove the haters wrong until he is actually succeeding in the pros. What would help is if Mariota and/or other dual threat guys like RG3 made a successful transition to the next level (like Russel Wilson). The problem with that example is Russel was trained in a pro style system (Wisconsin), thus reinforcing the haterzzz.