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Comment 25 Sep 2016

I worried about Wisc as well...then 59-0. I remember watching them play a couple of games in 2014 and thought we are really going to have trouble with their D and Melvin Gordon may rush for 200 on us. Then by the time our offense and defense had one series on the field, you could tell we were so much faster and better at almost every position. I don't see that changing this year.

Comment 20 Sep 2016

Couldn't agree more!

I was surprised at just how good they were Saturday night, but maybe I shouldn't have been. We already have a huge target on our backs and now it just got a little bigger. We are going to get everything thrown at us. We have several stretches of games against some decent teams, our toughest schedule in several years, and they would like nothing more than to pull of an upset.

The good news is I think the level of competition has become such that any slight drop off in performance and someone is ready to step in without missing a beat. We now have great position depth almost everywhere. I was especially pleased to see our defensive line, who I was worried about, play so well. Every time the TV cameras zoomed in on a players jersey, I would think, when did he come in? It felt like we must have been rotating in 10 lineman and there appeared to be NO drop off in performance. Running back, Receivers, OLineman, Linebackers, DBacks, kickers!!!! The level of player w have now has never been this good in my 50+ years of being an OSU homer.

Roll Bucks!

Comment 19 Sep 2016

I was blown away by the performance in general - too many superlatives to try and name them all. But the two things that really stood out to me that were even way more than I expected:

1. Our Defensive Line - every time tv showed a close-up of the back of someones jersey I thought - when did he get in the game? 

2. Reminiscent of our 3 game run at the end of 2014 - we had better athletes - but our guys were so much better conditioned - especially when it came to hitting - you could tell several of the OK  mistakes came from guys flinching because they knew they were going to get nailed.

I honestly thought we had played weak competition to date and there was a better than 50-50 chance we would lose, being early in the season and having such a young team. Man was I wrong - THESE GUYS ARE GOOD. And not just the starters - the back-ups or as we should call them Starter A and Starter B.

Good job Bucks! I am really looking forward to the rest of the season.

Comment 18 Sep 2016

I really had my doubts before the game. Man was I wrong. I worried the Weber couldn't get through the hole without being tripped up. WRONG - he played a great game along with Samuel and Brown. Worried that JT had lost his passing touch. WRONG - he looked good too. Worried about the defense in general because we had just played great against weak competition. WRONG That DLine was awesome - and I kept hearing different names being called - Hubbard is a beast.

I figured we would improve and be really good by seasons end...WRONG - We are really good now - and with room to improve!

Roll Bucks! Sorry I doubted you.

Comment 18 Sep 2016

I hate to admit that I thought OU would give us trouble especially with the short passing game. I thought the verdict was out on our D because of the competition and the offense seemed to get worse between game 1 and 2. Man was I wrong - these guys are good! Weber is a beast, Samuel, Brown and that OLine are great, JT put it altogether and what can you say about that D! DLine exceeded expectations by a bunch...Way to go Bucks!

Comment 04 Sep 2016

Offense will be better this year than last. Main reason is we are not trying to dole out equal touches or forcing attempts to Braxton, Marshall, Samuel, etc. You get open, JT is going to get you the ball.

Defense may be worse than last year. No Bosa. Getting double teamed all the time made the other DLinemen and Linebackers more effective. He will be missed more than we know. I am also worried about Conley in coverage. He was getting beat all day and if the receivers could catch, he would have really looked bad.

Overall, the offense should be better than last year by a lot. I just remember cringing in many of our games last year. But last year, The D was very good, and I fear I am going to be cringing a lot this year.

Comment 04 Sep 2016

This was a good victory to see - many things to be happy about-especially the passing game. However, I agree somewhat with you BukiRob. The running game is very good and I thought the OLine was better than advertised! Two things I hope we resolve - Weber does look to be outstanding but he must have gone down 6-8 times when someone tripped him up in the hole - looks like he consistently went down when this happened. Samuel spends too much time running east and west and a better opponent will negate his speed.

I really agree with your comments on the D. I did not think we were that impressive. Conley looks like he needs a lot of work - he was beaten often and if not for a few dropped passes, BGSU would have put up more points. I think the jury is still out on the DLine and the linebackers. They will need to be much better by the time we get to Norman or we are going to get exposed with there short passing game which actually looked fairly decent against Houston.

Hate to have anything negative to say because it was 77-10 and I remember last year thinking we should be destroying people - and we weren't. Hard to argue with the stats. Let's make some adjustments for next week and the get ready for OK. No matter what, OK is going to be a very difficult game.

Comment 28 Aug 2016

I started following the - especially recruiting sites - with the recruitment of T. Pryor (I think in 2006). At that time I was of the mind that I wanted um to be undefeated and ranked #1 in the country every time we faced them and a strong um was good for the Buckeyes. Always tried to give um their due until the year 2011. I never heard so much crap about how we were about to be owned by um and the hokester. Delusional um fans were talking about how they were going to beat up on Alabama in the following year opener. It wasn't hard to see that they finished 11-2 because they had a VERY easy schedule. They were also trash talking about losing recruits like Kalis.

Now my mindset is that um and their 'mostly' delusional fanbase can go pound salt. I hope they lose every game, and do not score and that every year the cupcake on their schedule Appalachian States' them. And if OSU can't win the national championship, then MSU does.

The um battle cry - "Just wait until next year!" I hope last year's 42-13 beating is mild compared to this year!

Comment 28 Aug 2016

Martel look very good. Most impressed with how he ran the read option-he is very polished at it. He is also an excellent runner and can run with some power. He throws a very nice ball but I think the height thing hurts him. He had some balls tipped and it looked like a couple of other times he had to change the arc to get it over rushers. All  of those occurred in drop back situations. He seemed better rolling out. He is going to be really good.