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Comment 16 Jan 2016

I actually think every Buckeye should be drafted, underclassmen included. And I'll give you some reasons: 1. Taylor Gabriel is currently a wide receiver in the NFL. Would Braxton Miller be an upgrade? Definitely. Would Jalin Marshall be an upgrade? Definitely. Who is Tennessee's 5th receiver? Who is San Diego's 5th receiver? I have no doubt Jalin is better. 2. Tyvis Powell is 6'3". Guess who else is 6'3": that's right, Kam Chancellor. Tyvis is a motivated, hard-working young man. He will put in the work to be a player in the League, especially if he is a late-round pick. These seem to be the only two talked about 'on the bubble.' Both are from Ohio. And we all know, Ohioans ball. 

Comment 16 Jan 2016

I will give Nick Vannett the benefit of the doubt (he is a 23 yr old using Twitter, who enjoyed playing for Tim Hinton). But at the same time, Urban saw that his OC/O-line coach was better suited in the coaches box, and not on the sideline. Urban has said many times that he prefers to have an O-line coach on the sideline w/ the slobs. That explains the addition of Stud. He now has an exclusive O-line coach (which is probably one of the two most important position coaches, along w/ D-line) on the sidelines. Programs are not allowed an infinite number of coaches. Urban likely made a calculated decision based on recruiting prowess (we all know Urban stresses this as the most important ability in a coach) as well as the productivity of the position group (TEs have had the smallest contribution, aside from blocking, in Urban's offense so far). Tim Hinton still has a job, which is more than many can say in this garbage economy, and likely a well-paying one. He was not unceremoniously dismissed. Nick is speaking from his heart, but for a coach that is being 'replaced' Tim Hinton and his family appears to have been taken care of, not discarded. 

Comment 16 Jan 2016

I don't even think this is an article (and certainly not journalism). It's one thing to do research, talk to people involved, and write an article (positive or negative) about a person. It's a completely different thing to read someone else's article that has been researched, essentially reference items stated in that article, and twist those things toward whatever agenda you're attempting to push. I don't take any offense to the article Niesen of SI wrote, it seems as if she wanted to show that, because of Joey's talent and potential as a number 1 draft pick, he had to take some drastic, but for him necessary, steps in order to correct and maintain his focus on football. This Levin jabroni, on the other had, seems to be disgracing his family with his hack-job publishing that is no more enlightened than posts on a message board. 

Comment 10 Jan 2016

I had my info stolen a few months ago. Someone attempted a $500 purchase through Walmart's website, then tried to join Match 10 times! Some thirsty bums out there. When I spoke with the fraud department, she told me the two most common thefts are restaurants (giving your credit card to a wait staff and them writing down the numbers) and gas station pumps. I later read a Cuban crime ring has been putting internal scan devices on pumps along interstates in Ohio.

Comment 08 Jan 2016

Huge fan of the Glenmorangie 18 yr Very Rare. It took me years to find it (I think I bought it out of the country) then discovered they have it at Fishers Foods in Canton. 

Comment 08 Jan 2016

My heritage is mostly German, and my rare (because too much is, well, too much) guilty pleasure is Braunschweiger. Sliced thin on a kaiser (naturally) roll, with brown mustard, dill pickle slices, and a slice of cheese or two so the liver flavor isn't overwhelming. 

Comment 03 Jan 2016

Whenever my work friends and I hear news about Johnny, one guy who's a big Browns fan (like myself) sends a picture of a dumpster fire to our group text. I've now lost count of how many dumpster fires are raging in Berea. As Buckeye fans, we have 'the moment Ohio State football disgraced your family' in the debriefing.  As a Browns fan, the 'moment the Browns disgraced your family' is 1999-present. 

Comment 23 Dec 2015

People who are completely inattentive while driving (no turn signals, talking/texting on phone, putting on makeup). You're operating a 4000 lb killing machine, act like it. 

Lazy people/privileged people (both ends of the spectrum): no matter your reason for not giving life your best effort, get your shit together. This country was built on the backs of people giving their best effort. Don't ruin it through your apathy, it's not 'all about you.'

Divisiveness under the guise of 'unity': your outrage over my differing opinion truly doesn't matter. When you tell me 'everyone should ... , it's just the right thing to do,' I'm not believing your shit. Social media has given you a voice when you probably don't deserve one. Get an education, read some history on how we got where we are, and live in the real world instead of the internet world (hint: they're a lot different). 

The State of Ohio Liquor Control: Why is it nearly impossible to track down my favorite bourbon? Why is the search function on your website so frustrating? Is there a reason nobody at the state liquor stores knows how to obtain my favorite bourbons? Why am I told state liquor agents 'play favorites' or that 'you have to know someone' to get certain alcoholic spirits? Don't I pay taxes to fund this service? It should work for me and fellow drinkers, not force me to canvass the state's liquor stores blindly just to find a bourbon you may not even stock IN THE WHOLE STATE! Why do you send all the good bourbon to bars that will proceed to mark it up tremendously instead of allowing me to purchase it at the fair suggested price? Why can't I get access to a real-time search of the state's inventory SO I CAN BUY IT??!! 

Rant over, Happy Festivus, y'all. 

Comment 22 Dec 2015

If I'm going $20-30, I'm a fan of Buffalo Trace, Bulleit, Elijah Craig, or Evan Williams single barrel. I do enjoy a Four Roses single barrel, or the occasional OYO Michelone reserve when I'm splurging. Currently have 4 bottles of Elmer T Lee, 3 bottles of E.H. Taylor small batch, a Sazarac Rye (baby, not BTAC), Smooth Ambler Old Scout, Lagavulin 16yr, and an ORVW 10 yr. Recently finished a Glenlivet Archive 21 yr, but at the price of $160 now, I may not get it again (got it duty free in St Thomas years ago for $99). These days I enjoy the hunt and taste-testing new bourbons/ryes/scotchs as much as finding the rare ones. 

Comment 22 Dec 2015

I've been seeing Elijah Craig everywhere this fall (Canton/Akron area). I was luckily able to get 6 bottles of Elmer T Lee at the Brecksville Giant Eagle (as well as 6 bottles of E.H. Taylor small batch) due to a hot tip from Beau Bishop. Amateurs just don't understand the dynamics of the bourbon market. Bourbon craze starts 6-8 years ago. Youngest ORVW is 10 years. Increased production still won't see a shelf for 2 years. People start buying '10 bourbons to drink if you can't find PVW.' Then it's hard to find W.L. Weller 12 yr, Jefferson's Presidential Select 17 and 18 yr, E.H. Taylor, Elmer T Lee, and many others. Even Blanton's is becoming scarce, and you can't fix the demand w/ increasing production today. Someone needs to start a '_______ is today's bourbon craze, why you should save your bourbon money and buy ________ instead' on social media so the trendsetters quit ruining a refined appreciation. 

Comment 11 Dec 2015

I just bought a bottle of Smooth Ambler yesterday in Ohio (at Giant Eagle in North Canton across from Walsh), so it's around but rare. They had 3 bottles left, but it's the first time I've seen it on a shelf. Also got a 'Baby Saz' rye, which was the only time I've seen it on the shelf as well. The guy that runs their state liquor store enjoys whiskey, and the selection reflects it. 

Comment 09 Dec 2015

Love the bourbotussin! But please, people... Under no circumstance should you be using Parker's other than drinking straight! Use something you'll be able to find with some frequency.

Comment 04 Dec 2015

Are you sure you're not my office-mate at work? He hung up on someone as soon as he heard about the tour dates... and is planning on going to the Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Louisville shows. If you're not, props either way for the 'Mississippi Queen' avatar. 

Comment 04 Dec 2015

I was there also... I will admit the first three or four songs were as bad as I've seen (well, Adam Duritz from Counting Crows came close), but the last 3 or 4 weren't bad. But that guy had a lot of demons, and you can't live life that rough and not expect it to catch up to you. I'm surprised he survived this long. 

Comment 01 Dec 2015

Definitely deserved it this time around... The year Tress won the Natty... eh, not so much.