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Comment 24 hours ago

Nice. There were some debates here about Wilson vs Marshall; I think yesterday made a statement. Let's see if he can continue though. His stiff arm on the punt return though was awesome; I had a beanie flashback ;)

But for me obviously if anything but a committee keeps us from winning a NT it will be turnovers or defensive gaffs.  The "missing piece" is either a team leader who helps them keep their heads on right or a Katzenmoyer or Doss or Hitner that cleans everything up on defense. McMillan is a stud, but still not a complete enough player to keep Grant off the field. Powell should have stopped that run from going 90 yards. That's what "safety" means. Instead he whiffs and Coleman gets 200+ yards. Man that makes me mad. We won but really? 200+ yards!?! How the f does that happen? Never, if the Big Kat or Mike Doss were playing...

Comment 20 Nov 2014

Hey, that's a good idea. And yet, totally fair. it wouldn't matter much in the polls, i would guess, but at the end of the season you would be able to tell which teams were scheduling FCS cupcakes. If we finished 12-0 and 'bama finished 11-0, even the people that don't watch the games would be like, "that's weird..."

Comment 20 Nov 2014

i have to admit my schadenfreude runs this way also. it's probably too much to hope for; i was pulling for Richrod as well. Ah, those were the days... i honestly enjoy that RR is doing well at Arizona. Oh my gosh that is a hoot.

our only hope is that probably TTUN will finish the trifecta and hire another winner (i'm still pulling for Lane Kiffin). with all we went through over tat gate i think we deserve at least 3-4 more years of pulping meatchicken.

anyway, there's still hope. the longer meatchicken waits to pull the trigger the harder it will be for the new guy to build a recruiting class. so that should keep them down at least through next year.

fwiw, i can't officially engage in schadenfreude--it's bad juju. so instead, i will hope the best for the Hokester and Richrod. Long may they prosper!!!


Comment 17 Nov 2014

For those of you that love these breakdowns (I do too) this article is pretty good and helps to explain why we're not doing so well against the run


Comment 17 Nov 2014

i remember us blanking Maryland after a turnover. Or maybe it was Rutgers.

i'm not sure its an endemic problem; but the D did seem a little flat in the first half. maybe it was just the weather. i wouldn't want to have to go back out there before i was ready either ;)

Comment 17 Nov 2014

At the risk of getting flamed by fan trolls, the player that hurt us the most in that game was Corey Smith. He gave up on the route that led to the interception, and because he gave up on the route he couldn't make the tackle either. We were up 14 and driving to be up 21. Marshal's fumbles don't matter, I think, if we're up by 21.

Instead Minny suddenly thinks they're in it and plays lights out and gets back in the game. We don't blow them out (we were in process) and don't move up in the polls even though TCU almost lost to Kansas. Kansas!

Some people are arguing with me that it was Smith that acted as a decoy on the busted play that sprung Thomas for a TD, but I don't give that much credit for being a decoy... Thomas might have made that play on his own; there's not much excuse for quitting on a play and I don't know that that balances out.

Anyway, they're amateur athletes and nobody should be tweeting them. It was Marshall's first game in an expanded role on the road in the snow. JT blew an early game and we lost; at least we didn't lose this one. Hopefully it's a teaching point and Marshall figures it out and blows up the same way JT has. I could be wrong, but Marshall seems to have more upside to me than Dontre (but still hoping we get him back).

Go bucks

Comment 17 Nov 2014

Gordon scares me a bit too. But evidently, giving up some run yards is part of the plan:

"In part because the Buckeyes fit their safeties into the run defense more conservatively than other quarters teams, and in part because Ash uses his linebackers to protect them from free-running slot receivers, S&P ranks them eighth nationally in pass defense and 24th on pass downs despite being only 50th in rushing defense.

So they can be run on, but they don't give up big plays very often. Their zone pressures help them to rank eighth in interceptions and 24th in sacks per game. If that kind of defense can be paired with a high-scoring offense, the Buckeyes can be very good as opponents who are trying to match scores may abandon the run and play into their hands."


Comment 16 Nov 2014

I would connect this to my theory about tOSU opponents tanking after playing us. They get up for it and play lights out against us, then if we beat them (usually do) they go into a shell and tank for the rest of the season. Then everyone wonders why we had such a problem with them. Transitive property of college football... I look forward to beating the $ec east champs next week. ;)

Comment 11 Nov 2014

i made somebody mad by suggesting BM at H-back; i still think it could work. but basically i would see UM3 playing both of them; somebody has to run the wildcat. It seemed pretty obvious after the MSU game that that's why Marshal is running it; he wants to give defenses another thing to have to think about by mirroring the productivity BM had in the running game. If Marshal actually completes a pass, or it could be Gibson next year, but if BM is running those wildcat plays next year i think you couldn't pay me to pay defense against this team. it would be an exercise in futility. 

I'm more worried about the defense now. Grant and Bennet had great games, and it's not so much the points: that first td was because Apple wasn't in and the 2nd was actually on the special teams gaff. But that third drive--where they ran it down the field with Langford and Cook. That one looked bad. If we can't stop the run, it will be an ugly game against Minny. And we need style points... 

I'm not worried about Dontre; he'll be back, and in the meantime we'll get to see more of what Marshal and Brown can do. hoo rah.


Comment 07 Nov 2014

Marvin Lewis should move on because he deserves a better chance at winning. Dalton is clearly an albatross, but who is going to spend the money for a new QB? Not Brown... The real albatross in Cincy, who, unfortunately, we can't fire...

seriously, if you're trying to bag on Lewis you must have been a Bengals fan less than 10 years. Can you name the coaches that immediately preceded Lewis and their records? How about a near record for the longest run without going to the playoffs? (I believe only Detroit was worse.) Lewis is the only thing Cincy has going for it. 

Comment 07 Nov 2014

+1 no way Stoops is leaving. Why?

I agree; they'll go after Harbaugh and the mad hatter again. Harbaugh would take it if he was smart, but he played at TTUN, so... ;)  mad-hatter-wise, We'll see how the rest of the year plays out. I don't think LSU let's him go. Same with Mullen. $ec wins because they understand the value of coaches. They'll seriously jeopardize the future of the University to keep him.

After that I don't think they lower themselves to the younger Stoops (too bad for them, he would probably be successful), so then I think they'll start looking at goofy options, like a RR or Hokester. Lane Kiffin? He'd be a big splash sh$tty hire, about par for the course...

Comment 05 Nov 2014

Relevant. it seems like after we beat teams they fall apart. maybe they weren't great teams to begin with, but i've started to see a pattern. NW was the best example; they looked good, were predicted to be good, but then after we beat them they just fell apart. Confidence has to be part of how well a team plays, and it seems sometimes like we steal a team's soul after we play them… 

Comment 05 Nov 2014

I like him. for all that i too love his heroics, i can easily see him beating out Cardale next year. 

i'm not saying it will happen yet, but i think if Gibson ends up playing some kind of hybrid role, maybe even occasionally throwing the ball (but not playing full time Qb) then one of Burrow or Collier will transfer and the one that doesn't will end up ahead of Cardale (who would be  great fullback or TE). 

Also, for RBs, I also think Ball is going to contribute. He runs hard; I like his size and speed. I think in the end he ends up being a better back than Dunn… if I remember correctly, Hyde was the lowest ranked of the 3 RBs we took that year (but he was the biggest and the toughest). 

Comment 05 Nov 2014


i love them too, but you've been reading too many chuck norris t-shirts ;) chuck norris can punch you in your soul is my all-time favorite ;)

Comment 03 Nov 2014

+1 if it's not already obvious, we need 2 QBs ready to go. Smooth Jazz saved our bacon last year; we lost Braxton this year and now JT is nursing his knee. Knock on wood or we might never have a QB play a whole season. 

Cardale showed something in the 2nd half of the Illini game that I hadn't seen before; I was thinking he is not a good #2 option. I'm not sure playing against Illinois is proof of anything... other than he keeps leaping over defenders. He wants to play. 

But if I'm recruiting Gibson I'm telling him you're one MCL from playing, any year--next man up. I love them, but we settled on Collier and Burrows. Gibson would have a shot to play, sooner rather than later. If Gibson is an electric runner, he could make a good compliment for JT. 

Then there's always H-back/wild cat formations UM3 could use him in, if nothing else. He got Samuel on the field, and we had 3 RBs at least ahead of him (EzE, Smith, Dunn). Whatever Marshal is running this year Gibson could be running next. 

Comment 03 Nov 2014

UM3 doesn't seem to sh!t the bed, so i wouldn't worry about that. all our hopes ride on one man's MCL though… As much as Cardale might be improving; he's no smooth jazz. 

I'm feeling less confident about Nebraska; losing Ameer is going to hurt them, if only psychologically. And then they'll play a resurgent Wisky team… who will win and take about our chance to play another top 15 team. Dammit. 

I'm so mad at Bert… WVU would have been my new fav team as well. Oh well. 

We need one more chaos weekend to make it… (not us! not us!)

Comment 03 Nov 2014

In what? the final four?

As much as i wish that were true, that's simply not realistic. FSU is undefeated; they are in. The only power 5 conference considered possible worse that the B1g is the ACC. So what that means is the conference winners will all place ahead of us, as long as they only have 1 loss. FSU, whoever wins the $eC, Oregon, and TCU will all finish ahead of us as long as they only have one loss. ND might as well, as well as ANOTHER SEC team if they only have one loss. 

In other words, there is no way we get in without help. Somebody needs to give Alabama another loss and Oregon has to lose, or TCU. It would be nice if somebody could beat ND again too. It's starting to look grim. 

But this is college football, so you never know. It's not often that more than 4 teams finish the season with 0-1 losses (from the power 5, Marshall and the little sister of the poor ;) don't count). 

But all this is meaningless if we don't beat MSU. Propitiate to all the gods of MCLs that our redshirt frosh Qb is ready to go… not to be a downer, but I'm seeing a pattern: blow out crappy teams; wilt against good defenses. That's what will be on our tombstone at the end of the year unless we win that MSU game. 

Comment 02 Nov 2014

That sounds weird to me. EzE was playing well and starting to get a feel for taking over the game (like Hyde used to do). A back like that needs carries; they get stronger as the game goes on. I don't see that from Samuel as much.

maybe it's a UM3 motivational trick? Maybe EzE was complacent in practice... ? He ran hard when he got in and he had a nice block on the blitzer on a TD pass. He's not as fast I guess; maybe UM3 wants more speed on the edge.


Comment 29 Oct 2014



Comment 29 Oct 2014

hey guys. there are lots of articles on how the DBs are being coached not to turn around; I'm assuming you've seem them? The idea is that often when the DB turns around he either loses the ball or misses the tackle, and it's not effective against the back-shoulder fade (the QBs love to throw into the corner of the end zone). 

I'm not sure I agree, but that's what he's being coached to do. The idea is you stay facing the WR, and when he goes for the ball the DB is supposed to punch up through his hands with one hand and keep the other on the receiver to make the tackle if he has to. Spielman demonstrated it during a game a few weeks ago… 

Comment 28 Oct 2014

The difference maybe is I'm not sure how much those guys learned from Bruce. When the student surpasses the teacher, maybe the student also has something to do with it? 

Credit Bruce for discovering those guys maybe and giving them a start. But the difference is these guys are talking about what they learned from Tressel. Bruce could have learned something from UM3… 

Also, I'm not sure I would claim Pete Carroll. ;)

(And certainly not Nick Satan.)

Comment 25 Oct 2014

I also don't think there's any question on this. I love BM; his play during the lost year was the only thing about that year I remember (or want to remember)--other than the Boren hit in the meatchicken game--and he's an electric runner and big play threat.

But I'll take the distributor any day of the week. As a QB, he's already better than BM and you can see him getting better every week. Gerd predicted he would get the first 30+ yard run last week--and he did; he's getting better as a runner too. Just the decision-making alone is amazing, but add into that his accuracy and the way he leads receivers--I can't believe how well he's playing--as a freshman!

BM had a couple of things working against him (his first QB coach was a joke; then he had to adjust to a new staff), but he's never been good at intermediate route throws and he doesn't make good decisions on the option--you can tell he decides to give or keep before the play starts. 

JT may never have an 80 yard TD run, but I'll take 80 yard drives that eat clock and keep the defense off the field instead. And I think McShay is dead on when he says that's the kind of offense you need to beat better teams. 

That said, I hope BM comes back; UM3 will figure out how to take advantage of both players. I know it probably won't happen, but what would BM look like at the H back spot? Scary, I think...