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Comment 14 Sep 2014

The bear 46 is also a blitzing defense. The middle of the field might have been open, but that doesn't help your QB if he's laying on his back. I wished the coaches hadn't tried to use that excuse; obviously the way to beat stacking the line is to throw over the top. My guess is UM3 didn't want to leave his freshman QB back there for target practice, so instead they kept trying to run into a wall. We looked bad, but VT has a good defense and might have feasted on JT. Instead, we lose one game and live to fight another day.

That VT game doesn't matter for the B1g title at all, which is clearly there for the taking. The B1g has been embarrassing so far (1-10!), so we lost a game but could still win a title. 

I expect JT will have one more off game somewhere (away) and we'll lose, but if we beat MSU and win a title I'd still be pretty jazzed and I think that's still a very realistic goal. And we get another shot at VT, and barring other injuries, I think that game will look very different. ;)

Comment 14 Sep 2014

I do think the Navy game screwed us. They say Qbs improve most between the first and second game, but basically, for us, the first game didn't count. We basically opened the season against VT, who has a great defense year in and year out, with a freshman Qb. 

I remember when Germaine had to play against ND; he clearly wasn't ready yet. So Cooper put in Jackson, and we had to put up with his crap for another two years. If I had a time machine and god-like powers, I would go back and let Germaine lose that ND game. He would have won us several more if we didn't have to put up with Jackson later...

But I digress. My suspicion is the coaches wanted to keep things simple for JT against VT, which wasn't a good idea. So we looked bad. But what are you going to do, starting a freshman Qb against a great defense? You could throw him to the wolves, see if he sinks or swims. Evidently UM3 didn't opt to do that. Try to run the ball, live to see your Qb play another day. 

So we looked bad for one game. No biggie. Everything is still basically on the table for us. I, personally, would love to see us win a B1g title. And there's no reason we can't do that. Has anyone been watching the scores the last two weeks? The B1g is disgusting. There's no reason why we can't win out the rest of the way.

Go bucks!!!

Comment 14 Sep 2014

I agree with the writer here; next year? This guys will be tough come Nov. 

Just what the doctor ordered indeed. Everything is basically still on the table; to be honest I think we might drop one more game somewhere but we can still win the B1g, which would be nice (sarcasm font). Have you seen the scores from the last two weeks? The B1g is disgusting. Everything is still there for the taking. There isn't any reason we couldn't win out the rest of the year. 

Go bucks!!!

Comment 22 Aug 2014

I second all the comments thanking you for these interviews; they are awesome. I love to hear how players are doing and making good. 

I was working at Cornell U when Wells broke off that 72 yard run against NW and make all my coworkers watch it. NW was supposed to have a good team that year, and I think an Autry? running the ball; NW was touting him as a Heisman candidate. He fumbled a bunch of times and collapsed; Wells totally dominated instead. They crowded the line trying to stop the run and Wells was through before they knew what hit them; a night game the crowd exploded. He had a monster senior year; I don't think he gets enough love; his tOSU legend should be bigger. 

Thanks again for the interview and best of luck to Mr. Wells and his music company. 

Comment 13 Aug 2014

I was talking with my wife, who was a theatre actress, about Robin Williams a few weeks ago. The number of actors who can successfully do comedy and drama you can count on the fingers of one hand. Robin Williams was one of them.

"fly, be free!" RIP

Comment 18 Jul 2014

I have to admit, I was having a good day until i saw this... speak no evil! we could beat Purdue, Illinois, maybe a couple of others without him, but if the Braxster goes down during crunch time we will be boned; there's no smooth jazz to save our bacon this year. I think Barrett will be good eventually, but Guiton was a senior and played like one, not an unblooded newb. Freshman Qbs are always good for at least one loss; you can't expect Jones or Barrett to come in and fill in like Guiton did. Jones I think will be effective running the ball, Barrett eventually passing, but a good defense would squash them. Make offerings to whatever football gods you believe in, because we need the Brax attack to stay healthy!!!

Comment 14 Jul 2014

Obviously he might look totally different with DL and linebackers charging at him, but I like him. I'm sure UM3 will keep gunning for a 5* all world Qb, but if we don't get one, I like the guys we have. Somebody in the interview comments compared him to Krenzel; honestly he looks like he throws the ball better than Krenzel ;) but it's a good point: you don't need an all-world Qb to win NTs. With all the other talent UM3 has brought in, we don't necessarily need the best Qb… just somebody who can make the throws to get the ball to playmakers and run enough to keep the defense honest… 

Comment 09 Jul 2014

I believe we were ranked #5 when Glenn Mason's gophers came into C-town and knocked us off. Mason famously cried on the bus on the way home, thinking he had earned a shot at the tOSU job after Cooper...

But you saved yourself with the 'elite' adjective; we were not a great team that year (Minny had one NFL caliber receiver that abused Clements), and I think that's the gopher's only win over us in the last 30 years or so? Sparty is obviously a much bigger threat.

So I can't say I'm worried about that game; barring an injury to Miller (speak no evil), I think we roll in that one. 

Comment 03 Jul 2014

The numbers, due to the level of competition, are somewhat circumspect. But if Braxton has to miss time this year (speak no evil, hopefully it won't cost us more than one game), we will all see how valuable Guiton was. And it will be painful. To be fair, we could also have relied on Hyde, but he is gone too. So right now, there is no plan b. Hopefully they get Jones some live reps early before we need him (I think Barrett eventually wins the job, but I doubt he will be ready to be put in the fire this year).

Comment 29 Jun 2014

I love these articles; although the first names that spring to mind for me of all-time greatest buckeyes ever are Jerry Lucas and John Havlicek (my personal favorite player of all time is Scoonie Penn), I love reading these where are they now interviews. Great stuff; I love hearing about their personal journeys and how much they love being buckeyes. #buckeye4life

Comment 22 Jun 2014

I really like how this class has kind of a hard working blue collar feel right now. Full of potential AJ Hawks and Malcolm Jenkins; something I thought we would lose when UM3 took over.

I think these camp offers, followed up by an eventual 'crown jewel' 4 or 5* get towards the end will be a perfect class for us.



Comment 21 Jun 2014

You could take some of the subjectivity out of it by coming up with a point system; just assign 1 point if a player played that year and say 3 if he started? Then you could add up the points and claim to be objective.

If you wanted to be more subjectively objective, you could add points for awards or for getting drafted (draft status, not where they end out, is indicative of how teams value a players college career), maybe 1 point for getting drafted and 3 points for going in the first round. How many points is a Heisman worth? I would suggest a gigillion...  

Comment 15 Jun 2014

There's no debating this. Stanley Jackson cost us those two games. I had a nightmare about that penn state game afterwards. Jesus.

I don't know how long buckeye fans will remember, but I remember when Joe came out for the Rams during a game in Canton and he got a standing ovation... It wasn't Joe's fault we didn't win a title that year.

But I'm glad to hear he's doing well, and the Urbantor should be giving him a call soon...

Comment 13 Jun 2014

I'm really expecting recruiting to pick up after Ash shows he has fixed the secondary. If we pulp VT I think a bunch of the guys that might have written us off will give us another look. 

And I think the Urbanator knows that, so fear not! And look for a strong finish to the '15 class.

Comment 24 May 2014

obviously, if he's a smart kid, we have a vacancy left behind by a certain jazzy smooth player… ;)

nah, that would be great, but i'm guessing he's scout team. still, scout team is important… 

Comment 26 Mar 2014

This is the line that scares me:

"The offense will have a different flavor this year, Herman said. The power run-game probably won’t be relied upon as much as it was past two years."

Hyde at one point was almost threatening to quit the team because they wouldn't give him the damn ball. I don't know if it's Meyer or Herman, but one of them hates the power run game. I love the power run game! Hyde was dominant last year; what's wrong with that? Can't they see that having a big scary back running down the middle makes the stuff on the edges work? Or didn't they see Stanford beat Oregon again?

If we don't have a big guy that scares people up the middle the offense gets predictable, and we're back to losing big games against good defenses (did we ever leave?)

That being said, if Cardale ends up with the job, he's got the size to run up the middle... a la Timmy T

And fwiw, i think Ball is getting overlooked. If Smith doesn't grab the job, I'm pulling for Ball; he seems to run angry (like Eddie George, like Beanie, like Hyde)

Comment 20 Mar 2014

i remember doing the Scoonie Penn years we played Dayton; i went to the game. Someone with google should look it up ;) but i think the halftime score was something like 18-6; it was two pretty good defensive teams (Dayton was a great defensive team) but we pulled away in the second half. The first half was a little boring, but mostly a pretty good game to watch. 

Go bucks! :)

Comment 09 Feb 2014

Thanks big Meech. You pretty much just summed up why every REAL fan loves tOhio State. Family, love, taking care of people, purpose, getting the job done. 

Best of luck; looking forward to seeing you play on Saturdays. 


Comment 15 Jan 2014

Is that really true? wasn't TTUN ranked in the top 5 at one point? Did losing Hand and a couple of defections drop them that far?

If so, i wouldn't go declaring the B1g as back just yet... we might have the highest paid coaches, but if they aren't getting in top 10 recruiting classes then its not going to matter much.

(Ok, except for Dantonio, but i'm not convinced he's a real threat; if we had a pass defense above 50 instead of 115, we would have won that MSU game by 10. Minny--Minny!--held them to 14 just the week before... it's Bollman fer crissakes!)

Anyway, if--if!--UM3 fixes the pass defense with these new hires, tOSU should still blow out every team in the B1g for the foreseeable future. (Assuming Wariner can mold another super OL and somebody can fill Hyde's shoes.) At least until the sanctions come off PeeSU. Neither Dantonio, nor the Hokester, nor Anderson, nor Franklin have the kind of coaching chops UM3 has, although they're all good coaches (ok, maybe the Hokester is only a recruiter. But the rest are good!). 

Go bucks!!!

Comment 12 Jan 2014

I'm not sure i want an NFL guy; although spread and option offenses are trickling up to the NFL (San Fran is winning as we speak), he's probably not seen anything like some of the offenses he would have to stop in college. Every offense in the NFL is basically the same; the different kinds of offenses you have to prepare for at the college level is crazy. And yes, he is also unproven as a recruiter. But so was Vrabel. 

The only thing I'm sure I don't want is Heacock back. This is exactly the kind of lazy hiring that 11W's article posted today was claiming the B1g is turning around. I like Heacock, he helped us do great things, but he also coached the defense that caused 41-14. He was great against mid- to low-level talented B1g teams (meatchicken included ; ) but couldn't handle offenses at or above our talent level (Texas, USC, FL, LSU). You have to pressure teams like that. Or, i just hate zone defenses. As you like.

But I'm sure UM3 will hire somebody good; is sounds like he's taking his time. So I'm sure he'll get somebody that's a better fit and will be more aggressive. 

Go bucks.

Comment 17 Dec 2013

unfortunately, that was never the question; the question is can our defense stop anybody? and unfortunately, again, the answer seems to be no... 

i'm kind of hoping Clemson kills us throw the air so that UM3 has the fuel he needs to make some changes... 

Comment 08 Dec 2013

I'm not sure you should have high hopes for the offense improving. This might be the best offense we see in a long time. What all these spread-to-run teams need is a legitimate threat to run up the middle; that's what keeps the defense from being able to defend the edges. With Tebow, UM3 had a big QB that could run up the middle. This year, UM3 had El Guapo. It doesn't matter what position does it, QB or RB, as long as there is someone big enough to do it. 

So when UM3 finishes getting "his own recruits" in place, we'll see if it includes someone big enough to run up the middle like El Guapo. See, i don't think UM3 would have recruited someone like El Guapo; like all these teams (Oregon, especially) the coaches are so enamored with speed--they love recruiting speed freaks--that they overlook how important it is to also have power.

Maybe EzE can do it, or Dunn or Ball will emerge... but i doubt it. Cardale is never going to start at QB unless there are injuries. 

So i wouldn't expect more from the (historically high scoring) offense. The frickin' defense needs to get fixed. 

But, like others have said, i'm happy for Dantonio. If he was still our DC we would have won that game ;)