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Comment 11 hours ago

The playcalling in the MSU game was maybe the worst I've ever seen at OSU - and I've been a fan since about 1965.

It is hard to believe that at some point UFM didn't said "Throw the $%^@*^$ ball" or you are done. However, I can remember BVT (Before Virginia Tech) Hermann was doing the same thing with the crap playcalling and especially during the B1G championship game, and nothing changed. Third and two for a first down, Hyde avg. 6+ yards a carry, is not even in the game, it's BM up the middle, for one yard, and on the next play, 4th and one, Hyde is in, not even used as a decoy, and BM right for a two yard loss - game over.

Hermann didn't really change until after the VT game. Hopefully Beck/UFM get th message for um this week - but I have been waiting all year, and if it didn't happen last week, I'm not hopeful that it will this week.

I am hoping for a giant, frustration releasing ass-kicking by the Bucks on that pathetic tun. Go Bucks.

Comment 11 hours ago

I used to be in the camp where I wanted us to face um every year where they were undefeated and unscored upon, had the top scoring offense in the country, and ranked #1 so we could beat them and destroy their season. After enduring all of their fan bs in 2011 when we were 6-7 and they were stumbling to 12-1 against a pathetic schedule with a bowl game win over VT with the hokester,  I changed my mine.

I know we have our crazed fans but those fans are insufferable and delusional. I hope we face them everyyear where they have a new coach because the old one got fired, and they are 0-11 coming into the game and have yet to score a TD. And we never fail to score less than 50 points against them.

The B1G is just fine when um sucks.

Comment 23 Nov 2015

If you recall, we had many of the same issues until VT beat us. After that, Hermann became Hermann. Hermann had a 12 game run and left for Houston. Prior to that, his play calling, though different,  was just about as bad. He was BM left, BM 40 yard incomplete pass, BM right, punt. Enough times, BM took off with the ball and made a highlight play. Our offense for most of the last 4 years has relied on our players being better than the other teams players - not our coaches. Seems it takes something drastic to wake us up. Hope the loss to MSU is a wake-up for the next 25 games. I have been rooting for the Bucks since 1965 and was in school during the Archie years. The worst loss we have ever had during my time as a Bucks fan was to um in 1969. Saturday was the 2nd worst, though 2007 and 1998 are close.

Go Bucks - can we get the O going in aa and kick the crap out of um!

Comment 22 Nov 2015

The difference was that after those three loses, Hermann/UFM finally started calling a decent game. People act like Hermann was awesome - and he was - right after the VT loss - before that - not so much.

We had all of the pieces to be great this year and I truly think our downfall was that UFM was trying to reward people on the offensive side of the ball for past accomplishments. We were never 9 units strong. Cardale was rewarded for winning last year but we put him in a system designed for JT. There was a game early in the year where we went long 4 or 5 times and all of the balls were over thrown, but our receivers were wide open. WE rarely ever went back to those plays again. We forced ourselves to give BM touches and they were generally at the expense of the drive. We'd give it to him behind the line and instead of 2nd and 6, we were 2nd and 13. Same with Zeke, early in the year we had a game where he didn't carry that much and we seemed to go out of the way to try and rectify it the next game. We did the same with Marshall and Thomas.

We rarely seemed to call plays that took advantage of the defense, we called played to make sure everyone got their touches.  The loss was disappointing but it has been coming for a while. This year we were more of a collection of individuals and not a team - and that is totally on the coaches. Run the game plan and if you get your touches - great - but if not - winning is all that matters.

Comment 21 Nov 2015

Same questions you could have asked the last time MSU beat us. Why didn't we give Hyde the ball more, why not some slants. That was on Hermann/Meyer. This entire year has been disappointing from the offensive side. Cardale did n't have a problem and neither did JT. On the coaches once again. Some of the play calling is just head scratching! Someone has to over rule it - UFM.  I complained about Hermann/UFM up until the VT loss which seemed to light a fire - then the play calling started to make a lot more sense. We are now even worse than we were then.

With the talent we had returning, no one should have touched us and expectations were off the charts - maybe that is the problem.

Will root for OSU forever but this is the second most disappointing game/season I have seen - 1969 being the worst. Hope they can recover and stomp um.