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Comment 18 Jan 2015

Hey anything helps for recruits. I'm not going to bounce the poor man because he isn't Urban and doesn't have LeBron!!! Also, just talked to my PSU buddy, and he said Flavs nephew is a point guard on the team... That being said. He probably is totally on dust and wishing it was Madison Square Garden hahaha

Comment 07 Mar 2014

Upvote for you sir for being smarter than the rest of the world by going Windows! lol I love my Lumia and the operating system is so smooth and customizable lol

Comment 07 Mar 2014

Game situations like the spring game and practices have to help his reads way more than simple film study.  All reps are valuable but that is one silver lining to this situation for sure.

Comment 27 Dec 2013
I have a friend who goes to PSU and he was a kid when all of that happened and had no clue anything was going on as any fan of that football team. I do not wish ill on those people because there were people that are no longer around the university that did horrible horrible things. Dont get me wrong I agree those action are the worst crime imaginable. The university itself, now, is an AMAZING force for good in many kids life. Their "Thon" raised over 10 million last year. To compare, buckeyethon which is growing rapidly at OSU is amazing as well yet only is able to raise 100k. 100x our amount. That is insane. I don't wish the kids at that university who do all that good to not have a football team they grew up loving just as any buckeye did. They are paying their due price now so it will not happen for next generations... Which already I doubt would have even happened with its culture. Agree though with BOB always being classy. Anyways, that my two cents about PSU
Comment 21 Dec 2013
Love this post. One comment I must make after watching the Championship game though is just because you try hard in practice does not give you the right to playing time. That is what makes us so great. Pitt Brown deserves no PERSONAL venom but the mistakes he made on the field makes fans wonder if he was truly the best man to help us win. He was making freshman mistakes as a senior which I have not seen from a safety of ours in a while. I will always love pitt brown for being a buckeye but do believe there could have been a person to perform better on the field that game to give us a better chance at 25-0.
Comment 13 Jun 2013

Once I get 17 more helmet stickers you best believe you are getting my first upvote meechy!  Love that you are on here.

Comment 14 May 2013

Did anyone else notice on the Rugby hit that the hitter, Lui I believe, nails the victim in the face with a powerful right hand when getting up... The best view I found starts at 30 seconds.  I feel he did this on purpose let me know what you guys think! What an unreal sport lol

Comment 01 May 2013
I dont mean to be rude but Senior Crawl was actually yesterday and isn't this Thursday... Semester can leave. Quarters rule.
Comment 14 Apr 2013
I have read multiple times now that "he is polite and willing to pose for pictures". That is exactly what he is doing it for so of course. He wants the fame and publicity so will do anything but I've seen him multiple times during games only yell for the camera guy...
Comment 13 Apr 2013
Disagree! I dislike all the fans who dress up like "buck-i-guy". All they care about is their own publicity! I know thousands of better fans than this guy. The best "super fan" type guy was neutron man. He had season tickets and all he wanted to do was embarrass himself by showing the entire stadium his wicked dance moves..... May he rest in peace. We need more super fans like him.