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Comment 16 hours ago

No worries, Hov! I thought you were just keeping things tidy by limiting the conversation to 1 thread. Now that there is an official article with more information, this is certainly a better place to comment and discuss the events that are unfolding.

Comment 18 hours ago

I'm guessing this story is why Hov closed the other thread.

I think we were all hoping it wasn't an OSU player. (I was also hoping Conley would fall to the Browns at pick 33. If this story is true, he will drop much further, and be somewhat of a toxic pick.)

Regardless of which player is involved, we'll have to see if the accusations are indeed factual based on the rape kit testing and police investigation. The initial reports sound really weird - nobody (the guy asking a random girl for a foursome, or the girl agreeing to watching) is that dumb, right?!


Comment 20 hours ago

As a  Browns fan and a Buckeye fan, I thought that the fact a Cleveland news station was reporting this was relevant.

And I am hoping that the incident ends up being a false claim. After all of the NCAA sexual assault cases (Mixon, MSU, etc.), it would suck to have YET another one, this time potentially affecting players or a team I root for.

Comment 22 hours ago

Reddit seems to have evidence that Cardale Jones was at the Westin hotel and bar in question (The Barley House) the weekend of the alleged assault. Speculation is that Conley was with him.


FWIW, the attorney for the player has already strongly stated that the allegations are false. "In my opinion this young lady is an opportunist and it's actually despicable" said Spellacy.

Comment 24 Apr 2017

Update - It looks like Robertson has been dismissed from the team. The details of the sexual assault keep getting worse.

It seems that he and his girlfriend drove the victim home, where he assaulted her. While the GF waited.

Source: http://collegefootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/04/22/police-dismissed-michigan-state-player-sexually-assaulted-woman-while-girlfriend-waited-in-car/?ocid=Yahoo&partner=ya5nbcs&yptr=yahoo

Comment 19 Apr 2017

Did not expect this considering the case he just won. You'd think that he would be in better spirits given the victory. Of course, winning the case and realizing he was still going to be in prison for life may have been the final straw (no pun intended).

I hope the families of those affected (his and the victims') can finally get some closure (and some peace from the media coverage).

Comment 18 Apr 2017

Saw this SBNation article linked on Yahoo ... apparently even the Dawg fans and writers think Cox is going to be a Buckeye. And they are worried about Smart's ability to retain top in-state talent down in Ga. Right now, it looks like 7 of the top 10 in Ga. will leave the state.

One player we know will be making a decision following the game is Stockbridge defensive end Brenton Cox, a consensus top 10 player in the state and top 100 player in the country. Cox has said that he will choose after the G Day game between Georgia and Ohio State.

While Cox has probably been to Georgia more than any other school, he announced that he’ll be accelerating his commitment timeline right after making a visit to Ohio State along with his mother. Taken together, the timing makes it sound a little like Cox is going to be in Athens to thank coaches and players for their interest before announcing he’ll be a Buckeye.

Imagine the shitstorm that would happen if Urban tried and missed out on 7 of the top 10 in Ohio.


Comment 13 Apr 2017

#2. Surely someone as suave as you had many ladies ...

Comment 13 Apr 2017

Actually, #1 is somewhat incorrect. I did suffer a pretty bad bike crash, but I ended up having surgery to permanently install a plate and 5 screws (as well as 2 temp. pins through the whole wrist) to hold my arm/wrist together (medical term: Galeazzi fracture). Fortunately, I avoided the head injury.

#2 is true - As a teenager in 1989 (a couple of days before Christmas), I went to the last Browns home game of the year. About 45 minutes before game time, the Oilers were warming up at the end of the field adjacent to the Dawg Pound. There were only about 100 of us in the stands, and the receivers (esp. Ernest Givins) were taunting us pretty good. Since it had snowed - a wet snow - the night before and the bleachers were covered, everyone decided to bombard the players with snowballs. My snowball was off target, and instead knocked the hat off the WR coach's head. Police/security showed up shortly after to curtail this activity. No one was arrested, and the cops kind of laughed it off.

#3 is also true. I spent ~3 years designing reactor components in a secure environment. True engineering work - lots of calculations, simulations, and high-end analysis. I cannot talk about any of the details (even to my Wife!), as the information was/is classified under the Atomic Energy Act. My first day on the job, I had to watch a security video about how to prevent getting "friended" or "blackmailed" by potential foreign agents. Kind of scary, since it was just after 9/11.