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Comment 18 May 2015

Yes - 1969 - too many parallels. However, in spite of all of the obvious similarities, This Bucks team will be able to come from behind and the 1969 team was not a great passing/come from behind team.

Comment 13 May 2015

Great class - but two of the three stars - Cardale and Michael Thomas have turned out to be special. I've rewatched the entire season a couple of times and every game starting with MSU even more - and having watched Buckeye football since the 60's - I think Cardale Jones has a chance to go down as the best QB in OSU history - as it relates to the NFL (if he is able to win the starting job this year). (Great arm, great pocket awareness, able to avoid the rush, can throw short or long, stretches the D, hard to tackle). Nothing against BM or JT - they are both great at what they do - but Cardale is a special talent.
And Michael Thomas - he has glue fingers - he is just one of the best receivers OSU has ever had - and we've had many.

Here is hoping the class of 2012 leaves with 2 NC's!!!

Comment 10 May 2015

Excited by the offense again this year. Warriner should be making head coach money - of all the position coaches I can remember at OSU, this guy is the best. What he has done with the OLines the past 3 years is remarkable.

I think in the end this year, the strength of the team will be the D. After rewatching the last 3 games of last year over and over, one thing stood out to me about our D. They pounded everyone relentlessly every time they had the ball. Gordon in the B1G championship and especially Mariotta and the Oregon running backs. They may have given up some yardage, but at the end of the game, you could tell, they wanted no more of the Bucks D. They really started to get better starting with Wisc. Washington, Bosa, Lee, McMillian, Bell and Apple. Bell and Apple especially really pounded Oregon. 

With this D and our O, I hope the backups get to play a lot because next year I think we see a bunch go to the NFL.

Comment 07 May 2015

Toughest game of the year in the regular season is going to be um. MSU will be tough too, but it is at home. No matter how bad um is, we get the best game of the year from them. Harbaugh will have them playing out of their minds for this game and for those of you who were around in 1969, there are too many parallels (though there are many differences too). First year um coach. no first year um coach has lost to OSU since 1745 or the RR era. OSU in '68 had the super sophs and surprised some people and pretty much blasted through the season in '69. Expectations were for a repeat and many were calling the Bucks at that time maybe the greatest college football team of all time. Game is in aa. 

We better be ready.

Comment 07 May 2015

Couldn't agree more - but the best would be TCU then Alabama again - but any SEC team in the championship game would be great. Actually - the best scenario is a two team SEC final. AL beats TCU by a wide margin, OSU beats Auburn by a wide margin. Championship - OSU beats AL again. That may forever put to bed the SEC bull.

Comment 05 May 2015

Grew up a Browns fan, moved to Cincy where I never quite became a Bengals fan, and am now becoming a Steelers fan because they keep drafting OSU players and they win. I mean this year, the Bengals take 2 previously injured tackles and pass on Huerrman (sp) to take two more tight ends. The Bengals history with injuries and rehabbing players is awful. Steelers have taken at least 4 Buckeyes in the past 3 years...Adams, Shazier, Grant, Browning, Heyward - I think Browning was draft by someone else and signed with the Steelers.

Comment 27 Apr 2015

Voted um. MSU is the better team but um will play like they are crazy - like they have the past few years - but even more so - they now have a decent coach....and I remember 1969. They will want to duplicate that.

Comment 25 Apr 2015

I agree - but I think the play calling stunk up until  the VT game. Other than Carlos Hyde, who did they use - no one really. It was BM and CH running the ball with  few long passes sprinkled in.

Comment 25 Apr 2015

You are exactly right - except for the part about BM making a difference. I think the play calling stunk up to this point and VT was a wake-up call. With BM at QB, we beat VT, but I'm not sure we win the NC, because I don't think the play calling changes.

Comment 25 Apr 2015

I disagree - I think it had more to do with the playcalling - they rarely ever let BM come out and complete a few short easy passes to build confidence like you would expect. Seems like it was Run, throw a 50 yard pass, BM make a play - 1st down. I love the Bucks but think the play calling was not great until we lost to VT. It changed the next week.

Comment 25 Apr 2015

BM would have had a monster year last year with the play calling change - however, I'm not sure we ever see that change had he not been injured. The play calling had to change to get everyone involved and try and take some of the load off the QB after VT. We would have also beaten VT with BM and I really think that loss had more to do with the season overall than anything else. That loss had more to do with the change in coaching and play calling than it did the actual players. A healthy BM starting this year will put up numbers that are astounding and (in a comeback/motivation year for BM)  may be our best chance to repeat. Though I'm pretty happy with the alternatives at QB! However, I think our defense, the one that really started to play well at years-end, will be a key to repeating.

I am trying not to be too optimistic. I started following the Buckeyes in the mid 1960's and remember all of the hype surrounding the Super Sophs - Greatest College Team of all-time. 1968 was fantastic - 1969 did not end so well for a repeat. I know it is different time - different coaching and I hope we crush the skunk weasels by 50 in aa but I hope we are already preparing for this game.

Comment 25 Apr 2015

Couldn't agree more. VT was the last straw and I've said all along that the coaching and play calling improved even more than the players. I think what is exciting for the coming year is the defense. Last year we were improved but I think you saw what our D can be like vs. Wisc and OR. It would have been the same against AL too except for the offense gave them too many opportunities. It really started coming together at the end of he season. I am not one who thinks we are going to beat VT by 50 - but beat them we will and it won't be super close.

Comment 21 Apr 2015

Right on Spider. I've seen a lot of posts where people think we are going to torch VT. You know they will have something that they have been working on all summer to try and derail us - and it is at VT this time. I don't think it will matter, but I doubt we win by 5 TD's either.

Comment 21 Apr 2015

I thought I recalled somewhere after the game that Saban even said, early on, even though we were up, OSU was hammering us.

Comment 21 Apr 2015

The Bucks made them complacent. I happened to rewatch the game again last night before seeing this article this morning and the Bucks were the better team physically. AL was bigger, but not stronger, or faster. I remember seeing their linebackers and interior defensive lineman at the start of the game and thinking - how do you block these guys? AL dished out some hard hits but the Bucks dished out even more and never stopped.

I was also struck by the fact that the Bucks shot themselves in the foot on the first 2 drives in the red zone, losing yards on first down both times for what appeared to be the jitters on Cardale's part, bad clock management at the end of game, a really bad play on the part of our safety to give AL a cheap TD and not being able to get out of our own end zone at the end of the third and start of the 4th quarters. And then I look at the mistakes that AL made that could have changed the game and I come away with the fact that AL played a good game for them and still lost and had OSU fixed  even a few of the blunders, they would have won by 3+ TD's. Given all that happened, they still should have won by at least 17.

So Amari, just shut up and admit that the Bucks were a better team. I hope they do get a rematch next year in the NC game next year. 

Also, Cooper seems to be the odd man out. Most of the AL fan posts I've seen give plaudits to the Bucks, as does the OR fan base. However, the delusional SCum fans are still thumping their chests - for what?

Comment 05 Apr 2015

Yep - thought the game last night had a lot of similarities to the football season. Now can Wisc finish it?