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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Rushing onto the field after the 2006 victory of tOSU over ttun.
  • NFL TEAM: Whichever team has the most past Buckeyes on it
  • NHL TEAM: Blackhawks
  • NBA TEAM: Washington Generals
  • MLB TEAM: And this one belongs to the Reds!!!

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Comment 15 Feb 2014

First let me point out that I am a Brian Rolle fan...but with that I looked up his career stats while at tOSU and based on stats alone, Homan had better #'s then he did.

                             Tackles              Sacks            Int

Rolle                    202                     2.5                4

Hawk                    121                     9.5                7

Laurinaitis            375                      13                9

Ross Homan         287                     5                   7               


Comment 25 Jan 2014

Who wouldn't want a trip to SoCal in the dead of winter knowing they are going to wine and dine you and your family at some of the best restaurants L.A. Has to offer? Have fun Meech! Will be rooting for you where ever you decide to play.

Comment 20 Jan 2014

I believe a few years ago the wrestlers were in town and did some taping at the WHAC and in UfM's office. Maybe he is a fan or the fact that some of his ex-players are now with the WWE they are calling in favors.


Comment 11 Oct 2013

I also wonder if some of the football factories use the other school's offers as a way to scout that player even more? I mean if Meyer/Saban/Stoops etc see enough in a kid that it warrants a scholly offer then theres probably a good chance that the kid has the capability to be a stud on the field.

Comment 11 Oct 2013

I believe the UfM has said that he has no problem contacting kids committed elsewhere just to gauge their interest in tOSU. He said that if the player is not interested he doesn't waste anymore time on them but if they do want to hear what he has to say he will do what needs to be done to bring them over to the good guys. So in my humble opinion...if we can do so can they. 

Comment 05 Aug 2013

Did anybody else notice that one of the new guys is wearing #7? I thought Jordan Hall was the only player wearing that number this year but obviously that is not the case.

Comment 23 Apr 2013

I can't believe that a story about state birds (to include comments) made me laugh that hard! Thanks to all involved and Cant wait until we start ranking state mottos and or license plates.....

Comment 13 Apr 2013

I talked to Buck-I-Guy at an Illinois game a few years ago (along with Woody Hayes). Both were extremely nice and they told us that their tickets are purchased by sponsors (I don't remember who) but that was how they got such good seats all the time.

Comment 11 Apr 2013

you are correct sir...any combination of yellow and blue but I'm pretty sure I'm biased concerning that. On the other hand would have to give them an upvote for the bear logo...not bad at all.

Comment 07 Apr 2013

I'm glad Perkin's wasn't playing LB for the white team! But all jokes aside that was a classy move by the Huskers.

Comment 26 Mar 2013

Would up-vote you Johnny if I could

Comment 08 Feb 2013

Don't forget being able to drive home to your own bed on the weekends with all your friends and family being able to watch you at their leisure.  What was this kid thinking? (This along with my other post is sarcasm BUCKEYEVSTHEWORLD)

Comment 07 Feb 2013

Might not have had an offer from tOSU. Can't blame the kid for taking a free education from TTUN and after going to Champaign several times you couldn't pay me to go there!

Comment 20 Jan 2013

How to do you tell an 18 year old kid to turn down a free trip to SoCal, Florida, etc???