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Comment 19 Oct 2015

Unfortunately, Komen and the NFL hide their money grubbing motives behind an otherwise noble cause. Much like the United Way, only a small percentage of the take actually goes to research. However, peer pressure and massive marketing campaigns have made it un PC to point out what a scam they are. There are so many other organizations that accept donations and pass on 90% or more of the funds collected to researching a cure. Our own Stefanie Spielman Fund comes quickly to mind.

Comment 23 Jul 2015

Like Woody, Urb knows when that inside power game is working nobody can stop it. Zeke's 7 yd per rush average is an homage to, and continuation of the great running back tradition at The Ohio State University.

Comment 22 Jul 2015

I love all this hype as much as the next Buckeye, but I am old enough to have witnessed the 1969 disaster in AA. The '69 Bucks were loaded and expected to roll over the weasels and repeat as Champs. Oooops, Glenn Schembechler had other ideas and there is still a small pain in the pit of my stomach from that debacle. Hey, it's a new century, new coach, new system and new philosophy, but the ghost of '69 still haunts me.