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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 78 Yard touchdown reception against the US Army 1977 Okinawa to beat them 21-20
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Comment 04 Jan 2014

Well back to the BS of an over-rated coach, I just did not think at the time, nor do I now.....Urban renewal my ass......... give me TRESSEL BALL   HE knew how to coach, Well as I stated before, MY LAST GAME as a BUCKEYE SPORTS FAN, too much same ol shit, time and time again....... FICKEL SUCKS as a coach, as does URBAN FREAKIN MEYER....... back to SUCKEYES AGAIN..... but then I just don't give a shit anymore...... enjoy another 30 years of losses Buck fans........... I am officially retired.... gonna watch trees grow

Comment 02 Jan 2014

To the politicians of the B1G, and the NCAA, they can kiss my BUCKEYE ASS...  we are still paying for Tatoogate.......... and I don't give a crap who knows how I feel, the Big Ten, is afraid of tOSU becoming a dynasty, and no no no that would not be good for college football,  makes me sick to my stomach WHAT college sports has come to....  The SUITS GET the millions,,,,,,,, the players eat the trash.......  Wouldn't bother me if every collegiate just flat QUIT...........  and when the money stopped...... so would the politics.  SPORTS IS NOT WORTH WATCHING ANYMORE !   My OPINION  like it or not 

Comment 30 Dec 2013

do not take Clemson (the University as partial) to an idiot like the above, this is NOT general consensus of the local  population, I have lived in the south, the maroon above is just one of the local chapters of uneducated that seem to survive year to year.  Clemson is a fine school as educations go.  Do not hold the response of one to the feelings of all !  

Comment 30 Dec 2013

Should we also mention it was a South Carolina idiot that killed the only decent general the south ever had i.e. Stonewall Jackson.......  If he had not died well...  perhaps South Carolinians may have grown some insight into REAL LIFE........  OH !  I forgot to say thanks South Carolina.......  "The Souths gonna do it again"   yeah right....  uh huh, ok WHATEVER RICKY BOBBY

Comment 27 Dec 2013

We all may hate MGOBLO........ but at least as fans of the B1G we can STILL ROOT FOR THEM AND GIVE THEM LOVE FOR ONE DAY...........  I WILL , JUST AS I WILL FOR MSU, MINN, NEB, and anyone else who played and earned a bowl spot........ IT's a crying shame  NORTHWESTERN MISSED OUT....  but they were due to be cellar dwellers again... I for one PRAY FOR A B1G SWEEP IN THE BOWLS......... just to shut the pricks of ESPIN up..... I DESPISE ESPIN.......... AND MICKEY MOUSE AN GOOFEY the freakin espin mascot

Comment 26 Dec 2013

OK Guys, you've put up a poll about the most satisfying win...........  HOW ABOUT " The one loss you walked away from......and felt good"  not necessarily the loss, BUT it was a satisfying fight to the end......... for me it was  TTUN I believe it was 1988 The BUCKS came back from an embarrasing 20-0 at halftime, and fought their ASSES OFF only to lose on a Kolesar reception at the end....  34-31 I think...  I was there, I was drunk.  but sobered up real fast and by halftime, looked like the TTUN gif ...  but by the end of the game, I knew I had experienced something like nothing else, my wife and I sat on the opposition sidelines near the 10 yardline, and I kept hackling them them with "Every Rose has a thorn"  and I received a bird from a giant burly offensive lineman when the clock hit zero..... TTUN went to the rose bowl    

Comment 22 Dec 2013

I was busting my butt to get home from Oklahoma AGAIN (OSUvsTTUN) got in the door@ 2131 figured oh well. it's over, tuned it on the box, and INSTANT CARDIAC FOOD..... I felt the adrenalin rush through my body as I watched an INTENSIVE COMEBACK............ WAY to chill the pill BUCKS..........  Hail hail to old notre  dumm............  Give em a running chance an they still lose.... 

Comment 18 Dec 2013

It is so strange, on the day it happened, I was chastised for saying he deserved the HEISMAN TROPHY for that, it was something I have wanted to do my whole darned life........ ahhh the difference a couple weeks makes.........  "M GO BLO"

Comment 18 Dec 2013

I lived during those days of drival, and I recall my emotions when it happened, I ask my wife  Cmon babe tell me Woody didn't just punch that dude, the loss was bad (as was the MSU) but the insult added to the injury......  and the Columbus Dispatch and the Citizen Journal did not let up till way into the summer.......... I was more embarrased at the press for keeping the incident alive, than for Woody just wanting to put it behind them, but it was not something new, as just a few years before Tom Darden of TTUN interferred with a Buckeye receiver and intercepted a pass, and FLAT GOT AWAY WITH IT........  But ol Woody stepped up, and like the song says  'OUR HONOR TO DEFEND, WE WILL FIGHT TO THE END"   and thus comes the legacy of Wayne Woodrow Hayes,  a man whom I PERSONALLY will love and charish till my last breath...... p.s. IF YOU DON'T FIGHT YOU AINT A BUCKEYE ...... 

Comment 09 Dec 2013

It all boils down to the same thing  PPPPPPP (Piss Poor Planning Permeates Piss Poor Performance) My money has been and still is on POOR COACHING........ If you cannot give the kids the tools..... then resign and give someone the chance that can.  Let me ask you WHOM WOULD YOU HAVE RATHER HAD AS DEFENSE COORDINATOR ?   p.s. obviously the problem is NOT on the "O"