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Comment 8 hours ago

 I must say that I was a bit put off by the way we started. I thought we would be much better. Now the VT game seems like it happened in 2010 - not 3 months ago. This team (AND THESE COACHES) (ESPECIALLY THE COACHES) have been fun to watch and I don't believe I have ever seen a team improve as much as this one has (AND COACHING TOO!) In fact, I might go as far to say that our coaching and play calling has improved more than the actual players. I think we needed a VT to do that for us. No matter what happens the rest of this year - The Bucks are going to be in the thick of the NC hunt for the next several years and beyond. Great job Bucks! Crush FSU/OR (Doesn't matter who we face in the NCG)!

Comment 18 Dec 2014

Also, in agreement with some of the other comments about Roby. I was on the Roby is not playing well bandwagon for a time last year but as the season progressed, it became clear that a lot of Roby's problems were also a function of the scheme and soft coverage the DB's were playing. Everyone was getting torched - Roby included. Also once you come to find out that the defensive players were not even meeting together, I think this was as much a coaching issue as it was a player issue. Roby was made to play press coverage and they did not take advantage of his strengths. Glad to see we are back to being aggressive this year.

Comment 14 Dec 2014

Couldn't agree more. Actually, I thought the play calling for the most part had been pretty poor for the past 2+ years until after the VT game. Before, it was like we were calling pretty much the same game no matter who we played and counting on the athleticism of the players, especially Braxton, and it usually came through. After VT, the play calling has been much improved and to me it is no surprise that as we have gotten more guys involved, the younger guys are starting to perform. I was one of Hermanns biggest critics - but no more. The coaching in all phases this year has improved dramatically! Go Bucks!

Comment 12 Dec 2014

Alabama's staff makes $5,213,400 - OSU Staff makes $3,592, 495 - thats like 45% higher than our staff! Warriner should get a huge raise with what he has done. I wouldn't have said this in September but I am slowly getting on the Hermann bandwagon too. Looks like they are finally calling decent games - so he should get a big raise! If the Silver Bullets are truly back - Big raises for everyone - lets try and keep the staff together another year or two!

Comment 12 Dec 2014

I think a lot of this may be determined with conference expansion. We can't afford to add another Rutgers or Maryland. Eventually I think you will have 4 superconferences of 16-20 teams each. It would be nice to add a couple of the top Big 12 teams and a couple of the top ACC teams, mainly from the South like perhaps TX, OK, FL. Add a Florida State, Miami, Ga Tech, OK, Texas, Ok St - I know - wishful thinking!

Comment 08 Dec 2014

Have pointed that out to many as you have - yes - the tackling was awesome! To me though, in addition to the tackling, the DLine was able to not only stuff the run, but rush the passer, the linebackers played lights out, and the DBacks were awesome in covering and helping the run. Didn't see this coming at all! REALLY HAPPY for Fickell and the team! Hope this an omen of things to come.

Comment 08 Dec 2014

Watched the replay last night and the game wasn't as close as the final score. If the Bucks had truly kept the foot on the gas, they would have easily been in the 70's.

Comment 08 Dec 2014

That was the most dominate D I've seen the Bucks play in I don't remember when (maybe 2002). They snuffed out everything up front while playing good coverage downfield. Totally sucked the life out of WISC. They also were tackling well. I think the jury is still out. Two more games like that though and I think we are back! Need to play like this playing any of the teams in the playoffs - all will be great tests. Recruiting just got a little easier I think for D!

Comment 08 Dec 2014

I think lost in most of the hype surrounding the game is the D. That same D shows up next two games, we could win with Bauserman at QB. (Bauserman would have been a Heisman candidate under UFM). I got more joy out of watching the D finally play like we all thought they could. That was a totally dominate performance. I did enjoy watching receivers make plays on balls and EZE crush them - along with a dominate OLine and a Great 3rd string QB in Cardale!!! Roll Bucks!

Comment 08 Dec 2014

Thought your prediction last week was a little over the top - but it was conservative! Well Done! Can't wait to see your prediction for Bama! Roll Bucks!!!!

Comment 04 Dec 2014

Warinner is the mvp the last two years. Of any assistant that we have, he is the one I would really hate to lose. He has done a magnificent job!

Comment 03 Dec 2014

Absolutely right - and they barely dropped in the new poll! I think a couple of odd things will need to happen the final week for us to get in. That being said, regardless of what happens, based on the rest of our season, the loss to VT may have been a blessing in disguise. It may keep us out of the playoffs but will pay dividends going forward. For the first time since Hermann/UFM have been calling plays, we have truly opened up the playbook and started spreading the ball around, the way we should have been starting to do over the past two years. Defensively it looks like we are also starting to utilize the younger kids more and get them experience. Our D is still not great but a big improvement over last year. Regardless, The Bucks are being built for the long haul and VT is a valuable lesson in that process - take care of business EVERY week (coaches and players) and we have a good shot of being top 4 every year.

Go Bucks

Comment 30 Nov 2014

This is where I think VT is a blessing in disguise. We clearly got out coached and out game planned vs VT but ever since that game, the game plan has been much better - throwing short, high percentage passes to get started to build up JT's confidence and get the OLine in the flow of the game. Not only did our young players improved, but so did the coaching. I still voted moderate with the negative being that no first time starting QB for us in recent memory has had a great game. However, I think the positives are that Cardale has now been in the system 3 years, the competition for starter was close after BM went down, Hermann/UFM may have a learned a lesson vs VT, The Oline and the rest of the team is a very different team than the one that faced VT.

That being said, I think the offense does enough, to me the question is can we shut down the run and play good enough pass defense in doing so to win?

Comment 30 Nov 2014

The good news is that Cardale has been in the system 3 years now and apparently the competition heading into fall practice had JT and Cardale even. The bad news is that I can't remember any of our recent QB's (Troy Smith, JT, TP, BM)  ever coming out in the first few games and lighting it up. It took them several games to get going. 

That being said, I have an early prediction - Bucks in a close one vs Wisc. Cardale and Marshall pass for 250, and run for 150. Bucks D plays inspired ball, even though giving up a few long ones to Gordon, and shuts down the WISC passing game. 

Comment 30 Nov 2014

The one thing that Hoke was good at vs OSU was taking a page from the "Tressell beat um book" and open up the playbook. Tress saved plays all year and usually played very conservatively all year until um and then he opened it up.