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Comment 26 Aug 2013

That game was at the old Big A, Anaheim Stadium, in Anaheim. That place has since been remodeled and is now Angels Stadium, home to baseball's Angels. 

I believe that is Ohio State's last game on a multi-purpose grass field. If you remember, the NFL's Rams were the Los Angeles Rams at the time and shared the Big A with the Angels. 

Comment 25 Aug 2013

Where has anyone praised Schlichter or Stillwagon?

Schlichter is who he is: a scumbag who has destroyed countless lives. He destroyed his parents marriage, his own marriage, probably caused his father to commit suicide, and is a father who is not in his children's lives. He has stolen thousands of dollars from many people. He has stabbed many people in the back who have genuinely tried to help the guy. He has left carnage wherever he has been.

Stillwagon has his trial coming up. No one condones shooting a person the way he allegedly did. If he is convicted, he might be spending the rest of his life in jail.

I have not seen anyone praise Schlichter or Stillwagon. Virtually all people abhor what those two have done.

Comment 25 Aug 2013

I have heard rumors through the years that Tressel and Herbstreit were not on good terms. Some former players also were not happy with Herbstreit. 

Now, I have never heard about the incident you are referring to when it comes to Tatgate. Are you sure you are not mistakening it for the 2004 Alamo Bowl fiasco where ESPN did a three hour bash session of OSU football? 

I will always remember that incident. I was at the game in San Antonio. After the game, I was at dinner on the Riverwalk and on the TV all you saw was Mark May and Trev Alberts (haven't heard that name in a while!) bashing OSU and Tressel. The next morning, I was on the phone with friends who watched the game at home and were furious. I believe Herbstreit was in the booth for the game and didn't say a thing.

It did seem like after the Alamo Bowl that you did not see Herbstreit around the program as much.

Comment 24 Aug 2013

That was a standard practice in Upper Arlington at least back into the 1980's. I remember the home of former Governor Jim Rhodes on Tremont Road did cause some controversy with some of the local folks and historians because Rhodes lived in the home as Governor of Ohio.

but federal tax law and policy changes a lot.

Comment 24 Aug 2013

We all have had a disagreement with a talking head at one time or another. That goes for Kirk Herbstreit too. Many have debated whether Kirk holds back praise for OSU and give harsher the normal criticism to OSU to appear objective the masses. That stuff is what it is. I'm not going to get riled up about it.

I have two beefs with Kirk. 

First, I did not like his actions during the Scott Torgerson-Desmond Howard brouhaha last fall. It looked to many like Herbstreit had a major hand in the firing of Torgerson, a popular radio guy, at WBNS. 

Second, was the way he left Columbus. This is the big one for me. His comments on the way out of this city made this city look bad. He made the people here look bad. Now, has anyone heard about a specific incident where someone threatened Kirk and his family? I haven't. It makes you wonder if there was something else that was the cause of his leaving.


Comment 14 Aug 2013

Excellent read.

Earlier this year on Valentine's Day, on what would have been Woody's 100th birthday, there were many great stories going around about him that day.  All of them legendary.

Woody Hayes was a great American and a great Buckeye. Former President Richard Nixon was right when he described Woody as a "renaissance man" during the eulogy at Woody's funeral.

Comment 04 Aug 2013

If true, hopefully for Johnny's sake he was honest with Irwin R. Schyster.

Lying to Irwin R. Schyster is much, much worse than some investigator in a cubicle in Indianapolis.

Comment 22 Jul 2013

Not surprised about the results here. Northwestern is a great school. It's, by all purposes, in Chicago, which is a fun city.

Indiana or Wisconsin would probably be the backup for me. Indiana is a great school. I work with somebody who is from just outside Madison. He still talks about the lakes there and the party atmosphere. I would probably be in trouble in MadTown.

Comment 17 Jul 2013

Tried to listen here and on NBC4's website. The audio on the video cuts out a couple of times.

Interesting stuff.

Comment 07 Jul 2013

That call still pisses me off. It was a horrible call. 

I was at a home in Powell during this game. The old folks were upstairs. The young folks downstairs. After us young folks finished "voicing" our displeasure, there was a dead silence from upstairs. 

Comment 06 Jul 2013

You have just got to love the media in the United States today.

What gets me is this. These folks are pushing the narrative about all of the arrests at Florida that happened a few years ago. They are doing that now. These folks knew about it when it was going on. They knew about it six, seven years ago. Yet, you never heard these folks whining about it then. Now, it is a problem.

I guess we might want to blame Wayne Woodrow Hayes for Jim Stillwagon shooting a guy (allegedly) in Delaware last year. That's the logic of these goofballs.

Comment 29 Jun 2013

The folks at Channel 6 jumped the gun. Their reporting showed a snapshot of the report with two names clearly on the report. One of those names might have been the accuser. The snapshot made its way around various Buckeye fan websites. I cannot recall if this website had it.

Nevertheless, the reporting of Channel 6 put a wrench in that investigation.

Comment 29 Jun 2013

A couple of weeks ago, someone posted a story on President Gee's accomplishments in his time here.

i was born and raised here in the Columbus area. When he first came to Columbus in 1990, the University was large and nationally known, but it had, more or less, a statewide or regional footprint. The same goes for the City of Columbus. At that time, Columbus was the third largest city in the state. 

Here we are, nearly a quarter of a century later. 

The Ohio State University is demonstrably better today. If you go around campus, just look around. Major investments everywhere in the academic areas. Major private investments in areas around campus, especially along High Street. Major investments in the athletic facilities. The campus looks like it is bustling. You see the results of that in the surveys, the number of applications of young people wanting to be Buckeyes, and the fundraising. This has spilled off into my hometown of Columbus, which is now the largest city in the state and the 14th largest in the country. Before the end of this decade, Franklin County will become the largest county in Ohio and Columbus will become the largest metropolitan area in Ohio. 

The Ohio State and Columbus of today are globally known and have a national and global footprint. President E. Gordon Gee is a very big reason why that has happened. 

Comment 20 Jun 2013

When people mention they are glad that the school up north is back and it is good for the rivalry, I always say that the folks saying that did not live in Columbus during the 1990's. I do think highly of John Cooper, but man there were games that are tough to look back at.

I do think it is amazing that Cooper survived as long as he did. When you look back after "the greatest win ever," and look at John Cooper's results as coach at that time, it is amazing that he survived. Makes you wonder how he did survive.

As Cooper's legacy has been talked about more over the past few years, more folks have brought up the comparison to Earle Bruce. Cooper brought things to the program that were needed. He had an outsiders perspective not being from Ohio. Sometimes that can be beneficial. I think you saw that with the assistant coaches, the new schemes (especially on offense), the improvement in the strength and conditioning, and recruiting new areas of the country. You can debate who had better results, but there is no doubt that John Cooper left the program in a better place than when he started.

Comment 04 Jun 2013

The media, especially the talking heads at ESECPN and SECBS are strongly criticizing Gordon Gee and believe he should be gone.

It was just 5 years ago that Dana Jacobson, then of ESPN and now with CBS, said "F--- Jesus" at a public event for Mike Golic. ESPN suspended her a week.


Sad day in Columbus.