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Comment 20 Dec 2013

Kenny will try his hand at the NFL, if he doesn't make a team next season you can expect to see him on the sidelines as a GA.

Comment 06 Dec 2013

I picked 28 because I think if we play decent defense we can hold Sparty's offense to 14, and their def/special teams is always a threat for another 7.   I do think we top 28 though if our defense helps keep our O on the field.

Comment 04 Dec 2013

Keep in mind that Urban called a couple of Braxton's throws to Heuerman in the Indiana game as perfect as it gets.  That said, I did think his timing seemed off against TTUN and his deep throws left a bit to be desired, but I'm in the camp that he has struggled in part due to the wintry weather.

I have full confidence that he'll be on point this Saturday in the dome, where "the gloves come off".

Comment 02 Dec 2013

I have a feeling that Bollman (and whoever the actual O Coord is) will be checking out the tape of Michigan's offense from last week.  We got nailed on tight end/running back (and almost a RB to QB) misdirection throws multiple times, and each time TTUN ran that play I thought of the same play we ran a couple of times with Stoneburner and Heuerman when we had the Walrus on staff and had decent success in our own right.  Don't put it past Sparty to run read option or speed option as well.  I've watched some of their games and Connor Cook is athletic enough to stay upright and extend the play in tight pockets so the line can't afford to whiff on sack opportunities.  Our LBs need to man their gaps and wrap up, and the safeties can't get eaten up by blocks on the edge to where Roby has to chase someone down 70 yards. 

Like many others have said, if we keep their point total in the 17-21 range, you've got to like our chances and trust our Offense to do their thang.

Comment 30 Oct 2013

I was taking a class with Sanzenbacher back in 09 and I still remember that Friday morning before the game.  All I said to him was "Purdue tomorrow, huh?"  He smirked and said "Yeah that'll be a fun one."


Comment 15 Oct 2013

Clemson will fill those voids with players like Deshaun Watson and Demarre Kitt/Artavis Scott, and they've continued to recruit at a high level so I don't see them fading that fast if they hang onto their coaching staff.  I do agree that OSU is a more consistently elite team though and has just as much need in the LB corps.

Comment 27 Aug 2013

Phil Brown was never really going to be the H this year.  He played it last year due to Hall's injury, but this Spring and Fall camp he solidified himself as the #1 overall receiver.  He might get some touches in an H role this year, but he probably won't be needed there.

Comment 09 Aug 2013

From my boots on the ground in the nutrition staff:

A lot of players have personalized diet plans to get them where Coach Mick & Co. want them to be physically.  This includes food as well as other supplement-based intake sources like vitamins, smoothies, shakes and snacks like Clif bars.

Comment 08 Aug 2013

Last year's WR corps in preseason:  "Clown Show"

This year:  Improvement across the board. Even a walk-on freshman receiver is balling.


Nice job Joe!

Comment 02 Aug 2013

After rewatching some of the 2012 season I'm excited to see Hall in the Percy position.  The tap passes (essentially a jet sweep) and misdirection handoffs are where Jordan can do some real damage.  Philly Brown was able to bust off a few 10-15 yard runs from those plays and I think Hall is even better in those small space situations on the edges than Brown so he could find himself a lot of opportunities to break off a big play.  It's hard not to be excited about our run game when there is talent able bang up the middle or burn you on the edge spread at different positions on the field.

Comment 01 Aug 2013

I'll go with Burrows.  He was the first member of the class and helped to get it going, saw his rating go from a 5-star (on Rivals) to a 4-star, and as Apple's stock shot up during the recruiting process I think that Cam got overlooked a little bit.  I'm thinking he's ready to bring the juice for camp and show why he deserves some early playing time this season.

Comment 25 Jul 2013

ACL tears are a dime a dozen to sports orthos these days, especially with a med center like OSU.  The repair process is pretty darn reliable now too.   What used to be a 12+ month recovery process can now be done in 7-8 months.  Look at Jake Ryan.

JT is going to be fine.

Comment 24 Jul 2013

Any chance that Berrios gets offered in the near future or at all? 

He just reminds me of one of receivers who could be an extremely solid player, with the type of production where oppenents will say "I swear that guy has been at Ohio State for like 7 years!  When will he finally be gone?!"