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Live in Tennessee. Have lived in Kentucky, Georgia, and Florida, as well. Became a Buckeyes fan when I was dealing with a leg injury in my freshman year in high school (1995). I loved football, but only playing it. I never really watched college ball. Then my dad put on an Ohio State game for me while I was laid up in bed. I watched Eddie George make men look like boys and have been a Buckeye fan ever since.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Playing: Didn't have many awesome plays. Forced and recovered a fumble one time. Had a great basketball game with a legit double-double (points, rebounds). Nothing major.
    Witness: Watching OSU beat Miami in OT to win the Crystal Ball in 2003. I was in a bar filled with Miami fans. It was fantastic.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: James Laurinaitis
  • NFL TEAM: Tennessee Titans
  • NHL TEAM: Nashville Predators
  • NBA TEAM: San Antonio Spurs

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Comment 05 Aug 2014

Would give you a sticker, if I could. This really gets under my skin. As mentioned, Manziel and Winston were special players who did something over-the-top impressive during their first year as starters. But continuing to call them freshmen winners will devalue the accomplishment when/if a true freshman ends up winning the award.

Comment 17 Jun 2014

I agree on your two points, but think a third should be added. A later post references it: flopping. We [Americans] don't like seeing it in basketball and it is essentially non-existent in our other top sports. Soccer, on the other hand, boasts some of the worst-acted flops known to man. The epitome, in my opinion, being the combo of a delayed reaction with changing your mind about what's hurt. "Ow my leg.. I mean my face and/or arm"

Comment 12 Jun 2014

Not going to lie. I had a hard time making it past the thoughts of enjoying an ice cold Yuengling in combination with breathing room while witnessing the home opening kickoff, live. It's not a tear... I'm just sweating from my eyeball.

Comment 11 Jun 2014

I dunno. Never needing a game-winning drive probably would speak more to a weak conference than a strong team. We play MSU and PSU on their home turf this year. If #5 needs to lead a game-winning drive in those games, call me a happy fan when he does. It's pretty excellent that the young man can get the job done when called on.

Comment 11 Jun 2014

I'm fairly certain the Twitter machine updates the time/date stamp based on where you are. Magic, I tell you.