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Comment 16 Aug 2016

When the B1G expanded into NJ & MD, cable networks in those areas added BTN which in turn generated more dollars for BTN/B1G. So even if your kid was playing for Illinois, you could watch him on BTN. There is no Big XII network. So if you live in the Natti and your kid plays for Kansas.....good luck. The Big XII will never catch up to the B1G and will fold within 5 years. The power of money is real.

Comment 16 Aug 2016

In reality, the Big 12 is cheese. Its Texas, which is allowed to do whatever it wishes, and 9 other schools. The Natti can go ahead and join. They may be the premier school in that conference after the B1G and SEC are finished gutting it. Money is the name of the game and with the schools left for the "12" to pick from and add, they are always going to be left behind in revenue. As finances get tighter, "12" teams will look to jump for cash and the SEC and B1G will cherry pick the best and leave the rest. The B1G could boost the West Division big time by adding Texas and OU. Of Course, Texas would have to learn how to share equally. Houston is on the rise, has a Mensa coach and is in a large media market. This small round of conference expansion is only a precursor to the mega bomb on the horizon.

Comment 11 Aug 2016

I am a huge fan of both Senator Tressel and Urb. However, I think it is premature to throw superlatives around like golden age. One never knows what can happen tomorrow. There is a little known coach from Ohio that won FIVE national titles during his time in Cbus. I can't think of his name.... perhaps they named a building or a street in his honor. Maybe a small statue hidden away in a dusty corner?  I guess I am too old to remember a truly golden age of scarlet and gray.  Sorry, young dudes. I prey upon your short time on earth. I would love to see Urb get 6 or 7 NC's. Until then, Wayne Woodrow Hayes remains the Golden Coach. 

Comment 19 Oct 2015

Unfortunately, Komen and the NFL hide their money grubbing motives behind an otherwise noble cause. Much like the United Way, only a small percentage of the take actually goes to research. However, peer pressure and massive marketing campaigns have made it un PC to point out what a scam they are. There are so many other organizations that accept donations and pass on 90% or more of the funds collected to researching a cure. Our own Stefanie Spielman Fund comes quickly to mind.