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Comment 20 Dec 2014

I'm also starting to feel a little irritated... I also thought UM3 asked for at least a 2 year commitment. Otherwise they could end up doing more damage than good.

hopefully this is just this is just some kind of formality; somebody owes Narduzzi a HC spot. I'd take Narduzzi over Ash if he was available.

if Ash does go, do you think UM3 might try to get Mattison back?

Comment 18 Dec 2014

If anybody didn't check out the NFL Xmas album link, check it out, it's hilarious. I'll be playing a few of those at my brothers this year (at least until his wife or my mom makes me stop ;)

Comment 12 Dec 2014

O'Brien would have been tough, if he had stayed. Hoke never scared me, and neither does Franklin. Obviously, neither does Riley. We'll see who meatchicken can get this time (Harbaugh would scare me, but he ain't coming.) Although he's a great coach, I never thought Dantonio would challenge us at MSU, and I don't think he really will. He won one game while we were getting our defense fixed. He'll never win another game against us without help (injured QBs, etc); he just won't have the talent to compete. 

I don't think Chryst is a bad hire, nor Hazell. I think the jury's even still out on Beckman; i think Nebraska is going to regret firing Pelini. Minny fired Mason for winning 8 games a year and they went in to the toilet, from which they are only now returning. 

But I voted 'yes' because I think the B1g is back as soon as we win this title. ;)

Comment 12 Dec 2014

Yeah, i agree with everyone also. Not a shake-the-world hire, but how would Wisky get one of those anyway? 

This keeps Wisky competitive and running the same show--strong run game, Heisman-level running backs, compete for the west B1g title. Not bad.

The meatchicken hire is way more important for future perceptions of the B1g.

Comment 11 Dec 2014

Is everyone forgetting Anderson just took the beating of his life? I'm guessing he went home on Sat and thought to himself, "honestly, am I ever going to be able to compete with this guy (UM3) here (at Wisky)?" and I think the answer he came up with is a big no.

alverez is part of the equation; I'm sure he's clear he wants Wisky to run a certain way (run the ball, tough defense). Anderson might have been thinking "what do I need to fix this?" And realized Alverez wouldn't let him do it.

But more likely is he just realized he won't be able to compete with UM3 and the resources he has at tOSU. And who wants to get beat 59-0 every year? For a guy who takes pride in his work, that had to be soul-crushing. Did you see the look at his face at the end of the game? 

I wish him all the best and good luck in the future; he seems like a decent guy. I wouldn't want the job of coaching against Meyer at a smaller school...

Comment 09 Dec 2014

"Shot-gun, baby!"

I'm agreeing with everyone that this was maybe the most complete performance I have seen from a buckeye team. There were a few ugly possessions early (Cardale trying to run the ball) with negative plays, but Herman figured out to get Cardale running north-south and the receivers were making plays. If we're honest, for all the talk of Cardale's arm-strength he underthrew 2 of those TDs to Smith--that was totally Smith making a play. The pass interference call against Thomas was also underthrown. I did not see receivers making those kinds of plays for BM or JT. And a throw like that could easily go the other way against better CBs. I imagine 'bama will have their corners better prepared. But Smith was a monster and will be a tough matchup for anyone.

"Like a cobra!!!"

But the defense was out of control. Bennett and Washington were dominant; Bosa, Apple, Bell, and Grant all played out of their minds. Wisky helped them with a couple of drops, but the way the secondary was looking to hit people I don't blame them. They had a little bit of success throwing to the TE late, but the defense looked so much more comfortable playing in this scheme... the first game I've seen since JT left that looked like the Silver Bullets.

I'm looking forward to reading Ross' look at the upcoming 'bama game, but for now, 'relax and enjoy the big win!'

Comment 07 Dec 2014

I like Weber; I hope we get him.

A hard-hitting, wild-eyed safety is exactly what this D is missing. He looks a bit small, but bad intentions are important... maybe Marotti can put some weight on him and he'll be the Mike Doss/Hitner clone I've been dreaming of... he looks nifty on punt returns, too.

Comment 07 Dec 2014

perceptually, the B1g is bad talk will change if we win. but except for the MSU game, i don't like our chances in a lot of these. Penn State and Illinois should not have got bowl games...

Comment 07 Dec 2014

imho, Oregon is the team i'm least concerned about, for one simple fact: they have the worst defense of any of the 4 teams in. Nobody in the Pac12 except USC and Stanford plays defense; when they come up against a real defense they are going to choke.

Our offense is as good as or better than theirs, and I think our defense is definitely better. 'bama is the 2nd toughest team in the final 4, so if we beat them i think the NC game will be easier.

Go bucks

Ps I just looked it up; on the NCAA site FSU is 51st and Oregon is #80 in total defense (we're #15 and 'bama is #11)


Comment 02 Dec 2014

You should watch the game again; tOSU definitely came out in a different defensive look in the second half; we were daring them to throw with more men in the box. Funchess had a pretty good game as a result, but not with enough consistency to beat us.

i expect we'll be aggressive against the run next week, which means MG3 will probably have some big plays, but hopefully we'll limit him and prevent them from eating up the clock the way meatchicken did. Ironically, meatchicken's success last weekend might have been the best thing to help us prepare for the game this weekend. Similar teams offensively (can't throw well, decent run blocking); meatchicken doesn't have a MG3 but the looks will be similar ("the fullback is not dead!" ;)

Ultimately, I think it will come down to a historical fact: we have never lost if Devin Smith catches a TD pass. If Jones can hit Smith or the Marshal plan on a couple of deep balls, I think we win. It will open up the jet sweeps, which will open up the inside game, and everything rolls from there. But if Jones can't connect, eventually the D will break, and UM3 will be 0-2 in B1g champ games. 

But I'm a believer; I think Jones can pull it off. We'll find out. Go bucks!

Comment 29 Nov 2014

RRod's 3-3-5 defensive scheme was never going to win in the B1g; imagine what Gordon, Abdullah, Coleman etc would do to a bunch of DBs. 

But he can win shootouts. So I give him a fighting chance. If he was playing USC or Stanford I'd say no way, but Oregon seems to like to drop a game here and there. Go 'cats ;)

Comment 27 Nov 2014

fwiw, it's interesting to me that more people though Lane Kiffin would be a good hire than Brian Kelly. woops.

Comment 27 Nov 2014

I like to go back and read this article every once in awhile; here's my favorite part:

"But he'll still win right away, because he's that good and because the Ohio State football brand is that powerful. And as an added bonus, the Big Ten is that vulnerable. For now. But once Meyer gets his hands on Ohio State's recruiting, watch the rest of the Big Ten get stronger as well. It'll have no choice, unless Big Ten teams are OK with 49-14 losses to the Buckeyes. Ohio State will be that good. Rest of the Big Ten? You better keep up."

It's easy to forget now how critical the sportswriting brain trust was about hiring Meyer; he won't last, he's burned out, he recruits thugs, etc etc etc. I was pretty excited, but to be honest, kind of nervous too. Was he the guy that beat us in the title game or the guy that quit on FL twice?

So on this happy thanksgiving I'm happy it was the former guy and not the latter.

Happy Thanksgiving, go bucks!

Forget the other stuff, Meyer is perfect hire for Buckeyes

Comment 26 Nov 2014

 "I can assure you that you will be proud of our young people in the classroom, in the community and most especially in 310 days in Ann Arbor, Mich., on the football field."