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Comment 28 May 2015

The sad thing if you're a college football fan--in general, obviously we've benefitted from this--is that the NCAA's dreams of achieving parity are long dead. Three of those top 5 earners were in the playoffs. The rich will keep getting richer, and there's little chance (barring a deal with Nike) that any other teams are going to get in there. 

I saw it suggested somewhere a few weeks ago-- and I think it's too late now, DJ's cats are out of the bag--but somebody should have thought of salary-capping some of these things before it got out of hand. The unrestricted flow of money would have ruined the competitive balance in the NFL or NBA years ago, but they had the good sense to cap it. No such luck in college football. There are only a handful of teams that have any real chance at the national title and that's not changing anytime soon. 

Comment 28 May 2015

I agree; panhandleRs--aka the fighting dirty bums--is a better, more intimidating name

Comment 28 May 2015

There were a couple of JT coached games were I wasn't nervous. Perhaps that's one of JT's greatest accomplishments. He was no Coop'; he got it. 

But to give ol' Coop' some credit too; Despite all the horror of the 90s I wasn't worried about the '98 game either. There was no way meatchicken was winning that one. 

Comment 26 May 2015

I like the article, but after Bell this list is a little sketchy. I loved that we got Weber, but he hasn't played a down yet and his comments following our RB coaches' departure seem to have cost us another Cass Tech recruit.

Not to be too unfair, but I don't expect to see Spence on many of these lists. He was a big get, but obviously as a player let us down big time. And why is EzE so low? He should be #2, if not #1. Maybe we don't talk enough about what a genius UM3 looks after passing on Green to sign EzE; I'll be the first to admit I wasn't happy about it at the time. I thought we should have stayed on Green. (Again, history has proven UM3 right.) We don't win the title last year without EzE, JT, Bell, and Bosa. Or Lee... 

Comment 26 May 2015

+1 I've been chewing on this one for days. It's so interesting to me how small adjustments like this can completely change the complexion of a game. They marched right down the field on that first drive; then we basically stoned them. 

I remember the a play where Mariota kept, then running threw the screen, which then got blown up by Lee. The silver bullets are back, baby! ;)

Comment 24 May 2015

"I'll take the hot pocket" lol

i went to a week long retreat with chef-prepared food once, and came back and had the bright idea to eat a hot pocket. After what it did to me after, I have never eaten one since.

Comment 24 May 2015

If he's serious, and not just saying the right things, but if he actually does try to learn from all three, with his physical talent he has the potential to be something really special 

things are looking up at Ohio State... ;)

Comment 20 May 2015

The '94 Penn State team gave us an @$$ whoopin', that's for sure. But I don't know that their D was all world.

But the beating the '95 Nebraska team gave the Gators definitely stands out in my mind. Their O was unstoppable (Frazier, when healthy, was a machine) and the blackshirts DL annihilated the fun & gun (a preview of the OBC's career in the NFL). That game stands out in my mind above any non-tOSU game I ever watched. 

It pains me to say it, but that '06 FL team was pretty tough too. Basically an early rendition of the '14 bucks, which might also make the list. (If we're talking about teams at the end of the year)

Comment 20 May 2015

All skunk weasel jokes aside, if you don't like a band because they're from Detroit you're missing out in life. I  like/play with sports rivalries, but Detroit has produced a lot of great music.

just sayin'

Comment 17 May 2015

At first I thought, I'd put more stock in someone's evaluation who had actually seen him that in someone just watching highlight tape.

But this is a good comeback; he may under perform in camps and over perform in games. Or tbh, there might be things he can't do in camps that he won't need to do playing RB or HB for us. Or if he does, he still has time (I would expect we can coach him up).

It definitely seems that there are things he CAN do, so i would expect UM3 to play to his strengths once he gets here.

Him and Hill and McCall :)

Comment 16 May 2015

if BM can't play, look for Torrance to see the field in some of those wildcat plays they were using with Marshall.

Comment 16 May 2015

Well, just to play devils advocate ;) it was probably because Indiana was so bad after they lost they're starting QB to injury. If he stays healthy, they probably win a few more games and then Coleman gets to show what he can do in a bowl game. 

Alas (for Indiana fans*), it was not to be...

*assuming they exist?

Comment 16 May 2015

But I think the point is Boeckman had a lot of advantages that Bauserman did not. It's not to demean Boeckman, but to say that maybe Bauserman got a bit of a raw deal.

It seems like there's an assumption that Boeckman did better because he was more talented, but the we saw what happened to him when the level of competition improved. He wilted in the MNC game and then got beat out by a redshirt freshman at QB as a senior. Isn't that roughly similar to what happped to Boeckman, except for the fact that he didn't have his year at the helm, under Tressel, with an NFL-ready RB (Beanie) to take some of the pressure off? Basically Akron was a microcosm of what Boeckman accomplished before collapsing vs LSU and USC and being replaced by Pryor? I think if JT had survived we would have seen something very similar with Bauseman: he would have won some conference games and then given way to Braxton. Pretty much the same MO as Boeckman. 

Of course, it's all speculative, because JT was escorted out. But I seriously doubt a JT-less, Beanie-less Boeckman--or any pocket QB--would have done much better that year. And again, that's not to demean Boeckman; but c'mon guys, let's be fair. And again, I think it's undeniable--if Bauserman is rocketing them into the stands, it's because he was "coached" to do so. So who really should you blame?

Comment 15 May 2015

I always say in Bauserman's defense, he would have been a decent QB under Tressel. He wasn't much different from Boeckman, who got us to an MNC game. And vice versa, Boeckman would have looked pretty similar to Bauserman without JT. 

The chart makes fun of Bauserman tossing them in the stands, but he was clearly being coached to do that. So if you really want to make fun, you should be looking at that drip sycophant QB "coach" we had.  

Comment 13 May 2015

You had me until you misspoke about Barrett. I don't think he goes pro after next year--depending on how much playing time he gets this year--but he's absolutely an NFL QB. He's not called the distributor for nothing; tbh I think he has the most NFL potential of any of the three: shotgun obviously has the stronger arm, but until he can consistently hit the intermediate routes (the knock on BM as well), Barrett is the better all-around QB. 

I wish we had got Layne but I'm with you on the others. If we don't get Mack though we might end up with some egg on our face... Remember a certain PG we passed on and let go to meatchicken... Although tbh it usually matters less in FB. Sparty has made a living off of Ohio RBs we didn't offer, but it hasn't really hurt us. The only real recruiting miss that I remember hurting us is frickin' Woodson. 

Comment 13 May 2015

I have to say it's really interesting that Dantonio is riding his success to a good recruiting class also; it's almost like the big Harbaugh hire...

Well, I think it will depend a lot on how Harbaugh does this year. But I wonder if Dantonio doesn't have too much of a lead already. We'll see how losing Narduzzi affects him, but if (when) tOSU and Green beat him he might have an uphill battle to get any traction with the 'cruits