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Comment 13 hours ago

I wondered if we would be undefeated with such a young after going on the road to OK and then facing back to back road night games after bye weeks vs WI and PSU. After OK, I changed my mind and said the only way we would lose is if we beat ourselves - which is exactly what happened.

The OLine has to get fixed and it is not just better blocking, I think you have to change the play calling to help them. I have been saying since the start of the UFM era, we should open games trying to give our QB, Receivers and OLine confidence by throwing short, easy to complete passes, rolling out the qb, and essentially making the short passing game work to open up the run and to squash and aggressive rush. We also need to go faster and snap the ball before 5 seconds is left on the clock.

I would also stop returning punts. Wilson seems to be regressing to Marshall status. I would be happy to see us not put anyone back to return a punt.

Comment 23 Oct 2016

As bad as some aspects of the game were last night - Prince stood out. He was horrendous. I won't say it was a lazy effort though - he just looked totally lost - the PSU stunts had him totally confused - he would watch one go by him to the left and the other to the right and he just froze and blocked no one. Several times his man hit JT or Weber before they had taken a second step. I agree, if he is our best option at RT Tackle, we are in trouble.

Comment 23 Oct 2016

When PSU climbed back in with a couple of those long, disputed catches in the third qtr I thought we might lose. I expected we would lose on another long pass but not on a blocked kick.

At the start of the season, I thought we had some trap sections of our schedule - especially being as young as we were. 

OK was the first one. I really thought we would lose. When we won and in the style that we won, I guess it gave me false hope that we were better than we really are. We also had the back to back games on the road after bye weeks for Wisc and PSU, where I originally thought we could drop one of those games, followed by back to back home games with NW and Neb and then closing out the season with MSU and um.

Originally I thought we might lose 2 games but perhaps only one and had a slight chance of being undefeated. Honestly thought we would lose at OK and then run the table.

I thought JT played about as well as you can when you can barely raise yours to throw the ball because of pressure. We have been regressing since OK and the main problem is our OLine. Last night had to be the worst OLine performance I can ever recall. It was much worse than the VT game because very often last night, they were getting major pressure on us with just a 4 or 5 man rush. I am not sure what is wrong with Prince but he looks like he would have trouble at the high school level. It was noticeably awful. PSU stunts had him totally confused and more often than not he missed a block entirely. Late in the fourth qtr, there were two plays where the guy lined up over him (to be fair, not sure that was his guy - but pretty sure) and one tackled JT as he was trying to get the ball to Weber and the other he met Weber head on as JT was handing him the ball. If that is the best we can do, then we will lose a couple of more games. WI and now PSU just gave everyone the playbook to beat us.

On the bright side, it has taken a loss each year, I guess for us to stop playing not to lose and to start being aggressive. Tom Hermann did not become "Tom Hermann" until after the VT game. Up until that time, he had many head scratching play calls. I thought maybe that got fixed last year after MSU but apparently - new year doesn't carry over. 

If our oline and passing game is that bad (again, not sure JT is at fault here at all - or very little) we have to be able to do something to negate the issues with our line like quick passes or rolling out or traps/misdirection. 

I hated to lose and really hated to lose to PSU, but this is a good thing. It was eventually going to rear it's ugly head either at um or in the playoffs and I fear we would have gotten blown out. Lots of room for improvement everywhere, but if the oline doesn't start taking some giant leaps forward, the remainder of the season is not going to be fun.

Comment 23 Oct 2016

I thought at the start of the year with such a young team we had a couple of stretches of trap games - including OK. I thought the Back to back games with WI and PSU coming off bye weeks would be tough. NW and NEB back to back could be tough and then ending the season with MSU and um.

After the way we played vs. OK I thought the only way we would lose is if we beat ourselves. We have regressed from OK, or maybe there D was so bad it didn't show up against our O. Our Defensive Backs must be reading their clippings because they didn't look that great. I can't believe how bad our OLine looks - Prince looks totally lost - he was so bad and it was so noticeable, I can't believe they left him in. If that is the best we have - we are in trouble.

Only bright spot - in past years after a loss, we started to play much better. You could feel this one coming - I wasn't even that upset - almost seemed inevitable.

Comment 22 Oct 2016

Watching the weasels. They look unbeatable - according to the B1G announcers they have the best defensive line in all of college football - and of course Jabrill!

No doubt they have some good players - but it looks like Speight is throwing to receivers that are not covered. Several completions on the last drive and not an Illinois player in site. They are having a little trouble running the ball on Illinois and the Illini even seem to be getting a little bit of a pass rush. Saw a couple of plays where Gary was taking his third step and the right tackle had literally not moved as Gary shot past him.

Announcers mentioned that if the weasels have any weakness, it is the offensive line - and it looks like it. They may be really good but I don't think anyone will really know until they face someone. Would love to see MSU knock them off in East Lansing but I don't think that will happen.

Comment 22 Oct 2016

I have thought that from before the season started tht um's schedule was so weak that they would have a good chance to come into The Game undefeated or with 1 loss (Was thinking that maybe MSU or Wisc. might beat them). By the time we play them they will be playing with a lot of confidence - misplaced or not - and will be looking to exorcise 15 years of misery. If we don't get our offense rolling, there defense is good enough to hold the score down and keep the game close - where anything can happen.

They thought they had us last year in aa but a steady dose of Zeke and some timely passing crushed them and took the fight out of them by the 3rd qtr. They knew w were running and they couldn't stop us. They pretty much quit in the second half. Will not happen this year unless we can get that offense moving.

Comment 16 Oct 2016

Have seen Alabama 3x's, um 3 x's, Clemson 2x's, Washington once, and of course all of our games. If any of these teams played AL now, they would get beat. The rest of the sec is trash - a&m does not look that great and they are probably the second best team right now. AL strength is the O and D lines. They look huge and that D is pretty good. If we keep improving, especially in the passing game, we have a chance to beat them if we can get into the playoffs.

Comment 16 Oct 2016

Would have thought we could do something to counteract both WI D and O on the fly during the first qtr. Glad we got it figured out to some degree at halftime. A little more encouraged with JT's passing late in the game.
Young team - I worried prior to the season that we had some tough games and a tough schedule, especially by the way the schedule set-up.

Young team
OK early in the season on the road
Wisc and PSU in back to back road games at night in two places tough to play in
Followed by back-to-back games at home vs Nebraska and NW 
Ending the season on the road at MSU and  home agasint um

Two down, but some test still left.

Comment 15 Oct 2016

Exactly - three step drop - they are being very aggressive - a few easy, quick passes - get JT some confidence. He hasn't been able to throw since 2014. The OK game  - were those all jump balls? What about a counter - or some misdirection - they are over pursuing so badly - We seem to have a game like this every year - it is plain as day as to the type of things we need to do and we just keep doing the same thing that is not working.

Comment 07 Oct 2016

Nice write-up. I couldn't have been more wrong about this team. I thought we looked good in game 1-2 vs. weak comp, would look ok but lose at OK and then maybe go undefeated the rest of the way or have one letdown and finish 10-2. The only way this team loses a game is if they beat themselves and I don't see that happening. There is so much talent and competition for positions that the players can't let down lest they lose their starting job. I predict more players will be drafted (when they declare) who are freshman and RSFreshman this year than the entire group last year. That will include a few who split time with starters.

It really kind of hit me at some point during the OK game - these guys are really good. To me our defensive line is the biggest surprise, closely followed by defensive back and receiver core. During that game, we'd stuff a run or pressure the qb and the announcer would name a player and I'd think, when did he come in? This team is fun to watch!