Virtual Tours Give a Chance to Relive Campus Glory Years

By DJ Byrnes on July 14, 2014 at 12:14p

Whether you live outside Columbus, or just want a chance to visit campus landmarks, Ohio State's virtual tours offer you a chance to visit numerous campus spots at a moment's notice.

Ohio Stadium, the Schottenstein Center, the Thompson Library and the RPAC, offers 360 panorama tours of campus hotspots.

(H/T: @JeffSvoboda)

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Someone tweet the link to Mr. Gibson.

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Just curious, haven't clicked cause at work, but does it show the parties?  Cause that's what I miss the most :)

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Any possibility they might have a nostalgic link to pictures from Papa Joe's Keg-n-Eggs or Park Alley/High Energy Chris Logsdon shows?

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Ohio Northern has been there and done that:
Go Polar Bears!

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I felt that sharp pang in my heart going through these. Only an excellent college experience can make a 25 year old feel like an old man.

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BURRITOS NOCHES!!!! love that spot

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There are very few things in the world that can satisfy me like a burrito at 1:55am on a Tuesday night. Southwest sauce 'till I die.

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So words.....poetry. 

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I miss campus so much.

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I went to The Ohio State University last week for a campus visit. It is a lot better seeing these places in person.

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Will be going to visit/tour with my son Friday...Can't wait! Where should I take him for lunch (He's only 16)?

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The redone main library is outstanding. The Fisher College of Business campus is nice, and of course the oval. They usually leave a gate open at the shoe during the day - check out that and then head over to the RPAC. 

I preferred my suspensions out of school. I needed to check in on what those Hollywood Squares were up to.

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I think that the shoe is closed right now. They are putting up the permanent lights.

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for lunch, cant go wrong with raisin canes, right on high and like, 14th

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Thanks DJ, will do.

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Got to take him to Eddie Georges restraunt!!! Or if you can get there early enough Thurmans!

I can't wait to poop in the PL bathroom.

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Despite 4 years as a student in Columbus, my first (and only) time on the field was 11/24/12, after Urb's 26-21 victory over Michigan.  Stormed the field thereby striking one more item off my bucket list.  Stunning field, even with 5,000 insane Buckeyes celebrating on it.

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I don't even recognize it anymore... so many new and modernized buildings since I visited last (2003'ish).  Unreal... glad my donations went towards some might fine looking buildings.  I feel like I was there during the stone ages compared to these 360s...

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It's pretty amazing; my first time on campus was probably 97 or 98, I started my undergrad in 2000, and have been on campus at least a few times a year ever since... and it looks different to me every time I drive through. We took a random Sunday drive a few weeks back, and I was pretty much blown away by the growth and development.

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This was super cool.  Thanks for posting

Go Bucks!

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Love the place, man. Never wanna graduate.

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My son is 15, going to be sophomore this year, and he dreams of an Ohio State baseball scholarship.  I am going to show him this site, just amazing!

He loves Ohio State and everything about it... This will whet his appetite.

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