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Comment 09 Feb 2016

Not so surprising - potentially great player filling an area of need with a chance to play early and play often and play his way right into leaving early for the NFL if he desires. Really surprised we didn't get more interest in 2015 and 2016. Cage is also very good and both should get on the field fast.

Comment 08 Feb 2016

I have read the article and the comments and I don't think that UFM is going to change his approach much. I wouldn't want anyone else coaching the Buckeyes but I think he has 2 achilles heals if you will and I think opposing coaches know it. In most cases it doesn't matter - the talent at OSU is just better than the opponent. First, he tends to try and reward individuals resulting in telegraphed plays/intentions. Second, as long as the Bucks are winning, there is no desire to change - regardless of how we looked in winning.

Some examples:

Our D in 2013 was so bad, guys like Bell should have been playing instead of waiting until the Orange Bowl. We kept winning by outscoring inferior opponents. We paid for it.

B1G Championship game in 2013. 3rd and 2, Hyde averaging over 7 yards a carry. Hyde not even in the game on 3rd down. BM carries twice wide.

MSU 2015 - not sure what that was except bad playcalling which I think plagued the QB battle all season. Next 2 games we crushed it - but it was too late.

These were some of the main ones that came back to bite us.
I hope we did learn something and I would hope that it would be:
1. The individuals reward is secondary to the team performance.
2. Don't wait until we lose to make change.

Go Bucks

Comment 28 Jan 2016

I used to be one of them Awlin...not anymore. I got my fill during tatgate and then the hokesters first year. (We're back, we are going to crush AL in the opener, OSU won't win 5 games, it will take Meyer 3 years to turn it around and by then the hokester will be ensconsed as a legend)...blah, blah, blah...I hope um sucks until I'm long gone. I hope they are 0-11 every year when we play them. That fan base, for the most part, is delusional. They haven't been relevant in over a decade (and not really since the 40's) and here's to it staying that way. MSU, PSU, WISC, NW, IOWA, Neb can rise to the top- anyone but um.

Comment 20 Jan 2016

I recall we had a 3rd and 2 or 3 vs MSU in the B1G championship game. On third down, Hyde wasn't even in the game. On 4th, BM runs wide. Hyde had been gaining like 6 or 8 yards per carry. I also recall being totally P'd that he didn't get it on 3rd down, much less 4th. Give the ball to Hyde on either down and Huermann's missed block is irrelevant. Saying the defense was bad is another reason to pound the ball and eat clock. We knew they were bad all year, not just  vs. Clemson. Clemson game turned on the muffed punt return.

Coaches study tendencies and I think they know our tendency is to favor the QB. It hurt us vs VT, and twice vs. MSU and to a lesser extent, Clemson. There were certainly other factors at play, but the one consistent theme in our losses has been poor play calling - and that goes for whether you are Tim Beck, Tom Herman, or UFM.

Comment 17 Jan 2016

In my experience, if a subordinate is making comments like this, the superior shared information about an employment situation, usually to gain sympathy. How would Vanett know any of this unless it came either overtly or subtly from Hinton?