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Comment 43 minutes ago

Orlando Pace not getting in - another reason I watch less and less pro football. Probably only saw a dozen games this year. Used to watch everything I could. Now I save Saturday for football and do other things on Sunday. NFL becoming a joke. Go Bucks!

Comment 19 hours ago

As great as our offense was this year - we are not NC without this D showing up. I was still concerned after the um game heading into the B1G championship game. After the Wisc game, I wondered if we could duplicate it or if WI was just over rated? Then the next two games happened and the bullets are back! Some unsung guys to - hats off to Curtis Grant and Washington too.

Comment 23 hours ago

Always liked Loving but wondered why he always seemed to underperform. I think this is the first time I've seen him  relied upon to score and he is doing it - whether it was being brought off the bench or told to shoot more as the reason. Also, in the game this week, Scott didn't have huge numbers but looked much more comfortable shooting. Tate has added some spark. If Thompson can get going, hitting some jumpers and not just highlight dunks, this team could go far.

Comment 25 Jan 2015

I think they need several QB's. I will be shocked if Morris starts. In my opinion, that will mean the rest of the QB crop is awful. Watching Morris a couple of times last year (bowl game and MN), during that MN game, he looked like he wanted to be anywhere but on the field. Maybe he is ok, but I don't think so. I think they have a couple of other QB's with a higher upside already.

I also hear in all of these posts how well Hoke recruited. No doubt he got some good guys, but I also think he got a few duds, rated high and are not all that great - Green and the offensive tackle (can't think of his name) that flipped to um when Tressel left. He looked bad last year, even under the um coaches - you'd think natural ability would count for something.

Comment 23 Jan 2015

This team just doesn't look in sync at all. What's more, someone mentioned it above, but while we are described as athletic, we seem to be really undersized. I remember the comparison with Louisville for some reason because of how stark the difference was. Louisville looked like our football team and our team looked like a bunch of gymnasts - no offense to gymnasts. I think until we have a true big man in the middle, the rest doesn't really matter much.

Comment 22 Jan 2015

I hope Curtis Grant gets a shot - he came up big at the end of the year and I know people were calling for McMillian to start - me included. He had more than a few big defensive plays and was a big part in the return of the silver bullets. I think he has also helped to make McMillian a better player. McMillian is going to be very good next year.

Comment 19 Jan 2015

Buckeye forever, and can't stand um and that arrogant fan base that parades around like they are great. But, I have "0" doubt that Harbaugh will win and win fairly big in his first year. You take that team that basically had no fight and insert Harbaugh as coach and his attitude alone, be it grating to many of us, is exactly what um needs. Next season, in my mind, will be a failure at um if they don't win 10 games. They develop a qb and they will be greatly improved. If their OLine coach has a heartbeat, the OLine will make drastic improvements as well.

Even with that being said, I wonder about the real talent level in place from previous classes at um. Morris may blossom under Harbaugh at qb but watching him play last year, he was not good and also looked like his heart was not really into playing. His OLine might be partly responsible for that too - but he just looked awful and also really looked like he wanted to be anywhere but starting. Green is another example. OSU passed on him and I'm not sure he had a lot of takers, even though he initially got a bunch of offers being the #1 back in the country. But these 2 make me wonder about some of the rest of the recruits. Maybe a bit over rated, but I don't know.

I do know that the parallels between OSU um in 1969 and 2015 bare some similarities. OSU coming off a NC season, expecting to repeat, um with a new coach, coming off a less than great season, and the game is in AA. Bucks better be ready. As awful as um has played, they have given the Bucks a game in the last several years.

Go Bucks

Comment 19 Jan 2015

Actually, I think it would be nice to have all of the championship teams back at the same time during a game next year.

Comment 19 Jan 2015

That's what makes this championship so great. 68 was pretty obvious, but even then, not a tournament, and 69 happened and it was well, maybe not quite as great as we thought. 2002, the way we won every game and then having to listen to Fouts announce the NC game, coronating Dorsey and Miami and then listen to his commentary about the PI penalty on Gamble...2006, 2007.

In 2014, we crushed the second and third and fourth best teams in the conference, (MSU, WI, MN), soundly defeated #1 Bama, and just beat the crap out of #2 Oregon. The Bucks are getting the props they deserve and respect in some circles. We just needed to do it on the field. If the Bucks had three more games, no doubt they would have won them all. No one was going to defeat them - and we have VT to thank for that---along with some great coaches and players.

Go Bucks!

Comment 18 Jan 2015

I have seen three now. 68, 02, 14. 14 is the best. The way they did it had a few similarities to the other two but this one was so much more than a NC. After 06, 07,  I wanted us to win one - undisputed - no strings attached. I also wanted us to draw Bama - even if we got beat 60-0. I wanted to know how good we were or how far we had to go.

This is the best one because I truly believe that if we had 3 more games to play, we'd wipe the floor with anyone we played. No way was this team going to lose.

So enjoy this. I had just become a college football fan in the mid 60's, remembering the first game of any consequence I saw was the 65 or 66 ND/MSU 10-10 tie. I remember the super sophs of 68 winning the national championship and being called maybe the greatest college team of all time - all they needed was back to back championships.

We all know what happened in 69. Game is in Ann Arbor, new coach, and facing a so-so um team. What a sick feeling that was. Does anyone see the similarities between 69 and 2015? Its hard to repeat and the Bucks, even though they are always everyone's bowl game, will have a huge target painted on their backs. One "off" game and may be hard to repeat.

With that being said, our offense has so many weapons, but it is our defense that gives me the greatest hope. To stop WI, AL, and OR the way they did was phenomenal. It's hard to repeat - but my money is on the good guys! Go Bucks.

Comment 18 Jan 2015

Going out on a limb maybe, but he is right up with Archie. He and Archie never seemed to miss the best hole to run in-great vision. They always hit the hole at top speed-great acceleration. They could both get through very small holes-taking whats given. Both accelerate great to the edge. Archie did it for 3 years - Zeke 1 - so far. I think Zeke is bigger and faster and a better blocker. 

Said last year I was not too worried about running back or our line because we had Zeke and Warriner. Warriner had already proven himself capable of molding an OLine and you could tell last year, Zeke was going to special - simply by the way he played.

Comment 18 Jan 2015

Point being - who, but some entitled jack ass would send  something to a kids, or anyone's home, expect them to sign and ship it back. Pretty much explains some of the major issues we have in the country that people don't see anything wrong with this - NCAA Violation or not!

Comment 18 Jan 2015

NewPhilaFan - Agree totally - A Dover and Buckeye fan here. I lived in the south for 15 years and the games were nothing like they are in Ohio.  I remember the last Dover Phila game I was at in the 70's had extra bleachers in both end zones and a standing room only crowd estimated at about 10,000. Not bad for two towns with a combined population of about 30,000 at the time. Dover Phila is, I believe, the second oldest rivalry in the state to Massilon/McKinley.

Cie Grant is awesome-making that unforgettable play in OT vs Miami - and just as inspiring with his rendition of Carmen Ohio! Did you know that the previous Buckeye National Champs in 1968 included Paul Huff, a running back from Dover, shortly followed in 1969 by Rich Cappel. The Dove Phila rivalry is a lot like OSU/um. Saw many times when the underdog played lights out and won the upset.

Here's to hoping we continue to dominate the B1G, um, and get another national championship or 3 in the next few years.

The Bucks put a lot of myths to bed this year and ironically, I am not sure any of it happens without VT! 

Comment 15 Jan 2015

RKyle, I can see where people might say that other Buckeye teams were more dominate but I think they miss the point and I agree with you, that like the entire team and season, this D played it's best game the last game, and each one was a little better than the last one. Who would have said this after MSU or even um. But like the comment in the story from UFM, they arrived against Wisc. Even I wondered - was that a fluke or what? It seemed like up to that point, we could be either dominate against the run or pass, but not both. Even against  Wisc., I wondered if it was not just Stave at QB?---but remember what he did to us in Columbus last year. And then AL. If not for a couple of gift turnovers from the offense and a bad play late in the game when we should never have let any receiver get behind us, I think AL is lucky to score 20.

Then that first drive against Oregon and I thought - UH OH - The D is not as good as we thought. But they were clearly faster and more physical than Oregon and again, if not for some gift turnovers from the offense, they don't even get 20.

The stats from the entire season don't tell the whole story. These guys are good and will only get better next year - Bosa, Von Bell, Apple, Lee, McMillan and a special shout out to Curtis Grant - he played lights out and just crushed some people.

Go Bucks!

Comment 15 Jan 2015

Also, in rewatching the games, I was surprised with the number of big blows that the Bucks put on Mariotta. I remember the one around the 5 on the 3rd down play before we stopped them on 4th down, but there were at least 8-10 others where a Buckeye put a thumping on him in the normal course of tackling before the big one by Bosa near the end of the game. On several plays, he got up looking like his bell was rung.

Comment 15 Jan 2015

My thoughts exactly - how fast is he? How big is he? He looks tall.

Comment 15 Jan 2015

I have heard about how Hermann was really the guy who was great with the QB's but I seem to recall that he wasn't UFM's QB coach at Bowling Green, Utah (Smith), Florida (Tebow, Leak). Seems to me the QB at Bowling Green lit it up as well but I can't remember his name? I am not worried in the least. I was one of our biggest critics regarding play calling until after the VT game. And have been one of the biggest supporters of our change in play calling since VT. Hermann will be missed, but he is replaceable. 
Bucks will be just fine.