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Comment 03 Nov 2014

Nick Polak is an idiot. Perfect example of why you shouldn't make blind, arrogant online comments without doing your research. And he's their recruiting guy at BSD? Ouch. So glad we have had a long line of great recruiting guys here from Alex to Birm #ThankYouBasedGod

Comment 28 Jul 2014

This isn't something to joke around about with your friends. It is one of many closely guarded secrets that should never have found its way into the public. You don't understand what you are doing/saying, just like everyone else not involved with this. The fact that you are apparently proud of yourself for "having fun with this" is sickening. You will never understand, and I will not try to explain it to you

Comment 18 Jul 2014

Deano got some of it correct, there are also other pairs of bandsmen who run through the end zone with other various mascots, and sometimes with nothing at all. I can't really explain it more than that, its just a tradition we have, and we always do it after we score during the fight song that is subsequently played

Comment 25 Jun 2014

As someone who has never parked out of place in his entire (still ongoing) experience here, I've still received about 10 tickets from OSU (maybe 2 before they sold the rights to CampusParc) and I can say with near certainty that CampusParc was at fault here. They employ idiots who are using brand new license plate scanning technology that they don't know how to use or haven't worked the bugs out of yet. I have never paid a ticket I have received because it was a pretty simple manner to argue them with facts and evidence. I think Jeff either WAS parked illegally (I don't care if you're a player or not, if you were told to still get a pass he should have gotten one) or he is unaware of the appeal process, because as I mentioned it is quite easy to appeal these tickets. If you park incorrectly on public roads however, or a business that employs shamrock towing (I've heard the stories) good luck getting out of that one!

The other great thing about CampusParc being so annoying is you can just not pay the ticket. Unlike how it used to be, OSU can't put an academic hold on your account for not paying your tickets and it isn't the city so they can't force you to pay when you re-up on registration or your license. All that would really happen is your credit score going down? I'm not sure. But I know of plenty of people who just don't pay them because there's nothing they can really do to you

Comment 23 Jun 2014

All I know is if I had the opportunity to work extremely hard and get free school, I would take that and never complain. I already work extremely hard every day and I'll walk out with a piece of paper that says I'm entitled to make this (   ) much money at my next job and 50,000 dollars of debt, just like the millions of other college students before me. I never understood this push for more reward. Every college student in the history of college has been taken advantage of, thats how the college model of business works. They make money off of you in exchange for a future career and success, so that hopefully you can pay forward and send your kids to college without loans, just like these athletes get to go do. I'd give anything to have the opportunity that a scholarship athlete or student has. You sign away your rights when you agree to attend a university, it's not like anyone was being led to believe any differently

Comment 19 Jun 2014

I hate that the team doesn't sing Carmen Ohio with us when we play it after losses ever since Urban has been around (thankfully this has only happened twice)….bring this back please! I always thought it was important to always sing Carmen Ohio no matter what because it grounds you and makes you realize what you are a part of, no matter what

I hate when people leave early. Any fan that leaves early to beat traffic needs to stop (I was scarred for life by my father insisting to do so as I was growing up). You never actually beat traffic, traffic is bad regardless because there's half a million people around the stadium tailgating and traveling about on game day. Just stay through the Alma Mater, I don't even care if you leave before our post-game performance (we do this in the band, in case you weren't aware), but please just stay through the end. That way I'll never have to hear any more horror stories about missing a great comeback

I never followed OSU before 1997 (I was only 5, but still) and I didn't want to be in the band until I showed up here for college. Always felt guilty I took someones place who dreamed of it more than I did.

I also still love the old site layout, despite acknowledging the change needed to happen. It just doesn't have its same charm that it did.

I hate that gray boxes are no longer a thing….I thought that was a really cool feature of 11w and I definitely related it to prominent news of any kind, although usually for me it meant we secured another verbal commitment which made me happy to just see the color on the home page, regardless of how good the recruit was

Comment 17 Jun 2014

I don't really follow soccer, but I do find the world cup exciting to follow because of the national pride at stake. I really can't stand the endless passing without ever making a play on goal (I'd rather see frequent turnovers than passing and waiting for something to open up, which it never does) or especially the flopping that goes on and the milking of insignificant injuries that I see every time I tune in. At least our players don't really fake injuries or flop, I mean Dempsey had his nose shattered and got up, walked himself off the field without that stupid stretcher they use (most players hop off of it as soon as they are off the field, proving its great worth) and re-entered the game after having some gauze stuffed in there. If soccer was played more like THAT, I would follow it more. Go Team USA!!

Comment 03 Jun 2014

It does seem that every year the scUM recruits spew this garbage on social media and then subsequently they lose The Game….I guess too many of them heard Mike Hart interviews growing up, 'tis a shame


Comment 03 Jun 2014

What if neither Darron Lee or Chris Worley start because Kyle (Alex) Burger takes the starting spot? Urban has been already effusing high praise on him this spring and he isn't even on campus yet